Russel Bentley in Donbas | Posted by Eric Zuesse – First of over 200 Bodies being Exhumed from Lugansk Mass Grave: One of Obama’s Attrocities, 17 October, 2021

Shovel Digging, Opening Up the Mass Grave (foto

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From: Russell Bentley <> (with an Introductory Note Added Here by Eric Zuesse)

First of over 200 Bodies being Exhumed from Lugansk Mass Grave: One of Obama’s Atrocities


A Friend, Russell Bentley, in Lugansk in the Far Eastern Donbas Region which had been Part of Ukraine until Obama’s 2014 Coup in Ukraine overthrew Ukraine’s Democratically Elected and Neutralist President and Replaced his Government by Racist Fascist (or Nazi) Anti Russian Zealots, who Promptly Launched an Ethnic Cleansing Campaign against the Residents in Donbas (which Region of Ukraine had voted 90%+ for that Neutralist to become Ukraine’s President) sent me this Grim Follow Up News Report.

First of over 200 Bodies being Exhumed from Lugansk Mass Grave (foto Russel Bentley)  

I recently Witnessed the Exhumation of Human Remains from a Mass Grave that contains over 200 Bodies. It was a Profound and Profoundly Disturbing Experience. Each Body in this Grave represents an Unnecessary and Unjust Death, a Murder, and each of these over 200 Murders can Never Be Forgotten or  Forgiven. There is a Message that cries out from these Bones that must be Heard and Understood, and Acted Upon by all Good People in the World. Otherwise, History will Repeat Itself, and again, the Killers and the Killing will continue, and More Mass Graves will be Filled.

>After Seven Years of War, a War that continues To This Day, these 200 Bodies are being Exhumed from the Mass Grave that the War forced them into Back in the Summer 2014, during the Heaviest Attacks and Siege by the Ukrainian “Punishers” against the People of Lugansk. In those Terrible Days and Nights of Constant Shelling and Ever Present Danger, there was No Water or Electricity, No Safe Place to process the Bodies, No Chance at all for a Regular Funeral. Only now are Conditions and Resources Finally Available to put these Peaceful and Innocent Civilians, along with some of their Heroic Defenders, to rest with a Proper Burial.

Digging Up the Murdered (foto Russel Bentley)

All Decent people must ask how Mass Graves (this is Not the Only One) came to be here, in Donbass, on the Edge of Europe in the Second Decade of the 21st Century. They must ask Exactly Who Did This and Why, not just who pulled the Triggers, but even more importantly, Who gave the Orders, and they must demand to see Justice done, to Respect and Understand History, and to prevent More Mass Graves from being Filled with Innocent Civilians, Not just Here in Lugansk, but Throughout Europe and the World.

There, but for the Grace of God, lay I(foto Russel Bentley)

When the Obama Regime Orchestrated the Coup d’Etat against the Democratically Elected Yanukovich Government in Kiev in early 2014, they Used a Grisly Assortment of Secret Agents, Ultra Violent Neo Nazis and Oligarch Traitors to Depose Yanukovich and Install a Quisling Gang of Collaborators, whose Primary Traits were Boot Licking Fealty to their US Masters, Swinish Avarice, and a Willingness to Terrorize and Murder their own Civilians while Ruthlessly Suppressing even the Slightest Resistance or even Peaceful Dissent . And all these Same Vile Traits are Shared by the US Gauleiter, the Self Described “Point Man“, who from the Very Beginning was the Man in Charge of Obama’s “‘Project Ukraine“, the Man giving the Orders and Calling the Shots of the US Occupation, and of course, taking the Big Dog’s Share of the Looted Billions – None Other than Joseph Biden.

Though today Biden is simply a Senile Puppet, Back in the Days of his Vice Presidency, he was a Ruthless Gangster and a Very Dangerous Man. He ruled Ukraine with an Iron Fist, like a True Warlord or Mafia Chieftain. His Word was Law, and his Law was Obeyed by the Groveling Parasites and Bloodthirsty Sycophants he put into Power. His Orders to Crush the Legitimate Uprising in Donbass including War Crimes and Mass Murder gave his Ukrop Henchmen No Pause, and they scurried to Fulfill their Master’s Orders, just as the Bandera Collaborators had done for their German Nazi Masters 70 Years Before.

Vice President Biden Personally made Six Trips to Ukraine, Half of Them in 2014. This was during the Heaviest Attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Neo Nazi Battalions against the People of Donbass, and Biden’s Visits Preceded by Only a Few Days or weeks, the Worst Crimes of the War. There can be No Doubt these Crimes were done Not Only with Biden’s Permission, but On his Orders. These Crimes include the Murder of over 100 Protestors and Unarmed Berkut Police by Snipers at the Maidan in Kiev, the Mass Murder by burning to Death scores of Peaceful Protestors in Odessa on May 2nd, the Airstrike in Lugansk on June 2nd, and the False Flag Attack that Murdered 298 Innocent Civilians on MH17 on July 17th.

From Nuland and Pyatt Hand Picking the New, Unelected Ukrainian Government, to Every Legal, Political, Economic and Military Decision, Ukrainian Lapdogs jumped Every Time their US Masters said “Jump“. The Orders were Clear – Suppress the Uprising in Donbass by Every Means, lLgal or Illegal, and the More Brutal and Ruthless, the Better. And the Attacks were Brutal and Ruthless, and Now, Biden is Back Again.

Although Biden’s Recent Mental Deterioration has Clearly Made him Unqualified to Drive a Bus, (Much Less be President of the USA) his Hubris and Hypocrisy and his Absolutely Immoral Obeisance to his Masters, continue to make him a Truly Evil and Dangerous Man. Not Just for Donbass or Ukraine, but for the World, and Naturally, that includes the Citizens of the USA As Well.

Biden’s Abandonment of Afghanistan should be a Lesson to Ukraine, Not Just to the Common People, but to the Marionettes he put in Power there. Just like the Afghan Puppets the US Appointed, the Ukrainians too are Absolutely Expendable at the Slightest Indication they are No Longer Useful. And just as the Fate of Afghanistan should be a Lesson for Ukraine, the Fate of Ukraine should be a Lesson for the People and Countries of the EU. The Blatant Hypocrisy and Double Dealing Self Interest with which the USA has Handled Europe is Now Clear for All to See, as are the Fatal Consequences for Those who have Allowed It.

And All of the Above must be a Lesson for US and UK Citizens as well. What Goes Around, Comes Around, and here it Comes, now it’s your Turn. Unless you Stop It. The Crimes of Empire your Rulers have Committed against Other People around the World, with nary a Word of Protest from You, will Look and Feel Much Different when They are Happening to You Yourself, to your Family and your Friends. You will be Astounded and Dismayed by the Deafening Silence and Indifference the World will show for your Suffering, just As You Did for Theirs.

But, if you Stand Up for Yourselves and for Humanity, All Good People in the World will Stand with You, and Support Your Courage and Effort Every Way They Can. It is up to the American People to Liberate Themselves, We Can’t Do it for You. If you Continue to Willingly Submit to Fascist Oppression and Criminal Misrule, you will Deserve What You have Coming. Stand Up Now, While You Still Can!

Names of 200 Victims of US EU Ukrainian Aggression 2014 (foto Russel Bentley)

We do Not Forget, We do Not Forgive

People get the Government they deserve, and EU, UK and US Citizens, for Decades Too Long, have Turned a Blind Eye to the Crimes of their Rulers, Both at Home and Abroad. And now the buzzards come home to roost. The choice is yours, and the time is now. Inaction, pretending things will be OK, this is also a choice, and a fatal one. Choose wisely.

The People of the USA can still save their Country and Themselves. Only you can Redeem Yourselves and Your Country. The Rest of the World is Watching and Waiting to see whether you have the Wisdom and Courage to do so. We support you and wish you well, but the Responsibility is Yours. Do it! Or be lost as Germany was Lost in 1945, and Deserve It.

This Message from the Grave also speaks to the Citizens of the Russian Federation. From here in Donbass, an Area Flooded with Blood, Many Times Over, and Even Again Today, we send to you a Lesson, a Reminder and a Warning. It was Not So Many Years Ago that Mass Graves were Being Filled on your Land, Filled with your Families and Friends. Filled by the Exact Same Kind of Criminals that fill them in Our Land Even Today.

Two Trenches, 200 Meters Long, Filled with Human Bodies (foto Russel Bentley)

Many People here in Donbass Never could have Imagined a War Here, not in the 21st Century. If Someone had told Them in 2013 that War was +Coming, they would have Laughed in Disbelief. Russians, Remember Your History! In 1945, the Enemy was Defeated, but Not Destroyed, and now they have Returned to Attack Russia and the World, to Exterminate and Enslave Humanity. It is a Battle to the Death, Them or Us. Either they will be Destroyed, or We Will. Do Not Fall for the Siren Song of Western Liberalism, it is a Lie. Look at How the US and EU have Self Destructed in only 20 Years. The Same can happen in Russia if you let it, if you Fail to Support Those who have Defended and Saved Russia.

Remember Who It Was that has Saved Russia, Brought it Back from the Edge of Extinction and Made it into a Great Power and the Greatest Force for Good in the World Today. Do Not Fall for the Words of Clowns and Imposters who offer a False iIlusion of Prosperity without Time or Work. This is the Real World, and there is No Free Lunch. The Current Administration is the Best There is, for Russia and the World. In Comparison, all other Contenders are Pygmies at Best. Support Those who have Protected Russia from Every Attack, with Courage, Wisdom and Skill. Be Thankful, Be Patient, and Be Realistic. A New and Better World is Coming, and Russia is Leading the Way. Those Who Defend Donbass, Defend Russia, and Those Who Defend Russia Defend Humanity. As Goes Donbass, so Goes the World.

Good Luck to All Good People. May God Protect the Innocent, and may the Rest of Us get All we Deserve.

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