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Trump the Traitor

First published at 04:17 UTC on August 25th, 2022



Trump S Actions on the Vaccines tell the Entire Story of who his Masters are. Those Who believe Trump has No Masters, has NO Clue How This World is Run.
Maybe Charlie Ward is Right that this is A MOVIE, but Not the Movie with the Ending that Charlie is Talking About.
What if the Masters of this World who control the Media FAKED or ACTED like they hated Trump?

They could have Easily Destroyed him. Things are Not Adding Up. Where are the So Called White Hats and the So Called Special Operations??

Where are the So Called Children that are being Saved?

Why did Trump say “The Vaccine is One of the Greatest Achievements of Mankind“, then he talks about the Spanish Flu ea to make it appear it was A Spanish Flu. Trump knows This and Yet he Lies and Lies.
I know we All are looking for that Single Person in Politics that we can Truly Trust. They All are Contaminated with GREED and they desire More Control, Power and Wealth.
AGodly” or Good Person would Not advocate for A Poison to be Injected in Mankind and say It S the Greatest Thing for all of us.
Trump could fire the Evil Antony Fauci and his Side Kick, Scarf Lady. He knew that Fauci was the One who started the AIDS Pandemic.
What about the Rumors that Trump S Own Son was Injured by A Vaccine? If you had A Child Injured by A Vaccine would you say it was the Greatest Thing for Manind??
Trump S Toilets in his Mansions are GOLD. He and his Son S Constantly are Asking and Taking Money from his Foolish Supporters.
I was on the Trump Band Wagon, I Truly was, NOT Any More. Not Once Ounce of Me believes in the Man or his Corrupt Family of Thugs who are just PLAYING A Role in this Communist Take Over of the United States.
To me Trump may be the Worst of ALL of Them because at Least we can Visibly See that the Others have A Bad History and are Murdering Thugs who want us All Dead, but for A Man to PLAY the Role of Savior and Only to be the Ultimate Betrayer, that is Truly Evil.
I am Not A True Follower of David Icke, but he has Many Valid Points that I Personally Resonate With.
Knowing What I Know Now, it makes me Sick to Hear his Whining Ass Voice trying to Persuade People that he can “Make America Great Again.”
When has America been Truly Great in the First Place? We all have been Unknowing SLAVES. This Whole Political Arena from the Get Go was One Big SCRIPT of Creating Division between Democrats and Republicans. It S All an Act to keep us CONFUSED, DIVIDED and Fighting with Our Selves and Not Seeing the Whole Picture.

Trump signed an Executive Order to Accelerate MRNA Vaccines. The Guy is playing A Role in this AGENDA to Depopulate the World.

Trump KNEW Covid was Coming Years Ago.

Trump IS part of the Big Plan. Trump is the Ultimate Rothschild Puppet.

Trump was in So Much Debt that he Literally could ()


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