PurgatoriX – My Trip to Huis ten Bosch

Uploaded on Apr 6, 2008
Set on the western coast of Nagasaki is the hotel & theme park of Huis ten Bosch, also known as ‘Holland in Japan’. Way back in the days of Japan’s isolationism, it was the first port allowed to receive foreign trade, most of which came from the Dutch. This resulted in a heavy Dutch influence in the Nagasaki area, which then obviously, hundreds of years later, led to creating a theme park to display it. Hehe. Enjoy!


atomicboyx 7 years ago
wow the mc escher house was great… tho i think i would have chosen the chocolate house LOL

yosida takuo 6 years ago

Liensunshine 3 years ago
It’s funny to see our Dutch influence there, nice how they built the park.. I would love to go there sometime ^^ the mole and tulips and that musicthing haha 🙂 and love the songs of the anime, it’s been a while since I last watched them but I recognized them immediately :p (a) :p

TaoPiet 3 years ago
@PurgatoriX Very nice video. Thank you. The Japanese can learn from the Dutch how to design a city. They should throw the Americans out, because Japan becomes more and more a Mcdonalds junk country.

daantje760 5 years ago
they should have build amsterdam

Liensunshine 3 years ago
And the mole hahaha xd I mean mill xd :p

sidehop 5 years ago
I remember this place was so big, even before they built it living at the Naval base there. Dynamites were going off throughout the day and BAM! They built all this out of nowhere. Amazing.

Love4Azia 4 years ago
great video

CMA212 4 years ago
Man this brings back some memories! when I was in 9th grade I used to live at a Navy Base right next to this place. Me and my friends would sneak into the park on weekend nights and would walk around the park!

PurgatoriX 7 years ago in reply to atomicboyx
Heh, thanks! I would’ve loved to spend more time in the Escher house, but the were starting the 3D show right at that moment, which turned out to be really lame. But the Chocolate House was rather nice! I had to refrain from buying half the stuff there, lol!

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