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Minny Gorodok is a public park.

Minny and Leslie became engaged on December 4, 1866 and married on June 19, 1867.
—Leslie Stephen

He was the son of Nick and Minny Rybchuk.
—Metro Rybchuk

His second marriage was to dancer Gwendolyn Minny Coates (Gwen) in 1929.
—Tom Major-Ball

She created the role of Minny Belle in Kurt Weill’s “Johnny Johnson” in 1936.
—Phoebe Brand

He was the son of Minny and Gershon Leiner, who immigrated from Eastern Europe.
—Benny Leonard

On Record Store Day the band performed in Manchester with Factory peers Crispy Ambulance and Minny Pops.
—Section 25

Spencer was Stockett’s original inspiration for the character of Minny, and also plays her in the film adaptation.
—The Help

Mac Mohan married Minny in 1986 and they had two daughters Manjari Makijany, Vinati Makijany and a son Vikrant Makijany.
—Mac Mohan

In 1979 Stephen decided to join an avant garde new wave electro-noise band called Minny Pops, where he played the guitar.
—Stephen Emmer

The Troggs (Washton, Kanza, Minny, Yorick and an adopted boy called Scawgo), believe they own Ember, and rename it Darkhold.
—The Diamond of Darkhold

Jones attended Sunday School as a child and in his later life he was a member of Minny Street Congregational Chapel in Cardiff.
—Glyn Jones (Welsh writer)

The A339 was in fact built on the path of a stream called the “Minny Flush”, because of the number of minnows to be found in it.
—Victoria Park, Newbury

James stated in his autobiographical books that Milly was based on Minny Temple, his beloved cousin who died at an early age of tuberculosis.
—Henry James

He integrated two semipro leagues, the Southern Minny (Minnesota) and the Michigan-Indiana League in 1948, by signing black and white players.
—Ted Radcliffe

The same year she played Dr. Minny Stinkler in the comedy film “Mad Cows”, directed by Sara Sugarman and starring Anna Friel and Joanna Lumley.
—Prunella Scales

The story focuses on her relationship with two black maids, Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson, during the Civil Rights era in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi.
—The Help (film)

The Pine City Pirates is the city’s baseball team, featuring mostly local players and competing in the Eastern Minny League, which is part of the Minnesota Baseball Association.
—Pine City, Minnesota

…ended in 1952 when he batted .258 with two home runs for Benson-DeGraff in Minnesota’s Class AA amateur Western Minny league.
—Rudy York

…in a Dark Room Sparks in a Dark Room is the second studio album by Dutch experimental electronic post-punk/ultra band Minny Pops.
—Sparks in a Dark Room

He returns home to discover Minny Belle has married a capitalist, and he settles down as a toymaker who will create anything except tin soldiers, his…
—Johnny Johnson (musical)

…of 1994 in the Mexican League, he returned to Minnesota and pitched for the independent Minneapolis Loons and Southern Minny Stars in the Prairie League.
—Juan Berenguer

…the label’s artists was released on 10 March 2014, featuring Burgess as a solo artist alongside artists such as Minny Pops, Hatcham Social and Jack Underwood.
—Tim Burgess (musician)

…his sophomore year at Purdue, Skowron was signed to play baseball for the Austin (MN) Packers in the Southern Minny League (Class AA-level town-team baseball).
—Bill Skowron

…Coyle and Kelly recruited bassist Michael Dempsey (The Cure, Associates), keyboard player Stephen Emmer (formerly of Minny Pops and Associates) and drummer Steve Crease.
—The Lotus Eaters (band)

Her major breakthrough came in 2011, when she starred as Minny Jackson in the Civil Rights drama “The Help”, for which she won the Academy Award, Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA, and…
—Octavia Spencer

…with his help, build him a snow wife the next day (suggested names included Cleopatra, Cornflakes, Ermintrude, and Minny Ha-Ha) and name her Crystal, but she is not alive like how he is.
—Frosty’s Winter Wonderland

…Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan (Emma Stone), and her relationship with two black maids, Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) and Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) during Civil Rights era in 1960s America.
—List of accolades received by The Help (film)

The events were organized by Wally van Middendorp (from the band Minny Pops and the Plurex record label), Rob Scholte (from the band The Young Lions) and Harold Schellinx (from the band The…
—Ultra (music)

…1979 Gretton brought many new bands to the label, including Section 25, X-O-Dus, Crispy Ambulance, Stockholm Monsters, Minny Pops, The Names, Quando Quango, The Wake, 52nd Street and Happy Mondays.
—Rob Gretton

…windows and the one missing fuel pump at the Wheel Well Motel before its historic restoration, and in the desert where Minny and Van are still quite clearly lost at the end of the film, after the closing credits.
—List of Cars characters

Other featured artists include members of Cabaret Voltaire, Crispy Ambulance, Biting Tongues, Minny Pops, The Names, Swamp Children, Thick Pigeon, and Killing Joke, as well as contributions from Richard Boon, Annik…

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