Public Enquiry – Soleimani assassination: Sayed Abbas | Dulles’ Nazi CIA & Israel’s secret 1948 UN deal: John Loftus

Published on 11 jan. 2020

Time line of events around Soleimani assassination US war crime WWIII provocation

Sept. 1923 2019 Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi visits China to sign infrastructure deal + Trump calls him on his return, threatens to foment demonstrations in Baghdad, kill him and defence minister Najah al-Shammari unless he cancels China deal
Fri 27 Dec 2019 PMF attack on US K1 military base in Kirkuk kills one Iraqi (not US) translator Nawres Hamid who worked for Valiant Integrated Services
Sun 29 Dec 2019US Air Strike kills 25 injures 51 at five Popular Mobilization Force (PMF) facilities all over Iraq
Tue 31 Dec 2019US embassy besieged + US ambassador and team leave Baghdad
Fri 3 Jan 2020 Just after midnight + General Soleimani plus three Iraqis assassinated. US claim he was ‘about to blow up the US embassy‘ so claim legal defence of “pre-emptive self defence” against “imminent” attack + Turns out Soleimani was in Iraq on a diplomatic mission to discuss peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia + Talks that had been requested by the Trump administration
Sat 4 Jan 2020Trump threatens to hit 52 Iran sites including UNESCO cultural sites if Iran retaliates
Sat 4 Jan 2020 – Five killed in Israeli attack on Popular Mobilization Force (PMF) at Taj stadium Baghdad
Mon 6 Jan 2020Iraqi parliament votes for all US forces to leave Iraq in heated emergency session
Tue 7 Jan 2020 22.30 GMTAl Asad and Erbil US bases hit by 20 Iranian missiles
Wed 8 Jan 2020 01.00 GMTNBC Tehran bureau chief Ali Arouzi says if the US retaliates Iran will launch strikes against Dubai, UAE and Haifa, Israel
Wed 8 Jan 2020 02.45 GMT – Ukraine Airlines PS752 737 crashes in Tehran
Thu 9 Jan 2020 09.00 GMT – Ukraine National Security Council secretary Oleksiy Danilov announces PS752 may have been shot down by Russian missile
Thu 9 Jan 2020Trump says Iran appears to be standing down
Fri 10 Jan 2020 – Israeli attack on PMF kills six on Syria Iraq border

Soleimani assassination: Sayed Abbas

The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani + Washington Threats to Engage in False flag Sniper Shootings + Iraq Prime Minister treathened
Soleimani was in Iraq on a diplomatic mission to discuss peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia + Talks that had been requested by the Trump administration
Soleimani assassination & PS752 Ukrainian 737 crash: to the brink of WWIII and back again – 10 Jan 2020

Second hour Investigative reports: to the brink of WWIII and back again with Donald Trump and President Rouhani + interview with Syed Abbas, Pakistani London based journalist: Israel’s place in the Middle East; escalation of tensions between US and Iran + including assassination of Iranian IRGC Quds force General Soleimani , and Trump not wanting Iraq to do a deal with Chinese for an oil pipeline + Trump announcing the assassination of Soleimani, the terrorist, and why they did it + Iranians Soleimani on a diplomatic mission to talk to Saudis +  Entrapment + Ukraine plane going down + Psychological warfare? Jonah Fisher on BBC WS explains Alexei Danilov of Ukrainian, on the crash scenarios Ukraine officials have come up with + What to expect in the future

CIA’s Nazi Dulles origins: John Loftus

CIA Nazis & how traitor King Edward VIII tried to be the UK’s first fascist king

Interview with John Loftus, author, former lawyer, and former FBI Special investigator with access to all secret US files: the history of when US recognised Israel as a state; Nelson Rockefeller’s deal with David Ben-Gurion to deliver necessary Latin American votes to partition Israel at UN. Nelson tells David. ‘You can have vengeance, or a country, but not both.’ Ben-Gurion agrees not to pursue any Nazi war criminals in Latin America or working for US Intelligence. Allen Dulles’ using Eisenhower, and Nelson Rockefeller working closely with Nazis and German IG Farben cartel. John Loftus’ book ‘Secret War Against the Jews’ about Zionists working against Jews. Dulles brothers; files on pro Nazis in the UK around time of WWII + For example King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were both Nazi agent + Edward VIII wanted to be the first British fascist king so sold low countries and French secrets to the Nazis + Martin Bormann: Nazis in US intelligence.


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