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Saturn and the Black Sun

Published 21 jul 2018

Atlantean Gardens

The Roman Statesman and Philosopher Marcus Cicero called Saturn, Phainon,A Word MeaningShining”. Saturn is Where we get Our Name for Saturday, and Saturnalia was Probably the Most Popular Festivals of the Roman Calendar.

Robert Sepehr is an Author, Producer, and Independent Anthropologist.

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Robert Sepehr


Light of the Black Sun

Published 7 aug 2021

Atlantean Gardens

The Term Pagan comes from Latin Paganus referring to Those Who lived in the Country, like Hillbillies. The Roman Empire spread Christianity in Cities First, Country Folk that Continued to Believe inThe Old Ways” came to be Known as Pagans. It’s Not A Religion, Race or Culture.

Occult Order of the Green Dragon

Nordics and UFO Disclosure

In Greek Mythology, the Hyperboreans were A Mythical People Who Lived in the Far Northern Part of the Known World. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Author of The Arctic Home in the Vedas (1903), Argued for an Antediluvian Arctic Homeland of the Indo Aryan and Slavic People. Agartha is A Legendary Kingdom that is Said to be Located Inside or Below the Earth’s Crust.

A Brief History of Witches

Anthropology of Occult Secret Societies

Robert Sepehr is an Anthropologist and Author

Robert Sepehr

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Lucifer and the Black Sun

Published 8 dec 2022

Robert Sepehr

Lucifer Literally means “Light Bringerin Latin.

Lilith and the Sacred Serpent

Lucifer and Astrotheology

Baphomet and Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

The Secrets of Inner Alchemy

Robert Sepehr is an Anthropologist and author
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Robert Sepehr

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