Randell – Crop circle showed perfect Virus!

Cley Hill near Warminster, 30 juli 2016 (foto Steve Alexander)

When from the Transology UFO connection I was asked if I knew a crop circle relating to the Corona Virus, I started looking in my crop circle file for such a formation.

In addition to a number of, at first sight less convincing formations, I came across the Cley Hill formation from the end of July in 2016. In the formation one can, with just a little imagination, recognize the top view of a Crown (Corona) and at the same time the model of the Virus. It does not necessarily represent the Corona Virus, but thought more universally; any Virus with a Crown or wreath like covering.

Dengue Virus (oto Shutterstock)

Dengue Virus (foto Shutterstock)

Starting from the idea that the formation actually does represent a Virus, the number 20, derived from the number of so called “spikes”, becomes evident. With the Corona Virus outbreak in EUrope that took place in the year 2020, we can easily bring this number home. On the other hand, there’s the official name Corvid 19for this Virus while 19 is of course not 20.
Since the name of the site and or the date of appearance of a crop circle can often help us to find clues, I started searching for information based on 30 juli 2016, (the date of discovery). The date together with the search term “World Health Organisation” immediately turned to a first WHO document on the Dengue Virus that was published the day before the discovery of the crop formation.

World Health Organization - Denque vaccine WHO position paper July 2016 (foto Randell)

World Health OrganizationDenque vaccine WHO position paper, July 2016 (foto Randell)

Further deepening in the Dengue Virus taught me that it expands 20 percent upon entry into the human body. So, here is a number 20. Even in the crop circle design, (although a different kind of expansion is meant), the 20 picture elements seem to expand until a limit (in width) is reached.
Asian Scientist Magazine (Apr. 6, 2017) – According to a study published in Nature Communications, the Dengue Virus expands by 20 percent when it enters the human body. This expansion reveals weak points on the Virus structure which could be targeted by new therapies.
Furthermore, about number 20 it can be said that it pre eminently represents abortion. The number two can then be understood as a symbol for motherhood and zero then stands for nothing. Nothing is born, in other words, there is an abortion or a miscarriage.
As for the name of the site of the formation: “Cley Hill,” the translation is “clay hill”. If we also include the nearby town “Warminsterone can speak of a “War cathedral”. Thinking about genetic engineering on Viruses and about ancient creation myths in which life forms would have been formed from clay, a clay hill fits nicely into the vaccination theme. Added to this is a church that embodies War as a religious fulfilment. It gives me the frightening suspicion that biological Warfare in which Viruses used as weapons is alluded .
In case the crop circle should indeed be interpreted as the depiction of a Virus, one might question why it is done in such a beautiful stylistic way instead of a more realistic way? Could the Intelligence behind the design want us to ponder about the idea of a perfect Virus? Are we facing a perfect illusion?
Although, in my view, no clear message can be derived from the formation, it seems certain to point to the theme of Virology”. If there is any doubts about this, the following two formations can possibly change these.

Westbury White Horse near Bratton, 4 augustus 2016 (foto Steve Alexander)
Wetbury White Horse near Bratton, 4 augustus 2016 (foto Steve Alexander)

Crooked Soley near Hungerford, 28 augustus 2002 (foto Steve Alexander)

Crooked Soley near Hungerford, 28 augustus 2002 (foto Steve Alexander)



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