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Ring Of Power (Full Length Documentary)

Published on Jun 18, 2014

From the Mystery Religions of Ancient Egypt to the Zionist Role in 9/11, “Ring Of Power” Puzzles together the Missing Pieces of our Human Story. Find out how an iLLUMiNATi Network of International Bankers and European Royalty have turned the World’s Nations and Citizens into their Debt Slaves.

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Comments on Original 2014 YouTube Posting

T Young
This video, as all encompassing as it is, still has only “pieces” of the puzzle. The real history is vast and unbelievably occult. The Lies are different at every level. So much will be revealed and soon as to overwhelm even the most “awake” viewers.

Michael Smith
+T Young agreed…it is very well done but there is still much to learn and uncover…the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

T Young
+Michael Smith Of course, I know this. As I said, it still only “pieces” of the puzzle, I have been following many “messengers” trying to wake people up on the internet. I have 200 playlist of (some) 200 videos each. With “wake Up” videos as well as I have been viewing and trying to discern the truth of the Project Camelot (whistleblower)interviews since 2009 as well as gratefully enjoying the information that David Wiclock and other have researched and gleaned from his association with (above top secret) whistleblowers, as well as Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, G. Edward Griffin, Jim Marrs, Santos Bonacci, Michael Tellinger, Zecharia Sitchin, David Icke, Greg Braden and so many more, all with more pieces of the puzzle as they see it. Lately, I have been gratefully reading and watching Corey Goode of the Sphere Being Alliance, who worked for the secret Space Program for 20 years, out in space, It is hard for some to believe, but as you say, “truth is indeed stranger than fiction.” I have few with which I can share this information, so I hope I have not been too verbose in my reply. I just wanted to share those messengers with others who are ready for what they have to give.

Michael Smith
Yes I too have been listening to all of those same messengers as you each with their own unique perspective. Since the rabbit trail goes very deep with many caverns, dead ends, forks in the road it is easy to get even more confused about our situation here on Earth. There is definitely alot more to our story (human beings) than (his-story)(victors story) is willing to divulge. I enjoy the journey of discovery even though it reveals the evil that has plagued us for centuries. The power lies within each of us, the power to create a world in which we want to live in, not one that is created for us in order to enslave our time, thoughts, energy, and creativity for the profit of the elite (energy vampires) who somehow have been given the privilege of harvesting our energy and using it for their own purposes. They cant do it without our consent though so until we can control our own demons (lust, greed, avarice, jealousy, gluttony, fame, and materialism) basically selfishness and self serving behavior of all types in which they use to seduce us into their world (whirled). We have to create the world (whirled) we want to live in by focusing our attention on one in which the means never justify the ends because there is no end in sight. The bottom line is they believe whether justified or not that they are superior to us and have a right to use us as their pawns which they succeed at generation after generation. Maybe its time our generation puts an end to this madness once and for all.

T Young
I agree Michael, on ALL points, with the addition of – I don’t think the human race would have developed such “(lust, greed. avarice, jealousy, gluttony, fame, and materialism)” if it had not been for “their” interventions, machinations, religions, suppressed information and their introduction of the “money magic debt slave system.” It is interesting to ponder just where we would be right now in terms of our conscious evolution if not for their very intentional ways of dumbing us down and co-opting-corrupting what was once a very gently, loving natural human being. As I’ve heard recently that there has been human genetic engineering going on by 25 different alien races for 1000’s maybe millions of years (I forget exactly how long they quoted)
It seems we are on the same page in all respects. 🙂 Good to know there are people like you out there!! It’s very encouraging!

Michael Smitho
I agree and it seems as though the cat is really out of the bag at this point so either its another part of their plans or their plans don’t seem to be working as well anymore…I guess the best we can do is spread the word and hope that humanity will once again reclaim its sovereignty and right the ship for the well being of all.

T Young
Well said. 🙂 I wish you the best on your path and mission…

Michael Smith
You as well…namaste

Paul Olson
+Michael Smith trying to figure out how to do that..

+T Young you are so right about this coverup ,thanks <3 greetings from odense, denmark

T Young
A greetings right back at cha!!! You are my first virtual reply from Denmark!! how is the political climate in Denmark, Odense?

+T Young
it’s usa’s little lapdog 🙂 -we followed you into war with irak and afghanistan – we have the “selfie prime minister who want’s to be the UN general secretary and we are a new world order testing ground in mind control – god bless

T Young
+stiggyh Whew!! That is quite a snapshot you just took for me!!Does not sound good! Are you familiar with David Wilcock, Corey Goode,(above top secret whistleblower) Michael Salla and others, and the recent information given by Corey about the Secret Space Program and the Alliance that intends to advance Full Disclosure with a “Data Dump” to the entire world at once, of all the newly decrypted Snowden files of the NSA information and many of the recent Govt hacked information, that will expose the Banksters and the Global Elite and their crimes against humanity?

no, i hadn’t heard that -let’s hope it happens 🙂 +T Young

These Companies had prior knowledge and profited from False Flag Terrorism
Deutsche Bank-Alex Brown
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Bank of America
Lehman Brothers
General Motors

Dissent Truth
Where is the video of the Israeli Middle Eastern looking guys boarding the planes then?

Pat P
Portland Maine……

Here’s one issue I specifically take with this documentary. I support holocaust revisionism. I don’t accept the historical perspective that Hitler was simply a “monster”. I do not accept the mainstream holocaust narrative. To be honest, I sort of get annoyed when I hear people describe him as a completely evil character who was simply bent on mass murder. Perhaps I am wrong for taking this view, but I don’t think that I am. Hitler was not a perfect person or a perfect leader but then again, no person or leader ever is. The notion that he was a totally evil individual/leader and just wanted to kill people for no good reason is historically innaccurate and naiive, in my humble opinion. If there is one problem I see with this documentary, or one area in which the writer or maker of this film is weak in their understanding and appreciation of history, it is there. Just wanted to put that point on the record…

Gene Ruffalo
+fusion772 ” just wanted to kill people for no good reason “..He did have a reason, they were Jews! Hitler was the modern day “Haman the Agagite” who is the main antagonist in the Book of Esther from the Hebrew Old Testament, who also tried to exterminate all Jews. He was thought to be indwelt by pure evil and therefore so was Hitler (according to the Jews).

+Gene Ruffalo To be honest, everything you are saying there is news to me… if you could elaborate a bit that would be nice. What are you trying to get at, here?

Gene Ruffalo
+fusion772 If you are unfamiliar with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob of the Hebrew Scriptures then knowing what a true Hebrew or Jew (descendant from Jacob’s son Judah) is then this may not make sense. Hitler’s reason for the “so called holocaust” or “hoxocaust” (whatever) was to rid Europe of the FAKE Jews, the Kazarians. The Russian, German, Polish Jews are known as “Askanazi Jews” (Yiddish) and are not true genetic descendants of Jacob. They thrived in Europe syndicating all the diamond, gold, and other forms of wealth, and Hitler convinced the German people that they were the cause of the German People’s strife. So Hitler DID have (in his mind) a damn good reason to exterminate them. He was ridding Europe of these impostors. The Jews that were being rounded up for the most part believe that they are indeed true Jews (NOT) and imagined Hitler was indwelt by Satan himself, just like Haman in the book of Ester (a quick read). The entire Bible (except for 13 letters written by Paul) is a JEWISH BOOK, written to Jews, for Jews, and BY JEWS. Who are the real Jews? Who knows? African Americans think they are, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd believes she is, the Zionist claim to be! WHO GIVES A SHIT?

+Gene Ruffalo lol, you are funny as fuck! Well, it’s a complicated topic, one that is honestly very daunting to me. Are you familiar with what David Duke and Kevin MacDonald have to say about all this?

Gene Ruffalo
+fusion772 They say MacDonald is an “anti-Semite”, but is he really against the “true” Jews, or who the world thinks the Jews are? The fake Jews of today do indeed control Hollywood, the music industry (including the all the rappers), the gold, diamonds, and are self proclaimed the intellectual elite, just as MacDonald freely expresses. BUT, these are not Biblical Jews! Duke has almost the same views, claiming Jews control the media, banking, politics, everything! Who then are the real Jews? I don’t know, I don”t think they are Black Americans, British Royal Blue-bloods, or the Zionists in modern day Israel. I choose not to really give a shit, but it is amusing to taunt those who claim to be the “true Hebrew Israelites” when they have absolutely no evidence whatsoever. If the Bible says Jews are currently suffering the curses Moses warned them of, the who would want to be a Jew? Certainly Not I !

+Gene Ruffalo You see, I would feel like I could contribute something to this discussion if I knew a lot more about the history surrounding Biblical times… but alas, I am ignorant as shit about it

+fusion772 Check out a vid out here called ‘The greatest story never told’.

+Gene Ruffalo Paul was Jewish and Ralph Ellis makes a strong case Paul was Flavius Josephus

Gene Ruffalo
+hu0wen I never said Paul wasn’t a Jew. BUT Guess what DUDE?? I could have said it because he wasn’t a Jew, he was a HEBREW from the tribe of BENJAMIN. You must be from the tribe of JUDAH to be a JEW. Try reading Philippians 3:5 (man you got this all fucked up)

In standard usage, Hebrew and Jew are synonyms, and have been since Roman times. I wasn’t aware of a genealogy for Paul though, what’s your source?

Gene Ruffalo
+hu0wen The Source? The BIBLE, I just gave you the damn verse in my previous post. AND Hebrew and Jew ARE NOT SYNONYMS, they are not in the Holy Scriptures, and NEVER WERE.

I’m not sure the dictionary agrees with you…
Hebrew: adjective
1. of the Hebrews or the Jews.

David Hereaux
+fusion772 I think the Zionist Jews sacrificed them in order to get to the homeland. I’m sure the numbers were also exaggerated.

“Jew” is a Graeco-Roman term for people from the province of Judea, it’s a geographical term which doesn’t appear in the OT.

+David Hereaux Sounds about right.

+fusion772 Duet 28:68- And the Lord (Yahweh) shall bring thee into Egypt (meaning bondage, the land Egypt had a different name in the bible) again with SHIPS, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Though shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be SOLD unto your ENEMIES for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you. This verse clearly describes the trans Atlantic slave trade where the so called African Americans were forced into slavery. The curses in Deuteronomy clearly lay out God’s (or his true Hebrew name Yahweh) chosen people being the so called African Americans in America today. Psalm 83:3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy HIDDEN ONES. 83:4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation: that the name Israel may be no more in remembrance. This also answers that the “Jewish” people in Israel are fake Khazarian Jews that should not be in that land because Israel is cut off from being a nation until the covenant is restored and the covenant has not restored yet.

+Gene Ruffalo the damn verse heh

+fusion772 watch the doc called jfk to 911 everything is a rich mans trick it explains hitlers rise to power and the american industrialists who funded him like henry ford for example.

Jabba Jay
+Gene Ruffalo Rubbish. So was the bombing of Dresdon a holocaust?

+fusion772 your suspicions are not off, there’s a whole 4 hour documentary of the “true story of Hitler”
+Gene Ruffalo Just a note, the name Jesus used today, could not exist in the time Jesus allegedly existed. There was no J letter and no J sound in ancient Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, the languages of the bible. If he existed, some say the name was Yehoshua Ben Yosef, Yoshua, Yeshua… but the greek said Issu, where does jesus come from ? some say a combination of words that translate as worship zeus. Also the term Jesus of Nazareth is unlikely referring to a place he came from which was not geographically as stated in the bible, but was referring to a religious sect Yoshua likely belonged to called Nazirites, their beliefs are very compatible with “Jesus” google Nazirites.,


Wow, what the hell did I do to warrant that much hostility and hatred ? All I did was share some information, my take on things, just like everyone else.. it just pertained to things in the thread, it was not directed at you exactly, it’s just how it came up when I hit reply. Yikes what is your problem ? Yeah I can see what worshiping “jesus” has done for you…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…so….

I don’t use youtube as a social network, I chose not to include my image or personal info for professional and personal reasons.

+Rachel r I saw that vid and it was great.

Rachel r
yeah it was good

The documentation showing the provocation of Germany on many fronts to action, the British being in the forefront and wanting war exists and shows clearly and refutes the lying narrative so well spread. You may take note also that both Germany and Japan were well aware of the evil inherent in what you now call the BANKSTERS who LOVE war and profit as the bodies are stacked up, they are still at it.
Germany and Japan turned to printing their own currency an were hellbent on being free of the money masters who through evil sought to become the masters of the world. looks like they are getting closer, look around you.

Rachel r
the last part of thier plan in my opinion is to take the guns the ‘we need to talk about sandy hook is good’ once they have our guns we will be marched into those fema camps those of us they dont shoot

Peter McLachlan
+fusion772 It seems he was more of a zealout who was used as a puppet by those with the actual power/money

Cyberport Cálèhf
Como diria Jung: Aquelas/es que não são amantes da Verdade não tem porque assistir, e quem decida assistir e não tenha maturidade consciencial, ficará no 1/2 caminho; mas a quem está pronto para o Self do Conhecimento; sentirá seus olhos se abrirem como se fossem cegos, e o mais santo dos fantasmas sagrados judeus abrisse seus olhos para a Verdade. Poucas vezes na História das Artes visuais, se produziu um documentário com tal enfoque, no nervo do Poder. (Não é imperdível, trata-se de Saber+, ou permanecer na ignorância dos fatos e dados, de uma sociedade humana, meramente humana!)
Sugiro baixarem uma legenda segundo sua preferência!

tachyon timewarp
Is there a list of the 300 families? HI Mitch.

Mitch Conner
Pretty sure I saw this a while back. Looooong one.

+tachyon timewarp It’s 13 families, not 300. It seems like you’re confusing the Committee of 300 with the Black Nobility 13 families.

Mitch Conner
+ocf1fan1 You are correct, and I’ve read John Coleman’s book, but is there any other source of verification for the committee?

Salim Mahmood
+tachyon timewarp The 13 bloodline of the illuminati are as follows –
The Astor bloodline
The Bundy bloodline
The collins bloodline
The DuPont bloodline
The freeman bloodline
The kennedy bloodline
The Li bloodline
The Onassis bloodline
The Reynolds bloodline
the Rockefellers bloodline
The Rothschilds bloodline
The Russell bloodline
The Van Duyn bloodline
Interconnected familys – the Disney bloodline, Krupp, McDonald and Merovingian (European royal families)

+Salim Mahmood It’s important to point out that the true last name of the “Rothschild” family is Bauer.

Salim Mahmood
+ocf1fan1 that is a very good point..named after Mayer Amschel Bauer through the dynasty

Brenda B
+ocf1fan1 My great grandmothers family name was Bauer

+Brenda B Hopefully your Great-Grandmother wasn’t part of the Rothschild(Bauer) family then.

Brenda B
+ocf1fan1 idk. She was an Austrian Duchess. Gave up her title to marry a commoner. From what my Gma & Gpa said, she was quite formidable. When her husband died, she traveled back to Austria, took the title back. Her title had been passed on to a 14 year old girl. She exercised her right by challenging the girl to a duel which the girl declined, gave the title up.

+Brenda B Interesting. How long ago did that happen? Because sword duel matches haven’t happened in a very long time.

Brenda B
+ocf1fan1 Family members say around mid to late 1700s

+Brenda B Since it was that long ago then she was most likely your Great-Great-Grandmother. It seems that she was part of the Rothschild family from what you’ve said.

Brenda B
+ocf1fan1 Sounds about right

+tachyon timewarp At 4:38 the list begins.

+Salim Mahmood Don’t the Bush family have a true German last name?

+jgast1d Yes, their true last name is Scherf.

Ok thanks. Can’t remember where I saw that.

Telisha Brown
I thought the RABBIT HOLE had already opened for me… This just turned my rabbit hole into deep sea diving…

Trent Hogan
I can’t believe that the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) would produce such nonsense. Some facts but a misleading tale.

Jay “Spirited Soul” Tee
It may be a small thing, I find the video fascinating… but there are so many “stretches” …… Jesus was the son of Cleopatra and renamed Jesus Christ (same initials as Julius Caesar)…. heck ENGLISH wasn’t even a language yet. These are English versions of Greek, Hebrew and Egyptian names that typically start with I….. just small things like this put me on guard. But it’s fun.

Wildflower Herbs
Most excellent! Great recap if you are already aware of these things and if not very comprehensive, you will learn much .
I hope it helps many people searching for truth but remember to always be discerning. There are layers upon layers to the deceit of this world.
“History is written by those who have hanged hero’s” . So there is much to sort through…… TY for the upload 🙂

Deneze Lujanen
A. true,B,true,C true…

Douglas Carter
CGI planes and or fake planes on 9 eleven, bombs over Baghdad and bombs in Manhattan they practice witchcraft like KITE PLANE HIT STEEL MUST be Crowley’s grandson and his brother head security for the WTC complex, this was complex the way it all demolished, the Mega Powers and the Twin Towers clash and come crumbling down!

Colin Mottershead
+Douglas Carter no cgi, drones

Douglas Carter
Ya, sure cgi was used for the deception and those drones too…every video is essentially different since they were manipulated or cgi and what people saw hit the towers were obviously drones.Some people take on a different theory, but drones sounds like the most likely scenario.

Douglas Carter
+Colin Mottershead^

Join the Nihilists. Death to all Jewish V Reptoids! Why is it called Lord of the Rings when it’s only about 1 ring?…easy, to pay homage to the Lord of Saturn, Saturnus/Cronus (Father Time, The Devil)

shelagh mcgee
3:53:53 Guilty by… paying for murder!!

That is American/ British citizens providing funds to burn/ rape and kill children women and elderly via their taxes – talk about blood on my hands! What have ‘ they ‘ dragged us into this time!!??

Ray Chau
mixed facts with fictions.. like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.. entertaining but don’ take it seriously!

Ex Calibur
Our leaders have time and time again betrayed us. This globalists master-plan for the New World Order has been unfolding right before our own eyes for hundreds of carefully planed years now. Carried on the satanic wings of dark Freemasonry (Albert Pike) which formed the persistency and the secrecy that it needed to stay undetected for us hardworking debt-slaves through time. It brought us carefully orchestrated bi-funded wars like the 1st, 2nd and the coming 3rd world war. The French revolution, 9/11, Charley Hebdo, the monetary crisis and so on, and so on. The devious plan to unite nations under different superstates, after which it will be childsplay to unite the few (super)nations left into the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, NEW WORLD ORDER they wanted so badly. And who do you ask will be leading us? The same carefully selected psychopaths and sociopaths that form the 1% that raped, murdered and lied their trillions of Dollars into their banks. The master-plan incorporates the global depopulation of the now 6.5 billion people until there are only 500 million left. They will use their man-made viruses like EBOLA and AIDS (in vaccination programs) and anything they still have waiting for us including a 3rd world war (already begun in the east against the Islam) They are carefully following the sick biblical prophecies incorporated in their own disgusting dehumanizing plans. ONE world religion is what they want, based on their God named LUCIFER. Without knowing you are living in the beginning of a true nightmare of biblical proportions. If you doubt my words, Google it for yourself and wake up to the coming tyranny. You will have no choice, Your children will have no choice as your grandchildren will have non. They will have no rights, no future, no nothing. If you wake up now, and educate yourself on the coming New World Order, it MIGHT lead to the awareness that has given birth to all resistance movements in the past that eventually (temporarily) saved the people out of the claws of the ELITE induced slavery. Please visit my channel for all the videos you will ever need to become aware of this drama of cosmic proportions. If not for yourselves, than for those you love and come after you.

Eon G. Cooper
9/11 (nine eleven) is a date. 9-1-1 is a phone number. Why is this so hard? It is so ignorant and annoying to hear this over and over again.

It is becoming undeniable who/what runs this world…so many dots to connect but they all point in the same direction.

Uce Lee
For the people who don’t have “fuck the gov” in your genetics.

Jesus was Horus the Bible is off on the time about 1000 years actually. The Holy Spirit is Ra, Sorath the SUN Demon don’t think like that to the Greek (Helios)- The Aliens are listening they will torture you in your dream world if you figure them out. Amun Ra is the joining of Osirus the Godhead and Ra Lucifer the Reptile/Shape Shifter. The 666 is the Mark of the SUN, the Mark of Helios and his number is 666. The same symbol of the Catholic’s traditional Triquetra. The Elders and the Order was sent here on a mission to Destroy and corrupt Christianity and trick people into Worshiping Amun Ra (The Trinity)

God I wish this was shown in schools , and tv, lol. What a world we live in when everything you were taught to believe to be good is not, and vice verse its like a rose with thorns… oh take me off this fucked up planet please!

ric bonnell
i hope your wish is granted.

+MrMagee78 When you look at history, and look at huge massmurders, chances are great, you are reading about leaders/politicians killing their own people. The person you have cast your vote on is the one politician you should watch the closest, he/she is the politician most capable of betraying you, since you invested hope and emotion in that person. No politician has ever reached the top on truths told …..

Bob Saturday
+ric bonnell shut up smartass

shelagh mcgee
+MrMagee78 yes!

shelagh mcgee
+MrMagee78 MrMagee guess you have connections to Belfast with a name like Magee – same as me lolYes life could be described as a bit of a rose but don’t worry you will definitely be leaving here sooner or later because we don’t actually belong here..find what you like doing and do it best!

Otto Zambrana
Where can I get this documentary? If so, please, I need that info ASAP… ANYONE?

Bee King
I bought it from a street vendor (“minister of information”, was his name ) about ten years ago , my copy skips at times, due to scratches from showing all my friends over the years , I wouldn’t know where to get it now , but thankfully, most of my collection is now on YouTube.

Otto Zambrana
+Bee King Thank you, Bee King! I got it….

Wisdom D ARC
+Otto Zambrana what do you mean you need this documentary it is on here. You mean download it? You can’t it is blocked worldwide.

Amen/Amun etc. semantics is a distraction and waste of time. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Rachelle Ganaway
Excellent documentary!

The Holistic Choice
Holy crap! I thought I had seen and read everything there is but this really put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I wish this could be made into a movie or something for the mass public to see. This video is kinda long and boring at times. But I still appreciate all the work that went into it. In case I have missed something what other videos should I see?

Evangelist Darlene Williams
+Gene Ruffalo
The African Americans are the real Jews!
👑 💘 B€ BL€SS€D IND€€D !!!!!

Uce Lee
Your third eyed blind because you worry about your hairline lol.

I encompass the Truth about the lie that is the Zionist agenda called Christianity. God’s New World Order Agenda exposed, read the Bible see the evil in it for yourself. Don’t censor the word of Truth…lol God is not a hebrew citizen, Hebrews are like the Nazis people. Wake up! Israel is where Paganism originated from 6000 or so BC. It’s the unholiest of all Lands, Promise Land Zion, umm no way. It’s the leylines where all the most evil took place it was where HELL was located at one time. God came from HEAVEN to EARTH not EARTH to Heaven…Know your History! and better yet know your ENEMY. Your enemy doesn’t use Guns they use words and books and systems of thought control and fear tactics to make you submit to your slavery. God I feel like Morpheus now..NEO the Matrix is all around you it’s in your TVs in your classrooms in the hypnotic eyes of the demonic dumpster cats and even in your Churches. It’s the World that has been pulled over your eyes to hide you from the Truth and reality that you are enslaved. Enslaved by the Nanomachines spiders who we call GOD. Was you looking at me or the Women in RED? Take this pill either way you stay in the Matrix. You have no free will now take this damn pill you gay looking blade reject! First one is free but Next time that will be 300 dollars! You better have my damn money bitch or I will sick my Reptilian Army after your sorry ass! My fellow enslaved American Citizen the NSA Matrix is always watching you Masturbate! Recording and sending all your URL search data and tracking habits to the Nanomachine Quantum God. Microsoft Windows 10 xp 7 google facebook edition. So he knows who to Control, Alt and Delete and Incenerate in his Holinesses Recycling Bin. And you thought the Apple in the Holiness’s Garden was just a piece of Fruit, It was clearly symbolic an Apple I-mac now…When it says the devil will RULE the Air they was clearly talking about Apple’s Laptop called Macbook Air. WINDOWS IS YOUR GOD NOW, BOW BEFORE THE ALMIGHTY BILL GATES! LORD OF HEAVEN AND THE UNDERWORLD! Programmer of Tron and the Grand Architect of the MATRIX! Assassin of the DEVIL known as Steve Jobs. Soon to be Assassin of Larry Page and Owner of Google. Soon you will all be marked with the seal of JAVA. Soon you will all join as one I-robot. And in that Day the World will be doomed until one brave Messiah Nigga saves the World with some red dressed bitch named Claire hows that Irony for you.

Garrielee Peck
I would not want to live in that life would shot myself in the head to live under there muppet wankers

Colleen Wasner
Don’t want to nitpick but some say the ‘wailing wall’ is Roman. How can we determine a date on it? That must be doable!

Sean Torres
Wow this is so much cooler then the version I have….

This was looong
,I watched it thru twice it’s put together from a few things the christian BS dilutes the real political message.
You can’t have a one size fits all message, in a 4 hr film.
It’ heavy it says a lot in a one hr documentary on the political stuff with out getting into silly superstition that is just that superstition
you will never get a synopsis when it evolves culture and personal heritage, so why try?. The habiru stuff I studied in college but why put it in here? Egyptian culture and history can’t be explained in a documentary,it takes text books and even then it is in dispute.
The stuff about our political leaders and their backgrounds shouldn’t be diluted with nonsense that’s the core of our political problems and when the son of a mule trader snaps his fingers and drops bombs that kills 500,000 innocent civilians,
Who puts these guys up for election? That’s what we need to be asking.
We need to get back control of the election process, or the political leaders with keep on behaving as they do today. Slave to their corporate masters.
That’s what that film was about. Or else the country will be dragged down with wars till our great great great grandchildren are in dept to pay for it

Derek Cope
It’s nine eleven, NOT NINE ONE, ONE!! The narrator constantly saying nine one, one over, and over again is unbearably annoying!! NINE ELEVEN!! NINE ELEVEN DAMMIT!!

Colin Mottershead
+Derek Cope you have been programmed with nine eleven, it makes know difference

Josh Jones (Zakai)
+Derek Cope the reason she says this is that the number sequence is what they are emphasizing. 911 and 9/11 mean the same thing in gimantria or number magic. This has to be remembered, these people are all deeply rooted in the occult and they use spells and rituals almost every day. 911 was a ritual

Colleen Wasner
This is an extraordinary video, thank you.

Rachel r
Watch to see who profited from 911 it went beyond put options!

Some truth and lots of lies.

Fear not the God of the Garuda’s will come back with his army of Bird Warriors will save you from the Vril Reptilians and their hybrids. Unless their is a Hurricane than your kind of Screwed. Why do you think HAARP was really built?

tachyon timewarp
Power hates a vacancy, so what is needed is an OPEN SOCIETY OF ENLIGHTENED HUMAN BEINGS with enough members around the world, and with the training and education to help society function when the corrupt are properly imprisoned.

David Harris
Wow…a lot of truth but quite a few lies as well. Sucked me in for a while. Wrote down some names but Jesus is no Caesar because of who the father was so I stopped watching. Went off the edge. And why do the whole world try to demonize Egypt when math science astrology music came out of there. The Hyksos dating is off too. On top of that the bible never said Hebrews had a dynasty of Pharoahs in Egypt. Do some homework YouTuber and don’t believe all this info. Some of it is misinfo

+Gene Ruffalo Check out Jordan Maxwell, he’ll tell you there was never a Soloman and that it is an euphenism for the sun in three different languages SOL, OM & ON

+Gene Ruffalo LMAO

Dissent Truth
+David Harris Zionism is pretty on point.

jindan kaur
…. there is ZERO saying PTOLOMIES were HEBREW ! – in fact they were brutal to the JEWS… so doesn’t that break the chain for ‘Jesus’ being King of the Jews’ if he was Cleopatra & Julius Caesar’s son? … His father’s Kingdom was an Empire based in Rome & reaching Britain …. ( devilish details of deception )

Adam Coleman
This five hours will not be news to most of us in the know but for the sheeple wanting to get a grasp on reality…here’s the 1st big step in your wake up call to knowledge. Thanx for producing and sharing

+Adam Coleman /r/Conspiracy at it’s finest.

Bob Saturday
+Adam Coleman ya think you’re real smart , eh dummy ?

agstone Yorkstone
Some people will never wake up, let them remain ignorant.

Don’t mess with the ring of power 🙂

Pharaoh Prince
7:28 PM 5/27/2015
I been traced to this mythical island that’s not real like reverse psychology. I been traced to City of Atlantis. Atlantis isnt the real name. Atlanteans the Master Warrior Race who are the REAL ARYANS (brown/tan skin like me with black hair and dark brown eyes) took shit from no one conquered the Sumerians in the Middle East. We taught people how to breed certain races like the Africans. We used certain races in Africa to work in the mines for their purpose in life. We taught the Sumerians how to live life too and technology and culture. Atlantis was before 9000 BC. We had technology around already and knew about genetics. No ones going to believe it. We were at war with the Greek Empire/Civilization in Europe.
We bred the Aryans (Samoans are whats left of the REAL ARYANS) for warfare like soldiers, Emperors bodyguards, bounty hunters, and Public Order like police force.
Im basically the Prince of Atlantis or Prince of the Pacific (not Persia) related to all these Royal families around the world.
Samoans are traced to Australia (just a hunch). Australia is Atlantis its ripped at the top with Papa New Guinea. Mungo Man is not from or traced to Africa like the aborigines on Australia. Who use to live on Australia? Mungo Man is different in DNA.
Sir Nicholas Dark Prince of Samoa of the British Empire

J.D. Worley
This documentary is very interesting and has a lot of information however undocumented and ultimately not prove-able. So it was entertaining; however as a Bible believing Christian I cannot agree with it’s tale of the Egyptians vs the Israelis. But there again I cannot prove that the Bible is God’s Word which is what I believe it is. So that is why they call it “FAITH” just as the atheists and other religions must have faith that their philosophies and ideas and religions are true, I also must have faith that what I believe is true. The catch is none of us will know who is right until after it’s too late! Great documentary though thanks for sharing it with this world of debt slaves who can do nothing about our current situation.

John Juster
Anyone know where to find the picture of “Bible: Who’s who”? The one comparing Egyptian and bible figures. At 1:57:40 Thank you. It wouldn’t be hard to put back together anyway

Sidney Vicious
+John Juster watch zeitgeist the movie…it explains it all

John Juster
I watched that 5 years ago? I’ll scroll thru it again, for the picture.
Thanks +Sidney Vicious!

+Sidney Vicious LOL The Zeitgeist. One of the people who produced that documentary is Acharya S. and she’s a Satanist. It’s other Producer – Peter Joseph – isn’t nearly as credible as numerous other people.

+John Juster The Zeitgeist documentary does not have that info or the picture that you’re looking for.

+John Juster The image you’re referring to is in Zeitgiest, and it’s a hoax. Peter Joseph is pointing to ancient Babylonian stories that “pre-date” christian stories, however the similarities between the two religions were manufactured into Christianity long after Christ walked the Earth by the Roman Catholic Church, by it’s very inception… For example, the birthday of Christ was probably not on the Winter Solstace, and he also probably didn’t die and resurrect on the Spring Equinox. In fact, it is not known with 100% accuracy what time of the year either of these events occurred, nor is it relevant to the original teachings of Christ. .
During the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine, the Romans tried to kill Christians out of existence — They actually crucified thousands upon thousands of Christians, fed them to lions by the dozens because they couldn’t control people who’s kingdom was granted to all believers, not bound by blood oaths; or physical, Roman law. .
So Constantine made a classic dick-head move by making Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, essentially the known civilized world. He also decided to completely pervert the religion by merging pagan, sun worship rituals names and dates, so that your average pagan could relate to the new “Catholic” Christianity more easily, and they wouldn’t have to change any of their existing religious practices. This is the entire reason for the division of the church into thousands of “Protestant” denominations, and one of the main driving forces that drove people towards creating a free country in America. Living in the South, soooo many people here are vehemently protestant, however they have NO IDEA what protestant means. Think about that for a second..
. So yes, the Easter and Christmas are Pagan holidays, but they have nothing to do with Christ, just as Santa Clause isn’t real and has nothing to do with Christianity. The fact that all these “saviours” were born on December 25, only proves that Peter Joseph is an idiot. Peter Joseph is an obvious Satanist. and he is using these specific red herrings that have been painstakingly interjected into Christianity by the Catholic church over the last several hundred years, and pointing to them as if he’s proving something about Jesus Christ. The vatican is literally a portion of the anti-Christ warned of in Revelations, and I urge you to study that section of the bible if you do anything else with your life. You might not believe the Blible, but you should at least understand what is coming, as the NWO are using the prophecies as a playbook, and we will see them try to desperately finish out their goal of world domination in our lifetime. Catholicism has pushed many good people away from Christ, our savior with lies and perversion. This is not what Christianity is about, trust me.

John Juster
+TheMorgile Thank you. This question I asked was a while ago. And I’ve been sourcing myself extensively since.
Most religious stories are just that, stories. Plus not putting faith in the vatican as truth-worthy, my recent find is Santos Bonacci’s scientific assessment on “the christ in all of us” has profoundly helped.
Try catching one of his presentations, (go for a detailed one), and you’ll see what I mean. Cheers

+John Juster I’ve never seen any of his stuff, but I just started watching his “your soul belongs to the Vatican” and it seems like he’s onto something insofar. I appreciate you mentioning him to me, and I’ll either really like him, or end up hating him according to where he ends up going with all this. Seems to be legit so far. Thanks brother.

ocf1fan1 5 mont
+TheMorgile From the research that I’ve done on this whole topic, I’ve found out that Jesus was actually born in the 2nd week of September. Around September 10th or 11th.

Pierre Larochelle
Thanks to Grace Powers (of Amenstop Productions) for having worked so hard at producing this masterpiece which exposes the matrix for what it really is. She has produced many informative films and sells them on her website. Please support the work of this wonderful humanitarian for her efforts and hard work. And no, I don’t know her personally, and I’m not in any way associated with her. I simply recognize excellent work when I see it.

As with ANYTHING told to the public via all types of media, people should speculate and THINK for themselves. Even if one researches the elements of this video they must keep in mind that what they view is the opinion of another person with their perceptions, beliefs and agendas. Bottom line for me personally, I view/read everything, believe nothing unless there is absolute proof. This is very thought provoking but a lot of what was mentioned I had already figured out for myself through years of sifting out 99% bullshit to gain 1% of credible insight. Anyone with two neurons to rub together can see that corporations finance wars, pollute environments and keep not just races but entire cultures segregated through the use of media. It’s a sad state of affairs that so many people around the world die of disease and starvation while the high elite have more money than they could spent in a thousand years. The trilogy of terror is religion, government and media. Religion promotes fear and is used to keep people “in their place” lest they want to burn eternally. Government is controlled by corporations that could care less about their impact on generations to come. Media is an insidious tool to promote lies and propaganda. 9/11 is the perfect example. In the aftermath, people ran out and bought gas masks, weapons and believed everything told to them on TV. Even after Bush was caught lying and evidence was whisked out in truck loads, many people just sat around stating how outraged they were. There were also many, many people, from reporters to fire fighters, that reported bombs going off. I have to say, I watched 9/11 live on TV and my first thought was that it was a controlled demolition but that’s just my perception of the events. A few months later people watched from the safety of their living rooms as the U.S. invaded a country, killing innocent people, to once again protect the interest of money hungry corporations. This country, OUR COUNTRY, is not as free as most people believe. Times have changed but people are overworked, under paid, sick, in debt and constantly bombarded with stupid reality TV and loads of mind numbing commercials to keep them sedated. The idea of the United States of America was great while it lasted but if all people ever do to speak out is argue and call one another names on social media sites or here on YouTube then I hate to think about what will become of our great, great grandchildren. The land of the free is the land of the $$FEE$$ and to live it’s only going to get worse unless people start demanding accountability for the destruction of this land, OUR LAND, and the lands/lives of millions of innocent people abroad caught in wars not for justice but for greed. This is my opinion and as of right now I’m still entitled to free speech. I support our Constitution, our military and the rights of people around the world to live peacefully.Yet I’m saddened that the U.S. has become the big bully on the block in respect to some of the actions abroad and now here on North American soil. I’m grateful that I wasn’t born into a society that eats rice swarming with flies but having lived in several places on this planet, I have a healthy knowledge for how absolutely spoiled, wasteful and complacent most, not all, people in the U.S. are. The time to make a difference is now by leading by example, educating our children and preparing them for a future of uncertainty. The powers that be will continue their clandestine tyranny to broaden the gap between the filthy rich stuffing blood soaked money into their pockets and the oppressed, hopeless majority. It shouldn’t be every man for himself, it should be every community helping one another to preserve what freedoms we have left. People can make a difference. Not with being reactive, violent and destroying property but with their minds. I know it’s hard not to get angry and lash out but the mind is a million times more powerful than the fist. The fist gives instant gratification, the mind gives lasting gratification. Time to wake up…

Antony Sawyer
Another of the Empress Adanoidal Perpetua’s unique take on the world
Hamseda H 2 months ago
Thank you

seben john 4
thank you so much for showing this. my suggestion is for people to burn this movie to show as may people as you can.
and….the way its going,,,burn it on cd or drive to show future suppressed population that …oh yes, we had this I nfo but did nothing with it…time is now or never people please…I do not want my children growing up to that kind of world
Deneze Lujanen

Part of the problem with the “Jesus is Horus” claim is that in order to find items that even partially fit the life story of Jesus, advocates of the view must cherry-pick bits of myth from different epochs of Egyptian history
How can you compare Seth and Satan when they are totally different entity’s
Quote from “The Contendings of Horus and Seth”
Seth said to Horus: ‘Come let us spend a pleasant hour at my house.’ Horus answered, ‘With pleasure, with pleasure.’ When it was evening a bed was spread for them and they lay down. During the night Seth made his penis stiff and he placed it between the loins of Horus. Horus put his hands between his loins and caught the sperm of Seth.7 Then Horus went to his mother, Isis [and said]: ‘Help me…! Come, see what Seth has done to me.’ And he opened his hand and let her see Seth’s semen. With a scream she took her weapon and cut off his hand and threw it in the water, and conjured up for him a hand to make up for it
Here are listed the characteristics, or attributes of Satan?

William Lowe
The problem I have with this film is they often repeat things about the bible and it’s narrative with no proof. They just repeat things other people have said with no proof. Things which have been thoroughly debunked already.

William Scanlon
this video says the celts held that there was one supreme being when in fact they believed in a number of gods

Greater than
+William Scanlon yes but one supreme being of them all

jerran sperarman
good documentary

muhammed rahman
The truth will out and justice will be done

I just love the weird music that the doc begins with, lol

Vadim W
This is so far fetched it’s insane. The Vikings were formed by Jewish tribes? Like seriously wtf

Gene Ruffalo
+Tsar Vadim I believe most of this is completely made up. For instance they state “Jerusalem” means “temple of the son god Amen” (WTF?) They botched Solomon’s name’s meaning also. They try to interpret the English spellings into something it is not, and disregard the original language of Hebrew all together. Also, you are not going to find many history books in Britain naming or discussing the American Revolutionary War, so it is not a stretch that Egyptian History does not record the Exodus.

+Vadim W Vikings or VI Kings or 6 kings

Carrie Beth
Signs Of Thy Coming! And Then I Said It Was The #HOLYSPIRIT And They Believed Me! Signs Of Thy Coming! Come To Me My Beloveds, You Are #MINEFOREVER ! I Can #SEECLEARLY Now The Rain Is Gone! It’s Gonna Be A Bright, Bright, Bright, Bright Sunshinie day! You Are Mine! I Shall Have You! You Are A LOVE And A JOY NO MAN CAN Take From Me Ever Again! God Gave You To Me! A FREE GIFT FROM GOD THAT IS MINE FOREVER! We Overcome This World By The #WORDS Of Our #TESTIMONIES ! This Is My #TESTIMONY ! I Am The Holy SPIRIT Who Is #BORNAGAIN Into The World Again So #SPIRIT Can Give Birth To #Spirit Making The #TREEandItsFRUIT #GOOD ! A JOY Of Children NO MAN CAN TAKE FROM ME EVER AGAIN! #LIVINGGODS I #SEE #FACEtoFACE ! I Only Hear ONE WORD! That One Living Word Is God The Father’s Good Living Son JESUS Who Is Inside My First Formed FEMALE BODY! I Am ONE Who Hears And Does The Will Of The Father Like Jesus Said I Would! Spirit Is #TRUTH And Can Only Lead You Into #ALLTRUTH ! The #TESTIMONYofJESUS Is The #GIFTofPROPHECY ! The #TESTIMONYofJESUS Is #GREAT But The #TESTIMONYofGODtheFATHER Is The #GREATEST! God The First Formed Father Will Be #BORNAGAIN Making The #TREEandItsFRUIT #GOOD Making #MYJOY #COMPLETE ! #IAM #LADYLIBERTY ! #FREEDOM #LIGHTStheWAY ! #IAM #FREEDOM! When You Speak #TRUTH, The #TRUTH #SETSYOUFREE! Cannabis Is The #TREEofLIFE That Jesus The Creation God Told The World IS His Body And Blood! #Cannabis The #TREEofLIFE IS A #WOMANS #BODY ! Cannabis IS God’s #WISDOM! I PARTAKE OF THE GOOD THINGS THAT COME FROM GOD! Only #TRUTH #SETSYOUFREE!

what a crock no prof? look up wheels from chariots found in red sea

Garrielee Peck
these evil bloody men have us all and we take it like fools the world could be so different much better for all not just a few at the top

Johnny Mars
Good job putting this together … I knew already a lot of info presented as bits as pieces through my research. I wish this is published earlier which would have saved me a lot of time.

Benjamin Burdige
Please tell me that no one actually believes this fucking garbage.

FoxVoxDK Noneofyourbusiness
+Benjamin Burdige Should be a mandatory “Wear tinfoil hat here” sign.

Greater than
+Benjamin Burdige have you looked anything up? its there..why wouldn’t you consider? are the powers that be doing such a great job that you don’t question what and why things are the way they are? or are you just ok with knowing what you know from the books they have created and thought processes through degrees they have created into what you know? question not,,that would be needing “tinfoil hats”

+Greater than government trolls, so predictable, they are on every 9/11 video as well any other video that exposes the truth.

pete stormer
China lol

The CIA has a long history of Wall Street Lawyers, connections to firms or Merchant Banks/Investment Banks…..could it be that the best way to predict the future and make some side bets is to create the future. Papa Bush was a CIA Director before he was President……he was from a family of bankers….he grudgingly told Clinton he would be back when he left the White House….look what happened!


Could someone tell me who’s narrating this ? It sounds like Susan Sarandon. I’ve been watching parts of this video for a while and never found the full documentary until now.. awesome , awesome in depth work.. thank you for this upload of very informative info.

Bee King 3
It’s not Susan, I can’t remember her name ,but I think she works with her husband ,they use to have some sort of “conspiracy” show that they allowed to air on some off brand channel at a random hour (yea, I was bored that night)..I think they worked with Alex Jones awhile back too. Ah shit , did I just discredit the whole video by mentioning AJ?

+Bee King yes


kanistra86 8 mont
every human being has to watch this.

Jack Mehoff
one ring that rules them all……

Jonathan Toth from Hoth
Thanks for bothering to collect this information. The world needs more people like you. Let’s evolve together.

Jmonof J
This documentary says the freemasons and zionist wrote the apocalypse to empower us… Really???!
they follow the Kabbal and Satanist occults and say God doesn’t exist?!!
If you worship Satan, how come God cannot exist? That’s nonsense
Jesus Christ is real, all glory goes to our Heavenly Father, and He will come in to wipe those hypocrites and liars.

I was on Lord of the Rings videos? Can someone tell me why I’m here? I’m lost… please…

The Write In President
Thomas A Sutor wants to be your next President, and start the process of 300 sane families…

Robert Brothers
+The Write In President Having leaders is insane, especially if you want them to fix child development. To be fair though, rebellion is equally insane, at best it is futile, but it is conventionally counterproductive. If there is a solution to social dysfunction it must be external to politics, not by interfering with the government.

Roger Rico
This is the most distorted video of history I have ever seen


Garrielee Peck
and still doing the same over and over and its getting worse n worse and still the people of the world which is a lot more than the few do nothing

Wisdom D ARC
Dave where do you get this video from?

William Wallace

Brandon Griffiths
Let’s see if that prediction about William comes true. They got four months left.

bornofthefire thegiftofgod
all negative energy shall boomerang back instantly all negative energies will be blocked and returned when i get home past two hours these protection will wear off.

cushi ben israel
great point gene ruffalo

Pharaoh Prince
Freemasons knew all about this. I still haven’t watched all of this. The part about jesus christ being Prince Caesarion is real and yes I BELIEVE IT that we lied to you at the bottom. xD

Pharaoh Prince
+Pharaoh Prince Im only here to help out the americans. They aren’t the same as everyone else about religion. European Christians didn’t make a big deal about this but the americans did because we brainwashed them. Try and not pick on the americans too much because Im always attacking them about religion. They attacked me first about this behind my back. You know how the Freemasons harass people in Europe and usa knows nothing about this? IM GOING TO CATCH THE CHRISTIANS IN SOCIETY RED HANDED. Oh…. I already did.

Pharaoh Prince
+Pharaoh Prince
All these catholics in usa are scared to join the freemasons because Im already in it. I never joined the freemasons I was only tv and got recognized as one.
What religion denomination am I?
Im a nonbeliever and Im not in a church. THIS IS LEGAL.
Im atheist but I believe in Govt. I don’t believe in religion and Im a loyalist to the Royal House of Windsor.

Very Good!! Thank You

Calvin Crowe
Warmongers syndrome has a cure.

dont let satan trick and confuse you down the road of destruction with these God-hating videos. the history and characters spoken of in the old testament bible have been proven to be factual in the secular community. satan will use paranoia found in the conspiratorial circles like “false flag fighters” or “truthers” to spread the spirit of anti trust. the bible says that love believes all things. in the world’s eyes this sounds foolish but for the one who is indwelt with the very Spirit of God he/she understand the deeper meaning of that principle. the love of God cast out all fears and when there is no fear, there is no fear to doubt which leads to the belief of all things like an innocent and naive child. this sounds so foolish to those without the Holy Spirit but for those of us who are being saved(1 Corinthians 1:18-21)we understand that the whole meaning of setting the public “free” is just a sneaky device by satan to not trust (or love) thy neighbor in a form of protection given to them to arm themselves against evil leaders who would harm us. and in God’s eyes this is based on fear and not love, when His love commands us to trust in a God who will make all things right in the end and not in information given by so called, good intended informationist. in other words, God is saying, “do not be afraid, I will take care of you if you trust in Me and not in the armornment of information meant to protect you from would be evil do-ers given by so called loving and concerned truthers.”. yes i do believe and see satan unfolding his evil plots in this world using certain men of this world and as a Christian we need to wake up the public. i am not talking about that. i am talking about the truthers who are actually God haters who act like they are setting you free who give you nine truths and one lie. a double spy. how many times have I watched a conspiratorial video that seems to shed light on evil done to us then out of the blue hear something anti-God like I did in this video when the opinion was given that proven historical figures of the old testament didnt exist. wake up! lol. look at me, i’m becoming a truther.

David Hereaux
OK, I can’t watch it if she’s going to say nine one one every two seconds all the way through the film. 🙁

Chuck Dellano
Now i am iluminated.

Martin-G-Tattoos 3
And though this video attempts to release Israel of all responsibility, they are the 4th empirical monument. The British are Jews.

Ryan “Mr-Tsunami” Bishop
I’m going to take a wild guess that you none believers of anything have never seen the “Georgia Guidestones” nor have you heard of “The Bilderg Group”

“none” believers? “bilderg”? Sigh..

+Metal-Inc​ I’m wondering why you think I’m not interested in the information and how exactly you have found your false assumption to be “abundantly clear”. I’m also wondering where you see that I attacked anyone here, but yes, I certainly did point out the obvious misspelling on this person’s comment because it mocks “none believers” for supposedly not knowing about a group he can’t even spell.

I found that extremely ironic, so I felt the urge to point it out. And as your comment has just proven, you don’t seem to have a problem voicing a negative opinion either so I’m not quite sure what the problem is here.

Jack Class
umm the part about 1 kings 1:36 is taken out of context if you read it the Amen doesnt fit the context of “the hidden one” but of “so be it” read it for yourself. Also a quick check of the etymology of the word you will find its Hebrew in origin not egyptian/kemetian, then you have the various ways you can spell Amun,Amon,Omon,Amen etc that was noted in the vid. And testament being a homage to Amun Ra is a stretch for sure. Ancient Kemetians( egyptians) were African for sure and the pharaoh line start at Ta Seti. Menes( Narmer) was no doubt African and dark. If Hebrews hide with the Kemetians they would also have to be Dark in color. Make no mistake those claiming some throne because they have a line to egypt but are Anglo are deceiving the world. IM suprised they didnt talk about Ethiopia and Haile Selassie and the Ethiopic jews that can trace their blood to the 12 tribes. So much to learn so little time. Anyways they skim over luciferian philosophy with Pike but no mention of Manly P Hall, or Crowley let it be known Satan rules this world and deceives many.

Doubletake 123
I am not the expert on Egypt you clearly are and even I found some of her arguments unsupported by the evidence she offered. But I do think there were plenty of north africans (whites/greeks) involved in Egypt and there were black skinned people too. It seems they were intermingled at points. I know a lot of white people say Egypt was thoroughly ruled by white north africans, but the art work I have seen makes it clear to me that there were dark skinned pharaohs and leaders for sure. I am not so quick to dismiss her parallels between the hebrews and the egyptians since she does have good evidence to support that. Since most “jews” we see today are descendants of the Khazarians who moved into eastern europe and intermingled there and emerged fair skinned and blue eyed, we tend to think of this being the jews of old, but these were not the jews of old, they were pagan peoples of the Russian stepped who converted. The original jews were arab and many may have been dark skinned and so easier to hide among the egyptians than it seems today when we look at the 2 peoples.

Paulus Alofs (legendary)

Awesome effort. Thank you! You did a great job of connecting the dots. I will be sharing this.

It really boils down to the same thing, people can only document a portion of what their conclusions are, they rely on speculation to fill in the blanks. It doesn’t matter what you want to believe, whatever you want to believe you just bend and manipulate the information to tell the story you want it to. She uses a great deal of this kind of inductive reasoning about Jesus by building one speculation on another until she can arrive at the conclusion she wants to. She also uses the word proof when she is really just submitting evidence that can be interpreted many different ways. Making a point using the statue of liberty based on a damn hair style, now she’s really reaching. For someone presenting herself as a researcher carefully defining words She misuses the word holocaust very badly, it literally means sacrifice by fire, not a genocide.

After reading your speculative “conclusion”, I totally understand what you mean. Like leaving out the second definition of holocaust to achieve the conclusion that you want, to discredit or render the woman incompetent. Or maybe you were not aware there was a second definition? Leaving out information is just as manipulative I believe, shame, shame.
a. Holocaust The genocide of European Jews and other groups by the Nazis during World War II

“royalty” the queen is a fiction –an illusion in the tiny minds of people who give it imaginary power…WAKE UP.

“Rulers are no more than attorneys, agents, and trustees, of the people; and if the cause, the interest, and trust, is insidiously betrayed, or wantonly trifled away, the people have a right to revoke the authority that they themselves have deputed, and to constitute other and better agents, attorneys and trustees.”
~ Founder and President John Adams

I will co-sign that in my Blood…

And these so called lawyers, Michelle Obama as an example, are incompetent morons that could not hold a real job and become leaches or politicians.

+MimmGigg “All warfare is based on deception.
“Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
“Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.”
~ Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”
The crooks at the top are not really incompetent; how else would they have gotten up there?

getredytagetredy 7
Thats an easy one,,,they print the money…they hijacked our national bank in 1913 and renamed it the Liar ,make believe federal reserve,a for profit institution ran by parasitic psychopaths. they have been at it ever since…they falseflag a country ,then come in by force. USA’s of course, and turn that country’s national bank into a communist central bank like ours,and gut their economy,and steal all their resources like they have ours…and Iraq,and Aftghanistan, and Syria and Libya ..There are 3 banks left on the planet that they havent stolen yet…Cuba, N/Korea and guess who? Iran. And when they get them all .they will crash the dollar and institute a one world currency that they control .in their NWO .and if you speak out .they cut your money off and kill you just like they’ve been doing in Palestine, Palestine is what they want to turn the USA into…Mossad has ramped up our semi conscious police forces and nobody knows it because these same tyrants own the media…Itill go on and on .until the big day comes…

+getredytagetredy i think its cuba nk iran and venezuela that don’t have a central private bank yet. 4 left. but still ya…

Alright …I thought different…ok 4 left…thanx for the update.

yohanan levi
Always us the jews because the non Jews are wonderful people… This video is Nazi propaganda…

2:59:20 Also see Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech and Charles Lindbergh’s – September 11, 1941 Des Moines Speech for more confirmation.

Overall, a solid documentary that follows a strong time-line throughout history as the plot develops. There seem to be seem errors, however. Of course, other versions of history could be wrong.
1. The freemason presidents. While I am sure that we have had free mason presidents, some of them listed in this program make little sense to me as they don’t follow logic. The documentary shows a webpage in passing, depicting pictures of different presidents as illustrations of free mason presidents. I was shocked to see one of them as Andrew Jackson. This made no sense to me. Jackson hated the bank with every fiber of his being, and fought to rid the country of the bank. He eventually brought down the second bank of the US, but not before the money masters attempted to assassinate him. The central bank is the rothschild’s weapon of choice, remember. Why would one of their loyal subjects rid the US of their most prized possession at the time in America.
2. Hitler. This is the first documentary I have ever seen that illustrated Hitler receiving financing from the Rothschild banking cartel. The Rothschild/Warburg banking cartel was the primary reason Germany was plunged into a depression, and thus brought the rise of national socialism. Every account of alternative and mainstream history (except this one) depicts Hitler as a man determined to rid Germany of the Jewish controlled interests that bankrupted his people. And indeed, in the early 30’s when Hitler came to power, Germany’s economy boomed independent of outside financing. Germany was not financed into war. They were driven into war by neighbors Poland as well as the threat of Communist control from Russia. And don’t forget the communism was a great government weapon of the jewish banksters. Hitler despised communism and wanted Germany to have nothing to do with it.

Check this one out for the background of both ‘world wars’ and much more:

Wisdom D ARC
+kizell1982 all true in this video

Digital Beat Music

Pharaoh Prince
I look at society as game. Life is awesome right now. I don’t do anything. HAHAHA
I will hunt em you shoot em.
Its legal to be a nonbeliever. The 1st Amendment is going to defend all of you who are religious against other religious groups that are not the same church/belief/religion as you are. Im atheist (BELIEVER IN GOVT) so Im not out there attacking others for not being same religion as me. Alls I care is you pay your taxes and obey the law.
1st Amendment:
Prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…
A notable precursor of the Establishment Clause was the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. The statute was drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1777 and was introduced in the Virginia General Assembly in 1779. It did not pass the General Assembly until 1786. James Madison played an important role in its passage. The statute disestablished the Church of England in Virginia and guaranteed freedom of religion to people of all religious faiths, including Catholics and Jews as well as members of all Protestant denominations.[1]

Pharaoh Prince
+Pharaoh Prince Its legal to be part of the Church of Satan and be a Satanist or part of Church of Scientology and be a scientologist due to the 1st Amendment. YOU CANT FORCE RELIGION ON ANYONE IN THE USA AND IM NOT FORCING ANYTHING ON YOU IN THE USA WITH RELIGION OR ATHEISM/NONBELIEVERS. I have a court case against all of you FOLLOWERs in the church for blackmailing a Prince (me) and extortion and evasion of Privacy too (IM TRYING TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE ON TV). Im all for taking you to court and suing you over $100,000.00 (try for a $200,000.00?) for fucking with a Royal family member (me). I JUST WANT YOUR MONEY PLUS YOUR TAXES. Im not attacking the church or the Govt. THE FOLLOWERS IN THE CHURCH SCREWED UP. This is considered “BAD PRACTICES IN RELIGION”. These lawyers that were watching you on that forums/website know what the list of charges are. If you can pay it just send me the check or direct deposit will work. YOU USED MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND NAME SO IM GOING TO ASSUME YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ROUTING NUMBER AND BANK NUMBER (LAUGH). YES WE KNEW EVEN THE ROYALS WERE WATCHING YOU. americans are so stupid. I consider myself Samoan you wont see an american flag on me or property I own. US Govt. eagle yes but not the american flag.

bornofthefire thegiftofgod
the lake of fire will cover all communications and cameras and breakdown protection my destination will be evacuated of all evil fire shall descend upon the area where i am going the path there all men and women of evil shall be casted away starting now any one seeking bounty shall suffer this fate as well.

Harry Andruschak
You hit the nail on the head

Jim Fuller
Sigh. Really? 26 minutes in and Im hearing what sounds like an argument that 911 is yet another Zionist plot brought to fruition, and this goes on for 5 hours?. Are you kidding me….

Keep watching there’s Catholics, Egyptian Cults and who knows what to go…

Johnny Mars
I must add that the 9/11 presentation is pretty well done. But the rest is rather questionable, especially the Biblical presentation.

Adrian Mol

Doreen Stjohn
This shit is crazy.

Andrew Karvelis
Ok so the why do these families care about the jewish/hebrew people so much if they have no religion? and if they do care about the jews/hebrews then why let Hitler who is one of them (rothschild) slaughter jews? Please help me understand

Jim Henry
+Andrew Karvelis it was said they wernt true Jews.

Scottish Atheist
A truly gripping five hours of viewing that was.
We live in a world run by evil human beings and it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.
With me being an only child, my mum is always asking me when I’m going to give her a grandchild, but why the hell would I want to bring an innocent child in to this disgusting cancerous world we live in.
I’d rather see an uprising that rids the world of these animals but the likelihood of that ever happening is minimal at best.
I fear for our future 🙁

soulchef vaszily
Ha! I’m in the same boat. Time to make Mama watch this!

A Wikked Moon
You are sooo right. This is why I have no kids. This is all terrible but I have something that can bring some light. To believe is to be miss led. To KNOW is to have complete truth. Type in Mark Cordova in at the top. You will see 3 videos and 4 pod casts that will reveal what has been kept from us to KNOW for 2000 years. Mark is the author of the unique book “The Secret and the Truth of the Ages”. Peace…..

A Wikked Moon
I just finished watching the whole thing. This is very informal to the outer knowledge of why everything is the way it is. But there is more. First off the so-called native Americans(first nation people) were not conquered because they only had bows and arrows as we were taught in school. The first nation people were wiped out by plague and diseases brought over by the Europeans. NOW I go along with the history and that the ancient Jews became the power as Egyptians. Because this is what materialists do. They infiltrate. But the Jesus part I can’t go with. Because Jesus is an English name. When Christ came here in the flesh(Christ is not religion or anything that people think it is) 2000 years ago he was not called Jesus. He was called Yeshua. NOW she spoke briefly about Lucifer and Baphomet. She also spoke of the dead see scrolls. But she did not speak of the Gnostic scriptures. The Gnostic scriptures are far more important than anything else. For these are the original scriptures of the true Christ. This is where all of the symbolism comes in. Because it was these same scriptures that the Cathar of France who were taught by Mary Magdalene her self about the Gnostic truth that the knights Templar found. And these Cathar are the ones who told the Knights Templar where they were hidden in the temple of Solomon. The knights Templar found these scriptures and sold them to the Vatican to be hidden forever. But in 1945 they were unearthed in Nag Hamadi Egypt.. Everything about Mary Magdalene Christ as Yeshua and his 2 bothers James and Thomas are written in these Gnostic scriptures. Whats missing here is the inner knowledge of things. This god Amen is the same first Archon who also brought forth 11 other gods who brought forth many flesh angel sons. He was the head god of all the 12 gods described in all cultures having many different names. All the inbred families that are spoken of descend from this dead god of this dead material universe. He was the first reptilian. He was the dragon. There never was a devil for it was him who was the devil. These materialist rulers practice inbreeding not just because to keep the wealth in the family but to keep the blood line of their dead father god going for these do not reincarnate. They are material souls. The children of light however are ideal souls and are eternal. The Z on harry potter. Z means Christ just as N does. It is 2 mirroring triangles. The true trinity 2 in 1.What she said was going to happen in 2014 didn’t happen for we are here commenting about this in 2015. The thing about the Antichrist is also false because these materialist rulers fear the “One Male” of whom they call the Antichrist. They are all Antichrists. They morphed the true Christ with their dead god. The Christ is something completely different. They have been tying to have complete controlling rule over the children of light on this earth for so long and they will never do it. Unity can not come from rule. When the “One Male” starts to free everyone there will be nothing they can do. This is why when he starts doing great things to free us they say that he will then enslave everyone. They have had us in slavery for thousands of years. Notice how 5 pointed stars are everywhere. And were all over this video. A 5 pointed stars for every US state. What is this symbolism? Why is the 5 pointed star everywhere? Look at my Avatar or so-called trade mark. It is a trinity MAN symbol. And mine is NOW the most powerful believe it or not. There is something called
“The Sacred Secret”. Once you KNOW this Sacred Secret then everything will make complete sense. I AM not knocking this video. It is awesome!!! But always remember that the real truth will not be allowed to stay up on you tube. Only miss leading materialist propaganda will be allowed to get big. The inner knowledge of all this is what will set us all free without any kind of fighting at all. This is why they end this with like starting a revolution. This will not work. The way that we become free is something far better and something they can not stop. Type in at the top Mark Cordova to see 3 videos and 4 pod casts that will show how we will become free. And it will also show who we truly are and not what they want us to believe we are. To believe is to be miss led. But to KNOW is to have complete TRUTH. Peace…..

+A Wikked Moon dude are you a paid jew to go to every new age youtube channel and try to lead people away from the living god? you are a deceiver, with the ancient seal of saturn in you avatar, blaspheming against christ, and masquerading as a messenger of light. the mystery is a lie, there is no esoteric hidden meaning, that shits for the goys, and you know it. you are the lowest form of scum that can exist. You are spitting the same lies that the serpent spoke in the garden of eden. you are a christ hating jew, trying to swindle the goyim with the promise of knowledge, just like your father.

A Wikked Moon
+gnomedome69 You are a conditioned believer. You have not the ability to KNOW.
What have you done to investigate what you believe in? I do not believe. I must KNOW the truth. The truth can not be believed, it can only be KNOWN. Your god was the devil. Christ got rid of him 2000 years ago. Where is he??? His book the Torah or the old testament shows the truth of him. That he was evil and not at all perfect. I AM allowed to use this symbol. The Holy Spirit her self has shown me from within. I just NOW have been looking at this Saturn thing that I didn’t even KNOW about when I first created this symbol. It seems to me that in the ancient time they tried to make out the good to be bad and the bad to be good just as they did 2000 years ago trying to morph the origin of everything CHRIST with this dead god of time and material. You are defending a religion that forced for 2000 years to believe in it or else. “Believe or be burned alive”. People forgot and they go around blindly believing and worshiping the dead devil god. All you can do is insult because you can not show truth. Just ridiculous things that you BELIEVE in. Type in at the top “The Gnostic Truth, “The Sacred Secret” to see what has been kept from you to KNOW for 2000 years. By the way my trade mark happens to be the most powerful. For I fearlessly put it up for all the children of light who are all eternal to see with their inner minds that we become free from the MAtrix of the false belief system that has been used to control us all this time. For we are NOW in the age of KNOWLEDGE and the age of material is no more ending on 12/21/2012. Peace…..

The basic tenets of Christianity is that GOD created all that is, including time and space, so how can he be tethered to his own creation, as you say a dead god. He is the LIVING GOD and was word was made flesh in Jesus Christ, where he bought and paid for our sins on the cross. Those who partake in his death, also partake in his life. I AM not insulting you, I AM calling you out for what you are. A liar, with a cunning tongue, who cares more about KNOWLEDGE and cleverly denies Christ and paints him to be the bad guy. You are either deceived yourself, or are in earnest trying to deceive others. There is a difference in blindly following a religion like a mindless drone, and following Christ our savior and teacher. He has crushed Satan and this material world, He has authority over ALL of creation. You seem to need proof, It is all written as to what is to pass. You need more though, you need more than GOD, you need to be the one in control. “The dead devil god” is alive and well, and has got you by the balls.

A Wikked Moon
+gnomedome69 Who are you talking to? Scottish Ahteist? I AM pro Christ. If you mean me then you are wrong for I AM pro Christ and against the god of the old testament who was the real devil. Christ gives me knowledge. The dead god and all who worship him want me to believe. I AM and WILL KNOW. Forget believing. To believe is to be miss led.

+A Wikked Moon
Jesus Christ said I AM the way. He did not say knowledge is the way. In fact, It is Satan, who first proposed knowledge as the way in the very first book of the written word. He promised us immortality, knowledge, and the promise of being on equal footing as our creator. The hate this supreme being has for humankind is only matched by his desire to lead people away from Christ our lord. Luicfer was the most beautiful being ever created, is it foolish to think he cannot masquerade as a being of light and love? Christ offers Salvation, not Knowledge. Christ shows us how to live, not how to die. Christ shows us that the Love in Gods heart is so great, that he sent his only begotten son to earth, to be a living sacrifice for our wicked ways. To the uninitiated it sounds like you speak with confidence, you speak with arrogance. To the uninitiated you sound like you have done your research, you cleverly mix facts with blatant blasphemy. To the uninitiated, you are offering knowledge, the only thing you are offering is spiritual doorways to the astral that cannot be easily closed. To the uninated, you will try to make me out to be a fool, i rather be a fool than an active participant in the spiritual realm. Christ is the way, and I AM, like many others, the vessel in which the holy spirit is housed, and will continue to route out snakes like you, even if its just youtube, from deceiving people away from the word of the living god.

jay Roberge
You are a little bit mistaken,,, It is not mankind and this beautiful planet that is evil but the demonic influence of money, greed, slothfullness and a manufactured ignorance by the removal of a propper education, or the Trivium and Quodrivium that leave a helplessly ignorant people at the mercy of the demon posessed rulers..

jay Roberge
+gnomedome69 It is not Knowedge that the userper wants. God gave us the cognative capacity for knowledge and reason,,,and knowlege without a critical method for understanding that knowledge IS THE WEAPON used by the evil one to enslave the minds of all of us. This is because you can easily fool the ignorant with lies and This is how you find the sneaky, hidden workers of evil that proxy for the evil one.

A Wikked Moon
+jay Roberge You are, though you are still using the miss leading word god are making sense. Remember Christ never said god. He said Father. A god is a ruler. The Father needs not to rule and he is perfect. He is timeless. He has no name. For there was no one before him to give him a name and this is why Christ calls him FATHER. A circle represents him for a circle has no beginning or end being timeless. This is also the reason the church or religion banned any kind of doings with circles. For they do not want you to KNOW. People can make circles NOW but over 100 years ago and back you had better not or “BE BURNED ALIVE”. People forgot all the evil that religion did and still does today.They only want you to believe what they have altered for you to believe that they are able to control. This god was about control just as his descendants are all about control. This is why he and religion wants us to believe. The real Christ of the original KNOWING scriptures WILL have us KNOW. This is why they are called the KNOWING(Gnostic) scriptures. Why would someone who supposedly loves you want you not to KNOW? If someone wants you NOT to KNOW then they have something to hide. Those who have nothing to hide are of TRUTH. Those who have something to hide are liers. Peace…..

jay Roberge
+A Wikked Moon I think you refer to the Nag Hamadi scriprures. well if you have read them you would know they are VERY difficult to inerpret and even more dificult to pluck any knowledge from.
however a man called John Lamb Lash, a comparative mythologist, has written a book “Not in his Image” where he does extract some of the more profound teachings held within those original texts. In it he has recreated a Gnostic myth about the goddes sophia and how she created the bluprint DNA for the anthropose or universal human whom she fell in love with and fell out from the Ploroma (center) into the 3rd arm of the galaxy, mistakenly creating the Arhons. Then maintaining her error she morphed into the planet earth thus becoming our home and mother Goddess and earning the jealous hatred of the archons for both the humans and the planet.
I sence allot of truth to this scenario. He also goes though much explanation of the Gnostix and their practices in the ancient mystery school before they were all either destroyed or infiltrated by the proxies of the archons.

A Wikked Moon
+jay Roberge Yes only one who can read and understand apocrypha can interpret them correctly. Well I have been able to interpret them all. I can read and understand apocrypha. And by reading what you say that this guy Lamb Lash is saying. He does not know. He is explaining wrong. Sofia is the Aeon wisdom and she brought this dead material universe forth along with her fatherless son of whom everyone calls god. This was the god of the old testament who was the actual devil. She did not fall in love with her son. And god was jealous because when he came to be he thought he was the one and only for he did not KNOW for he was brought forth out of ignorance for Sofia did not KNOW what would happen if she brought him forth. This is how ignorance was engendered. So when he had come to be and thought he was the one and only Sofia then said “Yaltabouth” which means move from here to there. When this abomination heard his mother say this he then engendered jealousy in knowing that there was someone above him moving to and fro above the waters greater than him. There is a far greater book that you could read to really come to KNOW. Written by Mark Cordova. Peace…..By the way one must be carefully in reading from which Authors of the translations of the Gnostic scriptures for there are many so-called scholars that are changing the meanings to them just as religion has been doing for 2000 years. Peace again…..Also Sofia was in the 8th and then was allowed to move to the 9th until this error(time and material) is finished. So she did not become the earth ha ha ridiculous. Where did he even find this from. It’s not in any Gnostic text. I KNOW them all. Peace for the last time…..

jay Roberge
Thanks Moon that is all very cool, what other primarysources of gnostic wisdom if any would you suggest?

A Wikked Moon
+jay Roberge Type in at the top Mark Cordova. He has 3 videos and 4 pod casts that will show allot of what has been kept from us to KNOW for 2000 years. He is also the author of the unique book “The Secret and the Truth of the Ages”. When I found out about the Gnostic scriptures along time ago I was lucky because I got the book “Lost scriptures” by Bart D Ehrman. This book is one of the only books I suggest to learn about the Gnostic scriptures because Bart leaves the brackets in place to show where the missing parts were. He is the most accurate at translating. There are others now that are changing them to mean what they think they mean. Marvin Meyrs is the worst calling his book “the Gnostic bible”. No real Gnostic would ever write a book and then call it a bible. Peace my brother…..

You remind me of Lori, from the Walking Dead 🙂

Phil Hennessy
The narrator has the most annoying and unconvincing voice i’ve heard in a Long time

5 hours? O_O you gotta be kidding me! Is this including commercials and stuff? This is gonna take some time :S

Jim Fuller
Beel Jelod Alerel And what’s this, THE ILLUMINATI, MAN! THEY are conspiring against the masses, yeah? Enslaving us all, are they? Hatching evil plots to kill off millions, is that right? Behind every major event and the media too, is that a fact? Running EVERYTHING and have their symbolism and slaves all over pop culture, oooh, is that so? A centuries long conspiracy finally coming to the end game, no doubt about it eh? All having connections to royal bloodlines, ancient mythology and religions as well, OH MY GOD IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!
Time to wake up and move along, grow some critical faculty and discernment to go along. Believing in this shit and walking around spouting off like you have found THE TRUTH is no different than being a disgustingly arrogant, close minded and profoundly mistaken and deluded bible thumper, just substituted one for the other. Ffs, Im embarrassed that I somehow allowed myself to click on this video at all.

boy, you sure love adjectives, huh? almost as much as preaching to the non converted. Obviously this isn’t the documentary you were looking for, unfortunate that you had to watch 30 minutes of it, just to chastise things you don’t believe in on a public forum. I WANNA BE YOU WHEN I GET BIG!

Jim Fuller
That’s great son, stay in school and read lots of books.

fucking arsehole …no one agrees with you …speak to yourself boy o

Phil Tess
You must have watched all 5 hours then because this isn’t even a conspiracy video.


Gary Morgan
I am the anti christ

Paan Wu Dong
Forwarded to ISIS. Thanks for the self identification.

AJ smitten

+Gary Morgan You are AN antichrist.

Paan Wu Dong
How do you know he isn’t THE antichrist?

Gary Morgan
+abobjenkins I am the ANTI anti-christ

Gary Morgan
+Paan Wu Dong I am the ANTI anti-Christ. I was born to save the world from sin.

+Gary Morgan you’re some kinda jive cooley

+Paan Wu Dong
Forwarded to who? THE US GOVERNMENT? If you think ISIS is real, take yourself to the nearest psyche ward for evaluation!

Paan Wu Dong
I have ISIS on speed dial.
They’re paid government mercenaries.
So Mr. Gary Morgan has identified himself as the anti christ. We’ve been looking for him and through a reverse IP ping, we’ll find him soon.
Thanks for playing the internets. 🙂
Reply ·

A Wikked Moon
There is no Antichrist but there are many Antichrists. The first of John 2/18. The Antichrists of today are government, religion and the secret societies that tell government what to do. What do these 3 have in common? THEY KEEP WOMEN OUT!!! Why??? It is because of something called “The Sacred Secret”. When everyone comes to understand and KNOW(not believe) this Sacred Secret everything will make sense and we will stop being controlled and ruled over be the materialist world controllers. Type in at the top Mark Cordova and see 3 videos and 4 pod casts that will show what has been kept from you to KNOW for 2000 years. Peace.

Cicero Machiavelli
Wel, your name is Morgan so you just might be.

Mnemosyne Trident
MysticDave and all, I’d like to share a book with you.
It is the core book of Falun Dafa entitled ‘Zhuan Falun’. It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things.
It is a spiritual science of the highest order. I’ll give you a copy and you can take a look if you like, totally up to you ofcourse

Some of this information I am familiar with and I am sure there is a lot of accuracy to the video, but so much of it just seems incredibly far-fetched and is not really presented in the most compelling way. It would be interesting to see what sources were used for the film since so much of what is presented is pretty incredible… does anyone here have any information supporting what is presented in this documentary?

Len Williams
This is most thorough going 9/11 reveal of all at 5 hrs 2 min 53 sec

I love the internet- people who I might otherwise look at as a stranger- I now care about…

Len Williams
I’m half way thru this monstrosity now in the midst of Rothschild’s history.

I have this downloaded already, but I’m watching again.
Even though it’s so long, it’s the most informative documentary on the hidden hands that control us, it is filled with so much information, it needs multiple viewings to absorb it all.

G Goss
Wake up! and share this every where you can.

Michael King
Great video, if someone saying nine one one instead of your nine eleven prevents you from listening to the information presented, you are most likely American… .

Phite Onn
or a moron

Williams the Conqueror
yawnnnnnnnnnnnn 14 years of the same BS. Yet can’t even get it on TV!!! What were once thought of as patriots are just pawns keeping us obsessed with how instead of who and why. The criminals have succeeded, they will die richer. But what about all the innocents? FUCK HOW! WE KNOW WHO> Why are they still breathing? Why are they still lying about his? Why ?Haven’t the FBI AND CIA arrested them?Because, their in on it. That is why the files are sealed on jfk and 911. ITS CALLED OUR OVERLORDS ARE TRAITORS!!! TO THE CONSTITUTION< TO US< TO THE WORLD, TO GOD!!! TO THE MILITARY> Reinstall traitors gate!!! REFRESH THE TREE OF LIBERTY with their contaminated DNA. And there yellow blood.

jay di
this is one of the greatest documentaries ive ever seen. so where do the khazarian Talmudic Zionists fit in?

those are the false jews. The ones who hide behind Judaism like cowards and cry out anti-semite when anyone calls them out.

Gary Erlewine
they missed the insurance policy update on the towers.

Ramp Nasty
Prove it.

bornofthefire thegiftofgod
all trying to set me up act on a moment of opportunity apprehend harass me will suffer a nervous breakdown all dispatched towards will suffer an instant nervous breakdown city wide. The moment they are sent they will break those who send them will break on bark command. The stronger their desire to come after me the harder the break. The breakdown will cover all forms of communication it will be a communication trap the moment they have word of my whereabouts and they set on muscle in my direction they will break. My path to where I am going at work and my destination will be covered by the protection in these words. Those seeking to take my life the lake of fire will set onto their hearts city wide today and tonight will be lake of fire day and night upon death mongers all helpers starting now.


Postscript:. Another subject that I was surprised not to see in this video is Agenda 21. Strange that with all the New World Order topics proposed on here, they wouldn’t mention that one which is a doozy!

Doreen Stjohn
George bush huh.

Moussaoui Ahmed

yohanan levi
Wow base upon the info in this long documentary the nazis were doing humanity a service by ridding the world of my people the Jews.
The nerve of this lady is beyond believe.


Jesus never existed so he was never crucified. However, crucifixions were performed annually as a ritual on Easter (spring equinox).

Traci Mann
We’re being poisoned with fluoride, chem trails and food additives. There is no way to combat the system

Teresa Brumbaugh
IKR !!! So true. !!!

Great! So what are you going to do? Give up? Stay home and watch TV? That kind of attitude is nothing but defeatist. Knowledge is power so quit whining and start researching and sharing what you feel strongly about. You’ve just handed over your power so you won’t be able to support your brothers and sisters in our struggle. Apathy is what the power brokers are depending on.

Traci Mann
You’re right! I have started writing letters to different food manufacturers as I can’t understand their reasons for creating illness with their products.

Wendy Noneofya
some pretty hot opinions in this “documentary”

Ryan Ehlis
Bush family was involved in the planning years in advance!

Jury Of Your Fears
Anyone else incredibly annoyed when people say “nine-one-one” instead of “nine-eleven”. The narrator says it like 400 times in the first 5 minutes… oh, I mean “four-zero-zero” times.

Phite Onn
If you get annoyed at things like that, you must be really really annoyed with the controlling murderers of us sheeple.

Jury Of Your Fears
Uh… Yeah. An impossibly powerful, ludicrously organized enemy who not only carries out great acts of violence, but then makes me look like a crazy person for paying attention? Yeah, I’d say that’s frustrating. It’s what raises my stress levels to the point that someone who doesn’t know how to read a date becomes a comment-worthy annoyance.

Okay if they filtered out some of the crazy then it would be a lot shorter.

who is grace powers? anyone have a picture of her?

Sorry, I can’t take anything serious when they can’t even pronounce the date correctly. 9-1-1 is an emergency phone number. 9/11 (nine-eleven) is a date. That would be like saying that today is “nine-one-six”.
If you can’t get even that simple fact straight, then I have no faith that anything else in this video is correct either. Not even going to waste my time with it.

Bertrand Daveluy
herp derp

Erick Jamieson
Normalcy bias is for sheep. Open your mind or live a lie.
Do more drugs, until fantasy becomes reality.

Erick Jamieson
Had a wee bit too much to drinkee. (;

WOW…. If you get in a hissy fit over the pronunciation of something, then you’re fucked! Literally… as well as metaphorically!

Erick Jamieson
ADHD is so prevalent now. I swear, people need to think about what they are putting into their bodies.

Phite Onn
Then you are an idiot

Now there’s a lame way to throw out the baby with the bath water. I don’t pronounce some of the names mentioned the same way as the narrator does but I’m not going to throw out perfectly interesting information just because of that fact. By the way, I lost faith in your ability to spell. You can’t take anything seriously. Why educate yourself when you can dump on someone over a minute detail?

7 Essense
Just finished the whole thing. Feeling like it should at least come with a trophy or something at the end.

51:05 This is actually a combination of Article I: Section 9 of the Constitution and Amendment 13 which blocks any person of having servants in a way that could deem them of Nobility…
Cleverly disguised as the Abolition of Slavery. It’s a really brilliant ploy if you ask me…

This video is so long that when it’s over, you actually cannot believe it.

Marco Arecibo
Well maybe because it’s full of inaccuracies or outright lies and it’s 100% disinfo

+Marco Arecibo Now, don’t take this as if I’m being a wise ass, but I’d like to know specifically what it is you disagree with.
Now, that doesn’t mean I believe everything in the video, or that I’m defending it; I just want to know 1 thing (it’s a long vid, just pick 1) that you disagree with and why; specifically.
I’m on a search for truth and if you have some to share, I’d be more than grateful.

Marco Arecibo
+2eelShmeal Come on man, there’s some truths in this video every once in a while, but for the rest it’s endless spouting outrageous claim after outrageous claim with no proof whatsoever.
Like Jesus+Mary Magdalene+John being the children of Caesar, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra?
Or the Israelites going to Scandinavia after the destruction of the Temple and becoming the Vikings, and the US flag being based on the longships’s sail colours..
My advice is to throw the whole “documentary” out, and starting to read up specific issues looking for at least some proof of the claims.

+Marco Arecibo Damn.
Now I gotta send this 40 foot obelisk back to Amazon.

Marco Arecibo
+2eelShmeal Don’t worry. I had a similar problem and Amazon customer service assured me shipping costs are covered by them.

+Marco Arecibo Hello, Amazon? Yeah. Can you guys come and get Osiris’ penis outta here?

What? You mean it didn’t convert you to Mormonism? =P

+Marco Arecibo kill yourself faggot ! take your idiocy to the grave with you

+psydwaindah Idiocy can never go to the grave- There’s another moron born every second.

Andy Blanchfield
+Marco Arecibo Bush claimed he saw the first plane hit the first tower while he was in the school that morning. He CLEARLY did not. That was a lie. Therefore your claim this video is 100% disinfo is wrong. Go back to sleep.

+Andy Blanchfield LMAO.
ZzzZZZZZzzzzz… ZzzzzZZZZZzzzzz…. Huh? 9-11???

Andy Blanchfield
+2eelShmeal Exactly

Marco Arecibo
+Andy Blanchfield But disinfo consists of truth and lies mixed together.
And if you read my other comments I explained that there are some truths here and there.
I think the point of the video is entrap Conspiracy theories or anyway people “waking up” into this jumbled Summa of BS, as to confuse them and subject of ridicule from regular folks.
Imagine a conversation “Hey Rob, did you know 9-11 was an inside job AND Christ was Cleopatra’s son?”
“Rob” would likely never speak to you again, thinking you absolutely MENTAL, and he’d go back to his football or CNN none the wiser.
Hope this helps.

Andy Blanchfield
+Marco Arecibo ok, I’ll accept your idea of disinfo as being a mix of truth and lies. Still, Bush is a war criminal like so many before him.

Marco Arecibo
+Andy Blanchfield Sure, and you can probably see how putting together that FACT with obscure and bizarre claims like some of those in the video above can ONLY lead to the very idea being discredited… understand that and you’ll graps why such a “documentary” is so dangerous.

Andy Blanchfield
Marco, I agree, and further, ALL “documentaries” are dangerous in my mind, as they present the point of view of the person(s) creating them. And people are entirely too uninterested in what’s going on in the world, unless if involves a selfie, picture(s) of their dogs and cats or their food. A sad state of affairs we live in.

+Andy Blanchfield Well said.

David Hereaux
What is above the Pentagon at 1:27?

I don’t know why people like this author justifies the violence of everybody but America. All the bombing of civilian targets is indeed very hard to justify, not just the atomic bombs. But they always seem to leave out details that don’t jive with the story they want to tell. Japan was already well on their way to conquest before Pearl Harbor, They were the first nation to bomb a purely civilian target when they invaded China and bombed Manchuria China. They also tortured the Chinese civilians in various horrific ways, like burying them alive and binding them and using them as live targets for bayonet and sword practice. I don’t agree with any of this waring and killing, I believe in spreading the blame around to those responsible, not to cherry picking events to make one nation look like the only evil aggressor. If her theory is correct the powers behind the scenes have caused both sides to war against each other. Operation paper clip did bring some damn shady Nazis over here, the reason makes it more understandable though, these guys already had been gathering intelligence and infiltrating Russia for years, so recruiting them arguably saved American lives and resources and gave them a huge head start on the cold war. This again shouldn’t surprise anyone, there is always a dark underbelly to very nation.

Ramp Nasty
Da fuck is goin’ on


About 9-11: Boxcutters? hmmm maybe. Building 7 – WTF???? That just aint bullshit, It’s an elephant crapping in the living room.

Akol Piok
long live the Queen. Stop Bitching try living in Africa

mostyn ball
Amazing stuff. How the world really works.

Doreen Stjohn
What a country all greed.

Excellent documentary… but how I wish she’d learn how to say “nine eleven” instead of “nine one one”.

‘Nine one one’ emphasizes the psychological trauma-based mind-control at play. Those who did it knew that the event would be more deeply engrained in the nation’s collective psyche by doing it on that SPECIFIC date. You don’t dial ‘nine-eleven’ to report an EMERGENCY. That’s not how mental linkage works.

Phite Onn
And with all she spoke of, saying nine one one is all you can comment on?

+Phite Onn And all you can do is bash a random youtuber?

Phite Onn
+CPS2 What? It is not a case of randomly bashing a youtuber. There was nothing random about it. I find it incredible that with all said in the video, saying nine one one as opposed to nine eleven was the memorable thing. Oh! Are you not trying to ‘bash’ what I said? Pot and kettle springs to mind.

Doubletake 123
+Phite Onn
He said it was an excellent documentary but found her use of 9-1-1 annoying. In truth, I did too. But 9/11 wasn’t chosen for the emergency number on our phones. That date has a much more significant meaning to these people and there have been MANY important events on the 11th of September even before there were telephones.

Phite Onn
+Doubletake 123 Sure I get it, but why oh why would you let something like nine one one frustrate you? Is there not much more important things to think about in life? The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter and won’t change your life one iota with how it is said/pronounced. Nothing to do with significance. Sorry, but true.

+Phite Onn
Fine, but the guy is a truther like us, we need to find a way to unite, we all want the same thing. Its all good, same team, that’s all I meant…

Phite Onn
+Doubletake 123 I hear you 🙂

Kevin Cody
She states it that way to emphasize the Illuminati numerology. September 11, 1941 was the groundbreaking for the Pentagon. George HW Bush gave his New World Order speech to congress on September 11, 1991, etc…….those in power use numbers to communicate. I don’t know the significance of the numbers 9-1-1, but these are not coincidences.

A Wikked Moon
Something to KNOW about the word Amen. Yes, the outer KNOWLEDGE is explained in this video. But there is an inner KNOWLEDGE that overrides the outer. The outer is used to make you believe. The inner will have you KNOW. The inner KNOWLEDGE of Amen is this. A – stands for Adamos or Adam which means Father. MEN reefers to the limitless children of the Father Holy, female and male MEN. This Father is not the god of the old testament who was also Amon. He had many other names as well. All the names given by all the cultures through out the ancient world to the main god of always 12 gods is a name given to this first Archon god. You see, the Father that Christ is talking about(by the way Christ was never meant to be in union with religion) is our inner MIND that is perfect and is all KNOWING. This Father also has no name. For there was no one before him to give him a name.
“The kingdom of heaven is within you”. “The Father within me doeth the work”. This is why religion and before religion this dead god wanted us to always look outside ourselves for the answers. So they could lie to us. To believe goes with deceit. Truth can only be found in KNOWING. Also 27 times in the evil bible Christ says
“I AM the SON of MAN”. Ok then who is MAN. This is the sacred secret that the materialist rulers spoken about in this video don’t want you to KNOW. For if this is KNOWN by all, then they won’t be able to control us any longer. To come to KNOW this Sacred Secret just type in Mark Cordova in at the top to see 3 videos and 4 pod casts that will show to you what has been kept from you to KNOW for 2000 years. This is why they created the belief system, that you do not come to KNOW. Peace…..

David Hereaux
I have the same issue when people say 9 1 1 instead of 9/11. O_o

Phite Onn
+David Hereaux Makes me wonder how you would deal with people in Britain who would say 11/9? I can’t imagine the trauma that would cause you in your life

David Hereaux

For years I’ve been reading your books and my mind is so much still inspired by your wisdom, I’d like to share with you my song ‘My River’

Isaac Eslava Alvarado
Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums – APC
Médine – Self Defense OFFICIEL
Wake the fuck up, where is your Marcus Garvey, your Malcom X, your Huey P Newton, knowledge, the Black Panthers, are the true Original Gangsters, they got us dumbed down, preventing blood and crip unity, with the obama shit the mainstream spits, democrats, republicans and independents, are one fucking business party, do you see obama isn’t the next Martin Luther King, even if it was mlk who was president, the same shit would be going on because they got all of us ignorant and indoctrinated, we have to change our mentality but that is the threat, realize that politicians just get assimilated in the system, the system just cares for the rich, war makes money for the rich, in theory with rising tides, all boats rise, but the little boats sink, and it’s fucked up to begin with because you are going to war for capital, oil and not humanitarianism like you say, all the little people are hurting, there’s no jobs, the depression we have is the greatest depression ever now, but the rich are doing good and as long as those who control the methods of production are doing well and making that capital then it’s all good, people are stupid, they think one day under capitalism everything will be first world, in reality the 3rd world exists for the 1st world in the same manner that the proletarians exist for the bourgeoisie, so let’s really understand how capitalism works, the argument is that there is more technology and medicine, slaves to the machine, rage, they probably have a cure for aids and cancer but they are milking us for money, it’s profit over people but everybody is ignorant to the fact that capitalism is failing globally and revolutions are going down, these revolutions are much needed, politicians, presidents, have to conform, just understand that the corporations rule, for now at least, until us the masses burn it down, anarchy and the left is the solution and will ultimately prevail, when oil runs out, there will not be any more plastic or transportation, alternative energy sources up until now are not enough, it won’t be the same, everything will go from being global to local, uncle sam is at war with the world for oil and in general usa hegemony, control, domination, not supposed humanitarianism and democracy, get out of this fake “patrioitic” gi joe mentality, and in this supposed democracy the people are controlled by this “patriot” “media” propaganda, ironic many call me a propagandist, i’m a realist, i’m also a fucking idealist and a dreamer, join me and let’s organize, all we have to do is understand that the government is the fucking servant of the corporations, that obama, romney or whoever the fuck becomes president, is just a puppet to the military industrial complex, who is also going to be milking the prison industrial complex for making that paper, are they going to lock me up for talking, possibly, nigga break that fucking commemorative plate you got of obama, break it over a pig’s head and take what’s yours when you can G, property is theft, when you do buy shit keep it fucking simple, Ital is Vital, Life is Pleasure but try not to waste, think about the kids on the street in the 3rd world with absolutely nothing, definitely don’t buy that bomboklaat, batiman, shitty ass, justice coin, 9/11 was probably set up by the usa babylon, many say it was a controlled demolition, look up world trade center building 7, the plane that hit the pentagon looks like a fucking missile, they shot down another plane in pennsylvania, if we cared about “Islamic fundamentalism” we would be in saudi arabia, hitler killed “his own” german citizens in the reichstag and blamed it on the polish, he invaded poland right after, think about that, hitler was funded by the usa through ibm, fanta and other corporations, so much so he was time fucking man of the year in 38, uncle sam funded mussolini, pinochet, fujimori, bin laden, hussein, the usa funds the brutality in colombia through uribe/santos, the usa funds the brutality in africa, but makes a big deal over kony just because he’s a leftist, when the same shit is being done by the right wing dictators, it just fucking shows they got the sheeple eating out of their palms, please for your mothers, your sisters, your brothers, question everything, including authority, and understand that voting is the illusion of participation, the system is pimping the fuck out of you, and all of us, poor uncle sam gi joe soldiers, it’s just a job, they’re protecting us and helping the world, fuck that and your yellow ribbon, we’re all slaves funding the war with our taxes, we can’t get around taxes, or the pigs come and put your hands behind your back, just realize we’re all one, and when you see burning and looting on your streets, you understand why, join, fuck free trade and the neo-liberal triangle of misery, fuck the world trade organization, the international monetary fund and the world bank, we all gotta talk, we all have to truly understand what is going on, we all have to organize, sounds like we can’t do anything, but we can, most of us are just intimated by this manifest destiny, god bless america fascist shit, “christian zionism” and their ego can’t get out of this patriotic role that is expected by them, on top of that, the people are just intimated by the pigs, thanks to Kent State, And all the brutality the police state ensues on the dissidents, it’s fucking easier to fool somebody, then to show them they’ve been fooled, humanity is a slave, it’s fucking ugly but it’s fucking true, look at it, don’t look away, humanity is shackled to capital, oil and war, fuck the military industrial complex, fuck the prison industrial complex, fuck, fuck, fuck the rhetoric they repeat, fuck that they make you think i’m an “extremist,” trying to discredit the socialist leftist movement, with the it’s just an opinion, it’s not just a fucking opinion bitch, it’s fact, we’re killing people in the name of god, this crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while, this is what that funny monkey george, the ex corporate puppet and president said, the people don’t see that babylon and uncle sam controls the media and they have got us eating out of their hand, but the world is waking up and rising up, anarchy, no borders, no flags, join the dream, join the intellectual idea, Anarchy should be your “Patriotic” “Mother” and not this blind pride, nazi, fascist, shit! That shouldn’t be called patriotism, let’s just define it, nation exaltation, xenophobia, sounds like fascism to me, have patriotism for humanity, we live in babylon physically but let’s all be here now in Zion, in Anarchy mentally always, Blessed Vibes, Israel vibration, One Love, OM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bel Mordok
The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires – Full Documentary
Fuck the Rothschilds, their poltroons and the New World Order!

Isaac Eslava Alvarado
Let’s see if any “merica” fuck negates the mh17 false positive in ukraine and blames russia, putin or the pro-separatist rebels without any proof or evidence what so ever just like their government does, propaganda much, cognitive dissonance much, suck uncle sam’s cock much like all of the west and all of the mainstream media does, from the first day this happened it was obvious that this was a false flag event to weaken russia by at least sanctioning it or much, much, much worse, starting a war with the big bear, remember usa yes after wwii you got passed the nazi throne and you back “terrorists” and fascists all over the world but there is no bigger terrorist than you, from backing bin laden and evolving his mujahedeen into the taliban, to backing hussein for cheap oil, or fascists for your investments like pinochet, uribe, fujimori, they are puppets like noriega and even right now nazi poroshenko yet you make a big deal over people like allende, guevara and castro because kony is the bad guy when almost all of africa is fucked but you ignore it because if it is right wing and you are making money it’s cool, money is what matters, that’s why you fund isis and other dirty wars throughout the globe, you armed the taliban in syria which you say you are against and even armed the mexican mafia through operation fast and the furious yet most of the world believes your fuckin nazi shit because they are indoctrinated fuckin sheeple that do not research and do not give a fuck because they say you should invest your energy in other stuff I can’t change shit so what does it matter if I know or not, you fucks are not creating awareness, remember when nazi germany went to russia and lost, nazi usa, you are about to do the same thing and possibly take the whole world to death, wwiii is not that implausible, the explanation to why they want more war is the usa economy is dead, it will collapse and chaos will spread but they want more war to try and keep the economy up through the military/industrial complex baaaaaaaah sheep
The west/usa is showing the face that they’re not afraid of war with russia. However, if this were true, the usa wouldn’t have backed down in attacking syria upon russia’s involvement in syria’s defense in 2011/2012. They wouldn’t have backed down in georgia in 2008. They wouldn’t have let russia take crimea without a shot in 2014. And they would have attacked iran instead of sanctioning it. This false flag is an attempt by the usa and nato to show a signal to russian strategists that it is not afraid of war but that signal is a bluff. The moment russia stands up the usa/nato will back down and if not we have wwiii.
Up to this point Ukraine has had very limited support from the West in fighting the separatists. They have lost Crimea and currently do not have control of much of the East of the country. Rhetoric is not going to defeat the separatists, sanctions on the Russian leadership are not going to defeat the separatists. Ukraine needs the West to step up and fight its war for it. Before adding your voice to the choir of condemnation against Russia for its support of the rebels maybe there is more to this than what initially meets the eye. We have seen on numerous occasions that the governments of the west have fooled their sheeple populations. Think before you let yourself be caught up in the propaganda.

Xsmoke Alot
Watch “Secret of Life & Immortality” on YouTube
Secret of Life & Immortality:

We noticed that you have interest in a channel that covers similar content as some of our own videos, so we thought to reach out and share one of th…

“What we need to stand up and say is not only did they attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at it’s headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.” –
Dr. Alan Sabrosky, March 14, 2010

Meer informatie

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  1. who was simply the most efficient foreign insurance coverage leader

    Presidents, From a distant protection plan opinion. Roosevelt justifies the greatest positioned. Congressional isolationists have blocked a whole bunch of FDR’s struggles to have mobilizing the American professional bottom level coupled with cooking the american people for your confrontation. We might have had all these projects eliminate for all of us even if japan attack in relation to treasure harbor had not crippled the dark blue. FDR’s [url=]chnlove scam[/url] fireside talks made available combining support and / or proactive approach. for simply just 175,000 troopers, Enlistments additionally the set up released the military to be able to 8.5 million. feds additionally business sector operated with. u. s,national tourists believe his or her’s store attaining warfare provides and as a result boosting “victory gardens” contains my very own as well as 14 year old mum which company very suffered her authorized regards notification on her Scranton, philadelphia plot using lettuce and as a result the vegetable tomatoes if this lady expired beyond what 60 ages ultimately. And and before the warfare had to be higher than, he began resting your current footwork to order postwar organization: i would say the Bretton forest even open overseas overall economy, the united nations, Diplomacy each of the Soviet un so as to about try to avoid which will after that had become the very cold fights.

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