Rosemarie Trockel – Painting Machine and 56 brush strokes (2)

Rosemarie Trockels work “Painting Machine” has an open iron framework with 56 brushes and includes 7 drawings which were produced by the machine. The brushes are off-the shelf items and were made to order. Each brush is a lock of artist’s hair. Hence the difference among the various brush heads – soft, curly, blonde, bristly, thick, thinn – and hence the differences among the marks they make. Eight strokes per panel, therefore – eight tracks of India ink that skitter across Japan paper that was then laid down on a canvas support.

“If this is a painting machine, then, it has given us “painting” in a large or liberal – or perhaps just modernist – reading of the term. For it seems that much that matters in the work hangs directly on the nature of the brush stroke and what we might conclude from the look of the many drawn (yet hardly calligraphic) lines.”

(Anne M. Wagner, Trockel Objects, or the Painting Machine, in: Rosemarie Trockel, ifa-english text book, p. 5)

The names of the artists, who gave their hair for this work, you can see, when you klick directly on the image.

Picture 1:
Oliver Mosset
Arnulf Rainer
Vito Acconci
Annette Lemieux
Tishan Hsu
Gerhard Naschberger
David Robbins
Georg Baselitz

Picture 2:
Ira Bertell
Elliott Puckette
A. R. Penck
Marcel Odenbach
Michael Byron
George Condo
Rosemarie Trockel
Peter Schuyff

Picture 3:
Annette Messager
Andrej Roiter
Rune Mields
Donald Baechler
Curtis Anderson
Walter Dahn
Philip Taaffe
Sophie Calle

Picture 4:
Bettina Semmer
John Baldessari
Kiki Smith
David Weiss
Haralampi Oroschakoff
Jutta Koether
Kirsten Ortwed
Nancy Dwyer

Picture 5:
Jon Kessler
Albert Oehlen
Jonathan Lasker
Michael Auder
Rob Scholte
Gerhard Merz
Peter Bömmels
Christian Philip Müller

Picture 6:
Andreas Schulze
Sigmar Polke
Peter Fischli
Barbara Kruger
Angela Bulloch
Hirsch Perlman

Picture 7:
Benjamin Katz
Alex Katz
Martin Kippenberger
Johannes Stüttgen
James Turrell
Milan Kunc
Nicolaus Schafhausen
Cindy Sherman