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As I am writing this on January 14th, which is the Russian OrthodoxOld New Year’s Day” based on the Gregorian Calendar, I am seeing new Reports of Major Movements of Soldiers and Equipment from Eastern Russia towards the South West. This New Year will bring with it a New World. The “Uni Polar World” of the Western Hegemon is Finished. The New Multi Polar World begins with the Liberation of Ukraine from Foreign Subjugation and Exploitation, but that will be Only the Beginning. The Real War will Not Be Fought in Ukraine.

Neo Nazis, ISIS Cannibals, War Crimes (21+), Chemical and Biological Weapons, False Flags and Terrorism, Mass Murder and a War against Russian Civilians, brought to the Very Doorstep of Russia Itself by the US and their NATO Minions. It is High Time and No Wonder that Russia has Finally Laid Down the Law, and will Now Back it Up with Its Full Military Might. Both Vladimir Putin and Sergej Lavrov have warned Specifically that Russia will Use Force if either its Citizens in Donbass or Its Strategic National Interests are Further Threatened by Ukraine or NATO. This Force is Not Just Military, it is Economic and Political as well. The West has Now Fully and Finally Refused to heed these Warnings, and soon Russian Retribution will Fall, like an Ax, not just on the Nazi Collaborators in Ukraine, but on the Real Nazis Themselves, in the US, European Union and NATO. It will be, as we used to say back in the US Army, “The Whippin’, Screamin’ World of Hurt.” And be Most Assured, it will be Russia that will be Doing the Whipping, and Ukrainian Nazis and their Western Fascist Masters in the US and NATO that will be Doing the Screaming.



The Key to a Russian Victory in Ukraine is a Pre Emptive Move by Russia. Not aStrike“, just the Movement of Russian Military Units into Ukraine, to Take Control, at least as Far West as Kiev, just as Russia did in Ossetia, Karabak and Kazakhstan. This Movement will be Preceded by a Warning that Any Platforms or Positions, from Any Nation, Firing on Russia Military Units will be Completely Destroyed, but Those Who Surrender or Are Neutral will be Treated Accordingly. Internal Ukrainian Military Surveys have Revealed that 75 to 80 Percent of Ukrainian Soldiers do Not Want to Fight against Donbass Defense Forces, much less against the Russians. They will greet their liberators as comrades and brothers, and only the nazis and war criminals who know they will face prosecution and punishment will fight. They will quickly be neutralized and eliminated, and good riddance.

The plans and activities of Ukraine’s military forces are completely transparent to Russian intelligence. Russian SIGINT and HUMINT operations have penetrated every facet of the Ukrainian military without exception, and not only the Ukrainian’s. The Russians know the orders of Ukraine’s foreign masters before the Ukrainians do. This huge strategic advantage will be put to good use in preventing unnecessary bloodshed and destruction, both in Donbass and Ukraine.

After the failure of the Ukrainian assault against the Donbass Republics in the Summer of 2014, the Ukrainians and their masters learned a hard lesson about moving major military formations through open areas where they were vulnerable to complete destruction by artillery and MLRS strikes. The new plan for the next assault against Donbass is based on moving directly into the major cities, where the citizens of the Republics can be used as human shields against counter-strikes by Russian air, missile and artillery assets. Urban warfare is a long, drawn out affair, and precludes a swift victory by either side. It is also extremely bloody and destructive. Therefore, it is exactly the scenario that Russia’s enemies would choose. And in the absence of a preemptive and preventive move by Russia, this plan could be swiftly and relatively effectively implemented. Russia knows this, and will act accordingly. As Putin himself has said, “50 years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight is inevitable, you must strike first.” And so he will.

About half of the entire Ukrainian Army, over 125,000 men, plus armor, artillery and equipment, are currently positioned along the 200 mile Donbass Front. This puts them within a very few kilometers of all the major cities of the Donbass Republics – Donetsk, Lugansk, Makeevka, Gorlovka, Yasynuvata, Yenakevo, in many cases literally right at the city limits. The defense lines are strong but limited by a complete lack of strategic depth. From the front line Ukrainian military bases of Pisky and Opytne to the center of Donetsk is about 10 or 12 kilometers, six or seven miles. My own home is less than 5 miles from Maryinka, where nazi flags fly over Ukrainian Army frontline positions.


BBC NewsnightNeo Nazi Threat in New Ukraine

Published 1 mrt. 2014

BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse investigates the Links between the New Ukrainian Government and Neo Nazis.


VICEOut of Control: Ukraine’s Rogue Militias

Published 25 mei 2018

In 2014, Ukraine was Under Siege and the Military was Unprepared. Desperate, the Government urged Anyone to get to the Front and Fight the Russian Backed Separatists. As the War drags on, Ukraine claims their Military is Now in Control and the Volunteers have All been Disbanded. But we Tracked Down Some Rogue Volunteers Still Out there Fighting, Not Prepared to Hand over their Weapons Anytime Soon.

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DW Documentary – What Neo Nazis have Inherited from Original Nazism

Published 21 sep. 2019

DW Documentary

What Resemblance do Today’s Ethno Nationalistic Ideologies Bear to those which Surged during the Rise of the Nazis in the Weimar Era? Quite a Lot, this Documentary Shows. Germany’s Far Right Neo Nazi scene is Now Bigger than at any Time since National Socialism.

History may Not Repeat itself, but one can still learn from it. The Years of the Weimar Republic were Scarred by Post War Trauma, Political Extremism, Street Fighting, Hyper Inflation and Widespread Poverty. But they also saw Economic Boom, the Establishment of a liberal democratic order and a Parliamentary Party System. Nobody could really Signs, Warnings even that All was Not Well.

So how does that resonate Today? How do Today Right Wing Populist Movements and Parties achieve their Political Aims? Which Slogans, Images and Stereotypes played a Role Then, and which Ones are playing a Role Now?

The Film also looks beyond Germany’s Borders. How has Europe Changed in the last Few Years and how have Far Right Movements been able to gain such Iinfluence? In the Interwar Period, Democracies across the Continent Collapsed One after the Other like a HHouse of Cards. What about Today? Riding on the Coa tTails of the Political Party the Alternative for Germany (AfD) the Far Rght has become a Factor in both National and Sate Parliaments, united by Nationalist and often Racist Ideologies directly lLnked to those of the 1930′s. At that time, Global Economic Crisis and Mass Unemployment drove People Straight into the Fascists’ Arms. So what will happen if Crisis strikes Now? Are our Democracies and their Achievements Today Any More Stable than they were in the Years before the Second World  War.

DW Documentary gives you Knowledge beyond the Headlines. Watch High Class Documentaries from German Broadcasters and International Production Companies. Meet intriguing People, Travel to Distant Lands, get a Look Behind the Complexities of Daily Life and Build a Deeper Understanding of Current A and Global Events. Subscribe and Explore theWworld around you with DW Documentary.

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Сладков плюс – Флаг Третьего рейха на позициях украинских войск в Донбассе

Published 2 mei 2019

Телеграм- анал



In Video: Nazi Flag At Positions Of Pro-Government Forces In Eastern Ukraine


The Obama-coup-installed (February 2014) Ukrainian Government wants to re-fight WW II on Hitler’s side, hoping that this time America’s NATO military alliance will be Hitler’s stand-in replacement that will succeed where Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa invasion against Russia had failed. The U.S. regime now must choose whether to go all the way with Obama’s plan (Amerika to win where Hitler had failed), or quit his plan.]

The front lines are literally at the city limits of the DPR’s main cities. The distances are the same or even less for all the other major cities. And the ukrops do not even have to make it to the center. Once they establish military positions in populated civilian areas of the cities, even in the suburbs, urban warfare becomes inevitable. A Ukrainian blitz into the cities could be accomplished in a matter of a few hours. Russian hesitation at the key moment could significantly change the cost and duration, though not the outcome, of the war. Even if the majority of Ukrainian soldiers refuse to fight or advance, there are still thousands of hard core nazis, jihadis and war criminals who may well prefer death to the trial and punishment that will surely await them if they survive. For them, the safest place might well seem to be hiding among civilians in the Republics. The Russian preemptive advance and a strong defense by Republican forces will be enough to forestall this possibility. But the swift and successful liberation of Ukraine will seem painless and almost gentle, compared to what will immediately follow.



The death of the West will not be caused by Russia. The inevitable end, the murder, of the West’s so-called “civilization” was brought about long ago by the absolute avarice, corruption and degeneracy of the parasitic ruling class, and suicided by the militant ignorance and craven submission of most of their subjects. The classic murder/suicide. Russia did not precipitate or commit these crimes, in fact, we did everything we could to prevent them. But now facing the sad and inescapable truth, Russia will administer the coup de grace.

The final meeting between Russian diplomats and representatives of the OSCE has concluded. No breakthroughs were forthcoming or expected. Russia has given its final warning, exhausted all avenues of diplomacy. The time for talk is now over. Who will not listen to Lavrov will soon hear from Shoigu. NATO, following the orders and example of their US masters, insist on shooting themselves, not in the foot, but in the face. What is certain now is that there will be war, and it was the US and their NATO stooges who chose it, and whose people will suffer the most from it. It is hard to believe that anyone can be so stupid, so it seems to me quite obvious that this choice for war was made by them on purpose.

Russian troops and armor are heading west. Remember how it ended last time?

The upcoming, and now inevitable, military confrontation will not be good or easy for Russia or the Donbass Republics, but it will be fatal for Ukraine’s neo-nazi rulers, and for the US and European economies, at the minimum. The US and EU economies are inextricably tied to each other, and if one falls, the other is finished too. The EU and especially the US economies have been mismanaged and plundered for decades, and are now unsustainable and beyond any realistic hope of salvation. Their push towards war will lead to the West’s economic destruction, and the devastation and deprivation that will befall the regular citizens will be as bad or worse than any military attack.

The US and EU oligarchs and rulers could not care less about the suffering their incompetence, theft and crimes have caused, and they are even willing to exacerbate that suffering, even of their own citizens, by forcing Russia and China to use economic warfare against the West. Again, Russia doing this is totally justified and a last resort, and nothing that the collective West hasn’t been doing to Russia for years. Western despots will blame Russia for the destruction of their economies and the suffering that follows for their citizens, but it was their own corruption and misrule that made it inevitable. To falsely blame Russia for the imminent implosion of the Western economies is the real reason behind the West forcing Russia to take the military option. Unlike the scum who rule the West, Russia will not shrink from its duty to defend itself, its people and their future. So be it. Cry “Havoc”, and let slip the dogs of war…

Russia can take as much of Ukraine as it wants, in a matter of days. No competent analyst disputes that fact. Russia can destroy the EU economy, absolutely, by simply withholding natural gas supplies, in a matter of a few weeks. Through criminal mismanagement so utterly inept that it can only be intentional, the economic and food security situations in the US leave it totally vulnerable to economic warfare that can cause hyperinflation and a famine of Biblical proportions. Think I’m exaggerating? Get back to me in a year or so.

And in the meantime, people of the West, remember, it was not Russia who did this to you – it was your own self-centered cowardice and stupidity. When confronted by the irrefutable evidence of the crimes of your masters, by ignoring them, you opted for submission and conformity, and for collaboration in those very crimes. And now, what your masters, your owners and rulers, have done to others for decades, all across the world, from Cuba to Syria, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya and Ukraine, what they have done there, with your own acquiescence, they will now do to you. It will not be the chickens that come home to roost on your doorstep, it will be the buzzards, and they will have their feast. And as you writhe in helplessness and poverty, do not dare to blame Russia for your suffering. That is exactly the kind of stupidity and hypocrisy that brought you to your own self-inflicted ignoble end. In the final analysis, the West was murdered by its parasite class, but it was also equally suicided by the cowardice and complacency of its working and middle classes. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Economic warfare can be every bit as horrific as military war. Perhaps even more so. As every literate American knows, the economic sanctions of the Clinton regime against Iraq in 1997 took the lives of well over 500,000 children (567,000 according to the UN) and the malignant beast Madeline Albright said “We think it was worth it.” Every US citizen must understand that the hag Albright and the rest of her parasite class think exactly the same about you and your children too. To achieve their objective of global domination, a half million, or millions, of your children can easily be starved and sacrificed in the most horrible way, and without a second thought by the perpetrators. And now, today, as they lead you down the path to war and economic war, neither of which they are the least bit capable of defending you against, (although saving themselves is an entirely different matter) remember who it is that has done this to you. And to your children. It was not Russia. Russia is only defending itself from years of your relentless attacks. Don’t blame us when we finally hit back. And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Russia cannot afford to wait for a ukrop assault on Donbass. Russia cannot afford to wait for the arrival of tens of thousands of NATO troops into Ukraine and the possibility of a surprise announcement that Ukraine was secretly fast tracked into NATO and is now a full member. Russia cannot afford to trust the treacherous liars and war criminals whose actions even more so than their words have proven them to be Russia’s mortal enemies, time and again. The only way Russia can defend itself from further attacks on its western borders is by a preemptive move into Ukraine – not an “invasion”, but a liberation, from the foreign occupants that have brought the once proud nation of Ukraine nothing but exploitation, suffering, degradation and death. Godspeed this liberation, and bring swift justice to all who precipitated this war. And may God have mercy on the millions of citizens who will suffer in the economic war that will follow.

The time of the “Unipolar World” is over. In fact, it has been for some years now, and all that remains is for Russia to administer the coup de grace to the fascist zombies who still imagine themselves as the masters of this now bygone era. When Russia finishes this undeclared but ongoing military war in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the economic war will begin in deadly earnest, and may in the end prove to be as destructive as a third world war. If Russia can save the world from fascism, just as it did in the last century, the world will again owe Russia a debt that can never be repaid. But let’s hope the debt will not so easily be forgotten this time, and the gratitude, respect and support of every decent human being on the planet will be forthcoming. Good luck to all good people in the hard days ahead. May God protect the innocent, and may the rest of us get everything we deserve. Davai.

Donetsk, 14 Jan 2022

Originally posted at The Duran.

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  1. Real Nazi’s don’t swear fealty to Jews, Israel and the US State department…
    The so called Ukrainian Nazi’s did making them a false flag operation. Quite a few of the white nationalists online tend to find Vladimir Putin to be quite acceptable. Not sure the Russians or anyone else can make sense of that. As long as the Hollywood Hitler and Nazism is still believed in people will continue to believe falsehood and the real globalist, communist enemy will continue to rule. Communism came from the west from the temples of Judaism, freemasonry and money and nazi Germany was the enemy of it which is why the world ganged up on it and destroyed it.

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