René Laloux & Roland Topor – Fantastic Planet (1973) (Full Movie with English Subtitles)

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Fantastic Planet (1973) (Full Movie with English Sub Titles)

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Fantastic Planet (French La Planète Sauvage, Czech Divoká Planeta, The Wild Planet) is A 1973 Adult Animated Science Fiction Film Directed by René Laloux and Written by Laloux and Roland Topor. Topor also Completed the Film S Production Design and it was Animated at Jiří Trnka Studio in Prague.

The Film was an International Co Production between Companies from France and Czechoslovakia. The Allegorical Story, about Humans Living on A Strange Planet Dominated by Giant Humanoid Aliens who consider them Animals, is Based on the 1957 Novel Oms en Série by French Writer Stefan Wul.

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Fantastic Planet (1973)
Original 35 Mili Meter Theatrical and Theater Release Print
The Original Un Cut and Un Edited Version
1977 – 2017 Home Video Releases (Film Transfer, Rare) (165) 🌎
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Fantastic Planet (1973) Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
• United States PG Certificate #23843, Cut #1986, Screen Play #1258, Original American | North American United States | English Language and Out Dated Version 🌎 🇺🇸 📅 📝 🎥 🎬 📽️ 🎞️ 📣
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