Public Enquiry – NATO’s Gladio Assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, May 1 1978

Aldo Moro in Brigate Rosse Captivity (foto

Flag of Brigate Rosse (foto Wikipedia)

Panoramic Shot of the Scene of the Moro Kidknapping in Via Fani (foto Equilibrio Scicurezza)

The Aldo Moro Body found in the Trunk of a Parked Car (foto Gfycat)

NATO’s Gladio Assassination of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, May 1 1978

Published 14 aug. 2013

Webster Tarpley interviewed by Tony Gosling.

Involvement of P2, Gladio and of the Italian Intelligence Services

Several Authorities have suggested that Propaganda 2 (P2) was involved in the Kidnapping of Aldo Moro. Propaganda 2 was a secret Masonic Lodge involved in numerous Financial and Political Scandals in Italy in the 1970’s and 1980’s and which featured as its Members Entrepreneurs, Journalists, numerous high exponents of Right Wing Parties, the Italian Police and Military Forces. Another Theory supposes that the Red Brigades had been infiltrated by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or by the Organizzazione Gladio, a Paramilitary Clandestine Network headed by NATO whose main alleged Task was to oppose Soviet Influence in Western Europe.

It was suggested that Moro, at the time, had two Escorts: an official one, sent as a bait to Via Fani where it was massacred, and another composed of Gladio Members chosen by him. This would also explain the Fact that the “OfficialEscort in Via Fani was not wearing Weapons as they were instead keeping them in the Trunks of their Cars. According to several Sources, some of the Agents were armed. This Theory would also explain why the Assaulted Cars were not Bulletproof.

During the days of Moro’s Imprisonment Journalist Carmine Pecorelli (below more) wrote, in his Magazine Osservatorio Politico, an Article entitled “Vergogna, Buffoni!” (“Shame on you, Clowns!“): in it he wrote that Giulio Andreotti had met General Carlo Maria dalla Chiesa who told the Politician that he knew the Location where Moro was kept, but did not obtain the Authorization to proceed to free him due to (in Pecorelli’s Words) a certain “Christ’s Lodge in Paradise“. The likely Allusion to P2 became clear only after the Discovery of a List of the Lodge Members on 17 March 1981.

On 16 March 1978, the Day of Moro’s Kidnapping, the most important Members of P2 met in the Hotel Excelsior in Rome, a few hundred meters from the United States Embassy. While exiting the Hotel Licio Gelli declared “The most difficult part is done“. It was supposed that his words referred to the Abduction of Moro.

Another debated Case was regarding the Presence of Camillo Guglielmi, a Colonel of SISMI’s 7th Division which controlled Operation Gladio, in Via Stresa near the Location of the Ambush, and in those exact minutes when the Brigate Rosse kidnapped Moro. His presence was kept secret and was only disclosed in 1991 during the Investigation of the Italian Parliament Commission on State Massacres. Guglielmi admitted that he was in Via Stresa, but only because he had been invited to Lunch by a Colleague. According to several Sources the Colleague confirmed that Guglielmi came to his House, but had not been invited. Furthermore, Italians normally have Lunch at around 12:30 and Guglielmi’s Presence at around 09:00 AM would be not justified. Other Sources list Guglielmi as a true Member of Gladio, but the Officer always firmly denied this Accusation. His direct Superior, General Pietro Musumeci, was a Member of P2 and condemned for sidetracking the Investigations on the 1980 Bologna Station Bombing.

The Discovery of the Brigato Rosse refuge in Via Gradoli saw the Participation of Members of both P2 and the Police Forces of Italy. Lucia Mokbel, an Informer of SISDE, had communicated that she had heard MORSE Messages coming from the Flat next to her. She informed Police Commissar Elio Coppa, enlisted in the Propaganda Due, but the Information was not taken into Consideration. SISDE had been also informed that a Car Box in Via Gradoli had an Antenna, allegedly used by the Terrorist to communicate with the Area of Lake Duchessa. However Giulio Grassini, Head of SISDE and Member of P2, did not take any Investigative Measures.

In 2005 Giovanni Galloni, former National Vice Secretary of Christian Democracy, said that during a Discussion with Moro about the Difficulty to find the Red BrigadesBases Moro told him that he knew of the Presence of US and Israeli Intelligence Agents infiltrated within the Brigate Rosse. However the Information obtained was not given to the Italian Investigators. He also declared that the Reason of the Assassination of Journalist Carmine Pecorelli was the same Information, perhaps coming from the United States.

During an Interview in front of the Italian Parliament Commission on Terrorism Galloni also stated that, during his trip to the United States in 1976, he had been told that a Government like that envisaged by Moro, which would include the Communist Presence, would be opposed at “Any Cost” by the American Republicans.


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