Russian TV – RT News, Aug 21, 2022

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RT News, Aug 21, 2022

Published 21 aug. 2022

Dai Price

Authorities confirm that A Car Bomb has killed the Daughter of Russian Political Philosopher Alexander Dugin, known for his Anti Western Rhetoric. Reportedly, he had planned to be in the Vehicle with his Daughter. Russia accuses Ukraine of Chemically Poisoning it S Soldiers in Donbass, as it prepares A Package of Proof to send to International Authorities. A New Report claims UN Peace Keepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo Raped Young Women and Carried Out Other Abuse of Locals for Years. A Group of 9/11 Victims Families condemn Biden S  Plan to give them Confiscated Afghan State Assets, saying the War Torn Country needs the Money to rebuild It Self.

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