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Reader MED BEDS: Quantum Entanglement and Your Digital Copy (Video)

Posted by Rumor Mail
Thursday, 3 August 2023 11:25:05

Quantum Entanglement and Your Digital Copy

Published in 2022

The Rundown of Our Reality


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NEW Reader MED BEDS – Quantum Entanglement and Your Digital Copy
NEW Reader “The Real Medicine of the Future is Here Now and It’s Not MED BED Tech.”

Rumor Mill News, Thursday, 3 August2023, 11:25:05

Reader: “The Real Medicine of the Future is Here Now and it’s Not MEDBED Tech

Posted by hobie [Send Email]
Date Friday, 4 Augustus 2023, 05:07:56

In Response to Reader MED BEDS, Quantum Entanglement and your Digital Copy (Video) (Rumor Mail)


Thanks C

Reader Charles Richardson writes

Hi Hobie,

I sent You an Email about my New Quantum DNA Health Technology which You Posted on your Website about 6 or 7 Years Ago. In that Email I Offered to Treat Veterans for Free.

After seeing the vVdeo about the MED BEDS, I had to Reach Out to You Again So you can Inform the your Readers.

The Guy doing this Video is Spot On! The MED BEDS are a Trap to Control You, Your Mind and Your DNA, Remotely. That’s Why they’re FREE. His Reference to The Matrix is Exactly What they are Trying to Create. We’re in a WAR! Don’t Plug into the AI matrix!

I’ve Eead where they cCaim the MED BED is Alien Technology. Probably is but They’re Not Good Aliens. As for Alien Technology, read my Response to MED BEDs being Alien on the FAQ Page on my Website. The United Nations “Representatives” that “Visited” me Accused me of Having “Very, Very Ancient Alien Technology, which is at Least 200 Years Ahead of Anything on this Planet“. They were There to “Recover” it. That was their Job in the UN, to Investigate and Recover Alien Artifacts and Technology, Can you say MIB?

Don’t Be Fooled by the MED BED. They’re Sanctioned. Since I Invented and Developed my Tech, I have had 9 Attempts on my Life,  Snipers and Everything. I get A Lot of Heat. Has MED BED Gotten Any Heat? Nope, they’re Obviously Sanctioned by the PTB‘s. I‘m Definitely Not Sanctioned. They have Been Trying to Shut me Up and Down! Big Pharma and the Medical Cartel don’t Like me A Lot. My Tech can Relieve Pain Faster than an Advil can Get into Your Bloodstream AND You don’t Need Another Treatment in 4 hours or Ever. The Pain is Permanently Gone.

So What are People Left with for Health Care Nowadays? You can “Trust your Doctor” and Get Poisoned with Mediciness for the Rest of Your Life but Never Healed or find Some Alternative Tech that Really Works. Good Luck in Your Search but Maybe What You’re Searching for is In Front of You Now.

My Tech offers an Alternative. My Tech offers Another Safer, More Natural Way to Healing your “Quantum Self” as He puts It in the Video. Over the Last 24 Years, My Tech is Proven 100% Safe, Non Invasive, Extremely Effective and Natural.

Since Last Emailing You, I have Advanced my Quantum Frequency Healing Technology Quite A Bit. As I Previously wrote, My Technology uses A Quantum Frequency Signal to communicate with Your DNA Frequency and “Frequency Cancels” the Resonant Frequency of the Pathogen Bacteria, Virus, et Ecetera that’s Distorting Your DNA Frequency and Affecting the Body’s Health. This in No Way does Anything to Your DNA. My Tech doesn’t Alter Your DNA in Any Way, Just the Resonant Frequency of the Pathogen. It’s All Explained on my Web Site with Before and After Videos of People getting Healed from Alzheimer’s, Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, Heart Disease, Parkinson Disease, PTSD and Vertigo.

I have Discovered that the Pathogen’s Resonant Frequency is What Holds the Packets of Energy, Called Quanta, Quanta = Packets of Energy with A Resonant Frequency, Together, Which Form the Mass of the Pathogen, Bacteria, Virus (). I have Come Up with A Scientific Way to Disperse the Quanta Making Up the Pathogen. The Results, as Weird as it may Sound, is the Pathogen Disappears, Pretty Quickly and the Now Undistorted DNA goes about Healing the Body Naturally. Blood Clots have Simply Disappeared in Two 15 Minutes Treatments, which Really Puzzled the Doctors, Tumors Vanish in Days, Pancreatic Cancer Pain Gone in Half an Hour Along with the Cancer, et Cetera.

I have Expanded My Tech and Can Now “Program” Water, Dr Masura Emoto’s Research on Water Being Able to be Changed with Energy and Having A Memory, with the Correct Quantum fFrequency Signal to Cancel Out Conditions, Autism, Osteoarthritis, Bone on Bone, Heart Problems, Prostate Problems, and A Variety of Versions of the Big C. Also, I have Cancelled Out the Side Effects of The Shot, Graphene Oxide Poisoning, Myocarditis, Respiratory Problems, mRNA Infection and Thrombosis, Blood Clots.

Further, I loved that MED BED is Saying Quantum Entanglement. That’s Great. I Came Up with A Scientific Way, Proven, where I can Get your DNA’s Quantum Field from A Photo of You. And, Using Your Photo Communicate to Your DNA Frequency and Frequency Cancel the Pathogen Making You Sick. And it’s Done Remotely, Using the Quantum Principle of Entanglement. With this approach, I have Healed Pneumonia in New York, Alzheimer’s in Lebanon, Stopped A Heart Attack in London, Shrunk A Prostate Down to the Size of A Man in his 30’s in New Mexico, Breast Cancer in Samoa, Osteoarthritis in Georgia and Many Others All from My Lab in Arizona.

I didn’t Need Any Quantum Field Recording of You and Your Thoughts, et Cetera. Simply A Selfie of your Face, Not Your Whole Body. And You don’t Have to Subject Yourself to Being “Quantumly Recorded in an AI World“.

So, Here’s My Offer to Those of You Who Have Serious Medical Problems. I‘ll Relieve Your Health Condition, Remotely, and in Exchange, You Help Me Raise Money to Set Up Clinics Around the USA for My Miracle Waters. Email or Text Me to Get Started and Info Me of Your Particular Health Condition at or Text 1 520 789 5112


The Real Medicine of the Future is Here Now and it’s Not MED BED Tech.

Kind Regards

Charles Richardson
Scientist and Patented Inventor
Vital eze LLC
1 520 7895112

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