Redacted | Clayton & Natali Morris – Klaus Schwab announces NEW Plan to rule the World

Why are Unelected Leaders Speaking at the G20 Conference? The G20 is A Summit for Global Elected Leaders, Yet Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are Both There. As One Person put it on Twitter. It is No Longer A Conspiracy Theory to Ask Why those Unelected Leaders are There Talking about A New World Order!

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About Clayton and Natali Morris
Clayton Morris is A Former Fox News Anchor. In Redacted, Clayton and his Wife Natali take an On Depth Look at the Legal, Social, Financial, and Personal Issues that Matter to you. They want to Set the Record Straight and Bring You the Stories Nobody Else is Telling. Along with the Facts and the Full Picture, Redacted offers Real World Analysis without an Agency Driven by Corporate Overloads. With Clayton’s Journalism Experience, he isn’t Afraid to Demand the Truth from Authorities. Redacted is an Independent Platform, Unencumbered by External Factors or Restrictive Policies, on which Clayton and Natali Morris bring you Quality Information, Balanced Reporting, Constructive Debate, and Thoughtful Narratives.


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