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The Chiliad Connection: The Maxwell Family Backdoor into FBI and Intelligence | LE Databases

Christine Maxwell is the Daughter of Elisabeth Maxwell, a French born Holocaust Scholar, and Robert Maxwell, a Czechoslovak born British Media Proprietor and Intelligence Agent. She was born in Maisons Laffitte, France, on August 16, 1950. Her father was Jewish and her mother was of Huguenot Descent. One of nine children, siblings include her Twin Sister Isabel Maxwell, Brothers Kevin Maxwell and Ian Maxwell, and Ghislaine Maxwell. Christine Maxwell (born 16 August 1950) is a British Internet Content Pioneer and Educator, best known as the Creator and Co Founder of Magellan. Christine Maxwell also Co Founded the Software Company Chiliad and is the Author of Several Books. She is the Program Manager of Learning Technologies at the University of Texas at Dallas.

WASHINGTON For nearly 10 years Chiliad Inc., has been Quietly Working Behind the Scenes to Develop some of the Most Powerful and Innovative Software in the US Government’s Anti tTrrorism Arsenal. With the Addition of Dan Ferranti, a Veteran CEO with a Proven 27 year Track Record in the Information Technology Field, the Washington, DC Based Company is preparing to Extend the Benefits of its Ground Breaking Technology beyond Its Already Impressive Client Base.

After an Extensive Evaluation of Available Technologies, the FBI turned to Chiliad to create its Investigative Data Warehouse. Not only did Chiliad succeed where Other Vendors had Failed, but the FBI Engagement has proven to be One of the Shining Successes in the War on Terror. Chiliad’s Software helped the FBI earn The Only “A” Score on the “National Counter Terrorism Report Card,” issued by the Bi Partisan Members of the 9/11 Commission for Efforts in Tracking Money Laundering. The FBI reported that Chiliad’s Software Reduced the Time to Process Important Counter Terrorism Tasks from 32,000 hours to 30 minutes Months of Use.

Describing One of the Company’s Largest Installations, Ferranti says, “Today, Chiliad Software Powers the First of Its Kind, Peer to Peer Comprehensive Search, Analysis, and Alerting Capability within the largest Multi Agency Distributed aAalysis and Alerting Counter Terrorism System serving the Nation’s Lead Agency for Domestic Counter Terrorism.”

On the Strength of its Success at the FBI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence selected and funded Chiliad to create the First Operational Pilot to Achieve and Demonstrate Effective, Secure Decentralized Information Sharing across US Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies – a Direct and Successful Response to one of the 9/11 Commission’s Most Pointed Recommendations.


Ferranti sums up Chiliad’s Strategy this way: “Our Company’s Mission is to become the Predominant Technology Platform underlying almost All Business Applications throughout Commercial and Government Organizations. In just a few years, Chiliad will be known as Principal Arms Supplier to the Information Age.”

There are No Coincidences in Power and Politics

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