Radboud Oncologie Fonds – 50 jaar Academische Urologie, benefietdiner Stevenskerk, 10 september 2015

Welcome to our charity dinner

Dear guest,

We would like to welcome you to mark the 50th anniversary of Academic Urology in Nijmegen. We are honoured to have you as our guest at the beautiful venue Stevenskerk. In recent months, we have done our utmost to make tonight’s dinner an unforgettable event. The evening will be partially devoted to the Radboud Oncology Foundation by giving you the opportunity to contribute to cancer research. The proceeds of the evening are dedicated to research at the Radboud university Nijmegen medical center to ‘personalized cure & care’ for bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer. Tonight several speakers will inform you about the importance of additional research into the treatment of these cancers.
Besides the special attention to this important charity, we also would treat you to a fully catered, musical evening. We have invited a selection of classical artists to give a performance. This evening will be framed with a delicious dinner with fine wines, while the staff of the Stevenskerk will do their utmost to contribute to a memorable evening. We wish you a festive dinner in good company.

Peter Mulders
Head of Department of Urology


When in 1965 the Radboud university medical center and its quite young scientfic environment decided to further develop urology to an academic level, it gave the roots for its independence and, consequently, the chance for it to grow to a full blown Department of Urology.
We are committed to funding cancer research of the highest international calibre. However, most of this research is dependent on grants, companies and on the money from individuals like you give us. Thanks to supporters we have improved the outcome of cancer patients by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat urological cancer. Over the past 50 years, our researchers at the Radboud UMC have made consistent progress in the fight against cancer.
We can optimize the outcome of patients with urological cancers. With a better knowledge on adequate diagnosis of cancer and a better characterization of its aggressiveness we can personalize the best treatment for the right patients. Better
and new tumormarkers can achieve this by improving the outcome of patients with urological cancers, but also preventing unnecessary treatments. In our urology research laboratory we have developed unique markers in prostate, bladder and kidney cancer. These achievements and the use of adequate decision aids need further intense research to be able making the next step in personalized cure and care.


18h00 Reception in ambulatory
18h45 Table seating
18h50 Welcome and performance Men’s Choir NCB 19h00 Course 1
19h50 Performance Bach Choir and Men’s Choir NCB 20h20 Course 2
20h50 Personal story of visual artist Peter Otto 21h15 Course 3
21h45 Presentations and auction
22h15 Announcements proceeds
22h30 End of festivities


Bach Choir: conductor Rob Vermeulen & organist Dirk Luijmes
Mens Choir NCB: conductor Jan Heesakkers

Meet the
of tonight

Peter van Beveren


Cured salmon with a bundle mushroom and powder of chorizo.
Smoked & pickled beetroot and a chutney of shallots and orange crumble.


Tranches grilled watermelon, served on a herb salad, basil gel and an olive oublie, on top diced goat cheese and two prawns in katafi. Served with bread bags with butter, oil and olive tapenade.

Side dish

Crispy fried sea bass, served with a marmalade of endives and fennel, ravioli with artichoke and a Noilly prat sauce.

Main dish

Barley risotto with pumpkin and root vegetables, served with guinea fowl grilled and preserved, poultry gravy with tarragon and crisp vegetables.


Chocolate cake, served with a chutney of pineapple and spices, and mascarpone ice cream.

Dishes served with ‘Paso Selected Red and White Wine’

Nr. 01

Flowery year

The most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful person in your life. Delivered to your door wherever you live, every month throughout the year.

Nr. 02

Neap tide,
silkscreen in 1995,
by Jan Wolkers
Framed (wood) behind passe-partout Image and text
H 83 x W 63 cm.

Wolkers paintings arise, as Wolkers said in 2007, from what he collects in solitude.
Therefore he must live in peace. Sources of inspiration for his abstract works are the sea, the countryside and the tranquility. Much discussed are the election posters in his possession, painted in the second half of the sixties for the CPN. Sometimes Wolkers signed his paintings on the back, like Mondrian, because he felt that the signature detonates with the art.

Brought to you by:
Riky and Willem van Lieshout

Nr. 03

Ewe Keta

This lot is comprised of three authentic, old, handwoven cloths from West Africa. Recently found in villages in Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast, they represent the exquisite textile crafts of the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo, and the weavers of the Bondoukou region of IvoryCoast. Many collectors regard the Ewe textiles as the highest expression of African weaving artistry. The Bondoukou weavers have been respected for their fine woven goods since at least the mid-18th century and produce textiles that rival those of the Ewe and their neighbours the Ashante. These cloths are in remarkably fine condition for their age because they are treasured by families in remembrance of ancestors. They are carefully stored in wooden boxes or tin trunks and kept as a part of a family’s heritage.

Brought to you by: Heleen Wijgers and Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers

Nr. 04

for ten
at ‘Het

Restaurant ‘Het Savarijn’ has been considered one of the best restaurants of Nijmegen for many years. This is due to a consistently high level of cuisine and the fine wine and food combinations, but also to the friendly and attentive service.

The Savarijn is included in the Top 500 of “Lekker” and the restaurant guide for wine lovers ‘Grootspraak’ recommends the restaurant as one of the best wine restaurants in the Netherlands. Also internationally the restaurant is renowned for its fine food and atmosphere. The US wine magazine Wine Spectator has been praising the restaurant with an “Award of Excellence” for 10 years, as well as the German Schlemmer Atlas, who rates Het Savarijn with three “Kochlöffel”.

Restaurant Het Savarijn offers you a delicious 5-course dinner for ten guests, including aperitif and accompanying wines, water and coffee.

Brought to you by:
Restaurant Het Savarijn

Nr. 5

Moral Justice,
screen 1991,
by Rob Scholte
Screenprint in green and red, 1991, on wove paper, signed in pencil.
Framed (wood) behind passe-partout.
H 83 x W 103 cm.

Scholte is an image maker. He organizes and places images – from the media, from his own extensive archives – in a new context, in which he provides images of a new meaning. Often one finds in his inconsistencies and contradictions which are ‘overcome’ in their new context. The meticulously painted works of his hands are usually produced by assistants and signed by him. A 17th century method of working which he pursues. His method is illustrative of the postmodernism and emphasizes the continuous ow of images that surround, shapes and mold us. The media are his theme of which he gets inspiration, expressing criticism of their manipulation and he also acted as a ‘media personality’.

Brought to you by:
Riky and Willem van Lieshout

Nr. 06


A real vintage scooter from the UK with the technology of today. Imagine yourself back in time and be surprised by the wonderful handling.
The brand Scomadi was developed over the past 10 years by the British Scooter Innovation and PM Tuning, and is rolling of the production line now.
We are auctioning two scooters.

Brought to you by:
Scomadi Scooters and Autobedrijf van Haren B.V. (Weurt)

Nr. 07

George Orwell


We are dedicated to the belief that every organisation has it’s own story which should be carried out proudly. We help finding these unique stories. This way, organisations are able to get to know themselves better, and communicate more honestly. This leads to more authentic and consistent communications.

The TakeTwo brand scan is a tool which puts your organisation under the microscope. We will analyse your external communications and compare this to your company goals which we deduce from an internal assessment. The result is an overview of the best and worst sides of your communications policy and our advice on how to make steps in the right direction.

Brought to you by:

Nr. 08

Love Couple with eros,
litho 1994,
by Pieter Defesche

Framed (wood) behind passe-partout
H 103 x W 83 cm.

Defesche crafted paintings, gouaches and prints. He mainly painted landscapes, still lifes and biblical scenes in expressionistic, almost in abstract style. He also made collages, murals, sets and costumes, including for the Scapino Ballet.
In the early 70s, he developed a style of painting that has not changed substantially since. However, within his imagery incessantly accent shifts took place. Especially with the landscape as a starting point, Defesche painted a mythical reality, in which he constantly navigated between figuration and abstraction.

Brought to you by:
Riky and Willem van Lieshout

Nr. 09

Exclusive selection wines

Two armored chests with each twelve very exclusive wines.

The wines are selected and donated by our sta members Urology. We guarantee you a selection of fabulous wines and challenge you to assess the knowledge of our urologists

Nr. 10

Unique ‘Multiple Varius Fluctus’ picture with certificate


A dahlia in a garden with soft foodlights and fresh dew drops. Is it a painful or a spectacular sun gear? Once the interpretations run free, a hopeful thought will arise.

Peter Otto is known for his paintings, drawings, plaster, bronze and ceramic sculptures. Peter portrays an ambiguous world in which order and chaos, good and evil, hope and despair in a rebellious way, are intertwined.

Brought to you by:
Peter Otto

Nr. 10

Unique tour at the

A personal tour of the church guided for a delegation of five by the CEO of the Stevenskerk, including climbing the tower accompanied by tower guard Peter Kuijpers.

Nr. 12

LXG, 2006,
by Filiep

Three archaeological works from wood.
Each part has a wood base covered with metal. Juxtaposed with some space the art is 150 wide x 80 high x 16 deep.

In September 2005 artists from the Netherlands and Portugal worked archaeological material on St. Joseph in Nijmegen. In their work are fragments of Roman tiles, medieval tuff and 4600 years old oak used.

Brought to you by:
Judith Vedder

Nr. 13

Bleu, 1987
by Björn

Framed (Barth) behind passe-partout
H 90 x W 73 cm.

This piece of art is made by the Scandinavian artist Björn Hanssen who commented on society through his silkscreens during the eighties.

Brought to you by:
Riky and Willem van Lieshout

A week at
a luxurious
residence in South-
West Florida

Nr. 14

Beautiful residence for a devoted golfer. You will enjoy a vacation for a week in an environment with superb golf courses, where the sun is unquestionably present. We o er you piece and quiet, relaxation in a beautiful residence next to magnficent golf courses.

The magnificent and very luxurious vacation residence borders the golf course and reflects peace, quite and privacy. The residence is constructed on a plot of approx. 1500 m2 and has a habitable surface of more than 350 m2. The residence is recently built (2006) under architecture.

The offered residence is located on the Verandah Golf & Country Club, close to Fort Myers in Lee County, Florida. This county is a very quiet, beautiful and sun guaranteed province in the Southwest of Florida with Naples, Bonita Bay and of course Fort Myers as a tourist (golf) stopping place.

Brought to you by:
Prof. dr. Debruyne

Nr. 15

Ice Age,
by Diane

Triptych, framed (wood) behind passe-partout.
Picture 1: H 43 x W 43 cm. Picture 2: H 43 x W 43 cm.
Picture 3: H 46 x W 49 cm.

Triptych from series Ice Age, screen printing in 1986. Nature, natural materials, natural processes and the changing seasons are recurring themes in her work. Trees, plants and animals (especially sh) can be traced in many of her drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations.

Diane (Antwerp Belgium) has exhibited regularly at home and abroad. She realized art for a range of locations including Bergkerk Deventer, project space Valkhof Museum Nijmegen, Wageningen Arboretum, National Botanic Garden Meise in Belgium and Galleria del Arca in Lima, Peru.

In 2007 Diane Dyckhoff sadly died of breast cancer at the age of 62.

Brought to you by:
Riky and Willem van Lieshout

Nr. 16

for two

Sanadome Nijmegen provides a luxurious four-star Spa Hotel, where you can relax in thermal water from own sources (freshwater and saltwater). In addition the relaxing and purifying effect of the thermal spring water has a very soothing effect and a positive effect on muscles and joints. This luxurious spa includes a salt water bath (Dead Sea effect), thermal baths, steam rooms, whirlpools and a spacious Spa Garden. Wearing swimwear in the thermal baths is mandatory. After a visit to Sanadome you feel totally reborn!

• Access to the Thermal Baths (9 a.m.-23:30 pm)
• Use of bathrobe and towels
• Lunch or daily menu in Spa restaurant Marina
• Present: Sanadome bath slippers
• Coffee or tea and cake from pastry Strik
• 3 Treatments:

Sabbia Med (45 min.)
Kraxenofen (20 min.)
Massage Lounger (20 min.)

Brought to you by:
Sanadome Nijmegen

Nr. 17

No 1

The theme of Sebastian is known for an ambiguous symbolism in art history. The man, first pierced with arrows, turns out to be miraculously cured of all his wounds after the extraction of the many lethal projectiles

Peter Otto is known for his paintings, drawings, plaster, bronze and ceramic sculptures Peter an ambiguous world in which order and chaos, good and evil, hope and despair in a rebellious way, are intertwined.

Brought to you by:
Peter Otto

Nr. 18

Man Ray,

The 1974 edition of Cadeau, 1921, or ‘Gift’, is one of the famous icons of the surrealist movement. It consists of an everyday continental at iron of the sort that had to be heated on a stove, transformed here into a non-functional, disturbing object by the addition of a single row of fourteen tacks. The transformation of an item of ordinary domestic life into a strange, unnamable object with sadistic connotations exemplified the power of the object within dada and surrealism to escape the rule of logic and the conventional identification of words and objects. Man Ray once said, ‘There are objects that need names.’

Man Ray, Cadeau (gift), 1974
Cast iron and copper tacks, 16,5 x 10,2 cm.

Brought to you by:
An anonymous donor (patient)

Designed and
brought to
you by:
Goldsmith Marjan de Bruin

Button Cu inks sterling silver
285 euro

Earring ‘Flower’, rose gold plated silver
195 euro

Earring ‘Leaf’ made of white polymere and
rose gold plated silver ear hook
75 euro

Earring ‘Lace’ made of black polymere and
rose gold plated silver ear hook
75 euro

Earring ‘Chandelier’ made of grey polymere
and rose gold plated silver ear hook
75 euro

Earring ‘Lace’, rose gold plated silver
195 euro

Thanks to

Auctioneer Peter van Beveren
Fleurop Interflora Nederland B.V.
Judith Vedder
Marjan de Bruin
Restaurant Het Savarijn
Peter Otto
Prof. dr. Debruyne
Riky and Willem van Lieshout
Rob Scholte
Sanadome Nijmegen
Scomadi Scooters
Autobedrijf van Haren B.V. (Weurt)
Staff members Urology
The anonymous donor
Tijssen Mode
Our guests of this evening
Mens Choir NCB
Bach Choir

Project team auction

Heleen Wijgers
Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers
Lydia Beerkens
Dr. John Heesakkers
Prof. dr. Peter Mulders
Petra van Soest

Project team auction
Heleen Wijgers
Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers
Lydia Beerkens
Dr. John Heesakkers
Prof. dr. Peter Mulders
Petra van Soest

Brochure design

Brochure print
DM Printmedia, full sponsoring

Radboud Oncologie Fonds – Brochure 50 jaar Academische Urologie, benefietdiner Stevenskerk, 10 september 2015