Robert Anderson – Cindy and Donna, A Story of Two Sisters (1970)

Cindy and Donna, A Story of Two Sisters (1970)

Published 13 Sept 2022


Danny Punkk

Directed by Robert Anderson


A Story of Two Sisters CINDY (…) So Anxious to Grow Up. DONNA (…) Who Grew Up Too Fast!Seventeen Year Old

Cindy is In Awe of Big Sister, Donna’s Sexual Exploits, but she Just doesn’t Get It. Whether she’s Spying on Donna, Parked and “Makin’ It” in the Driveway with her Boyfriend, or Watching her Bang Dear Ól’ Stepdad, Cindy is Curious but Timid. But “Don’t be Afraid, Cindy” instructs the Dreamy, Ballady, Canned Cheese 70‘s Soundtrack, as Cindy inches her Way toward Womanhood.

Debbie Osborne, Nancy Ison, Cheryl Powell, Max Manning, Sue Allen, Tom Benko, Alice Friedland


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