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John Dee the Queen’s Magician

Gepubliceerd 19 okt 2019

Atlantean Gardens

Born in 1527, John Dee was an English Alchemist, Astrologer, Philosopher, and Exceptional Mathematician who entered Cambridge University when he was Just Fifteen Years Old. Dee Eventually became Astrologer to Queen Mary Tudor, and an Advisor to Queen Elizabeth.

Enochian Magic is A System of Ceremonial Magic based on the Evocation and Commanding of Various Spirits. It is Based on the 16th Century Writings of John Dee and Edward Kelley, who claimed that their Information, including the Revealed Enochian Language, was Delivered to them Directly by Various Angels.

Robert Sepehr is an Anthropologist and Author


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John Dee, the Elizabethan Dark Magician that made the World the Way it is Today!


It’s Unlikely Today that if you were to Question A Scientist about their Research that they would cite Magic as One of their Avenues of Study. To One Scientific Pioneer, Magic was Just A Part of his Arsenal of Tools for Questioning and Understanding Anything and Everything. So Much So that he even sought the Advice of Angels to Aid him in his Quest to Understand How the Universe Worked, Even Delving into Demonology. As A Royal Advisor and Meta Physicist the World was an Unending Portal of Unexplored Possibility, but Some Things should be Left Undiscovered, Especially when they Lead you Not Only toward the Path of Spiritual Enlightenment but Also toward the Occult, Danger, Madness and the Very Real Threat of Execution. This Time on Macabre London, we uncover the Story of John Dee and his Associate Edward Kelley.

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Peter Ackroyd – London the Biography Kelley’s Stone I I of England VI


John Dee: Magic, Medicine and the Tudor World

Published 3 apr 2019

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Speaker Katie Birkwood, Rare Books and Special Collections Librarian, Royal College of Physicians, London John Dee (1527 – 1609) was One of the Most Intriguing Figures in Tudor Britain. The Model of A Renaissance Man, he Harboured Interests in Astrology, Alchemy, History, Religion, Medicine, Magic and Much More Besides.

In this Talk, Katie Birkwood explores Dee’s Life Story, Thoughts and Personality, which survive in the Personally Annotated Collection of his Books, Now residing at the Library of the Royal College of Physicians, London. Find Out How the Modern Division between ‘Science’ and ‘Magic’ has to be Set to One Side when Considering Dee and 16th Century Knowledge.


Cor Hendriks – De brief van Gerard Mercator aan John Dee (1577)

Cor Hendriks – Madocmania (1): John Dee, spindoctor van de Fairy-Queen

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