Roddy Piper – Joe Biden S Virtual Rally DISASTER! Tampa Bay Speech 🏖

Joseph Biden (foto

Joe Biden S Virtual Rally DISASTER! Tampa Bay Speech 🏖

Gepubliceerd op 7 mei 2020

Joseph Biden S Tampa Bay Virtual Rally Speech goes bad when extremely loud birds fly in and the live feed cuts out constantly to many glitches making the Biden Team seem about as competent as A gorilla making A birthday cake. Sad display of incompetency. Ends up talking Corona Virus, Donald Trump, Sunglasses.

No your internet isn T the issue. Your computer isn T screwed up. No, this is actually the live footage that the Biden Campaign S Team of bright individuals diligently and dutifully produced and broadcast to the nation via their state of the Art DSL internet connection.

Trump is shaking in his boots as we speak. Beating this is going to be difficult. Word on the street is that Trump Officials are actively recruiting Corn P0P and his crew of bad guys in A last ditch effort to compete with sleepy Joe S quality content.

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