Robert Sepehr – (3) Ancient History, Esoteric Mythology, Occult Mysticism

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(3) Ancient History, Esoteric Mythology, Occult Mysticism

In première gegaan op 23 mrt. 2020

Part (1)

Part (2)

Part (3) of another compilation (3+ hours) of episodes not uploaded yet to this channel. Hybrids and Rh Negative blood, High Level Occult Secrets and Esoteric Symbolism, Secret History of the Temple Society, Occult Order of Oculists, God of Wisdom, Thief of Fire, Ancient Persian Occult Mysticism Magic and Astrology, Iran Land of the Ancient Aryans, Ancient Egyptian Board Game of Death, Ancient Origins of Fairy Tales, Lost Ancient Kingdom Discovered, Ancient Tomb Discovered Below Forum Romanum, Ancient Etruscan Origins History and Culture, Vatika Goddess of the Underworld, Legendary Libraries of the Ancient World, Five  Epic Viking Stories, Ancient Origins of the Heart (❤) Symbol, Ancient Troy and Hidden European History, Spartacus, Slavery and Secret Societies

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Atlantis, Inner Earth, Ancient Occult Mysteries

Robert Sepehr is an Anthropologist and Author

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