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What Is Shedding? What Does it Do?

First published at 00:41 UTC on August 22nd, 2021

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Fact Seekers

The Video explains How Shedding Occurs with the Vaccinated and How it impacts Non Vaccinated People. In My Experience, I developed Symptoms Shortly after being in Contact with Vaccinated Individuals.
The Analysis Outlined Here gives a Clear Understanding of What Happens (…).
N Morgan, Before It\s News

Spike Proteins are Magnetic
• The Spike Proteins attach themselves to the Nano Tech Graphene Oxide
NanoJumps” from Person to Person which is Consistent with Tony P’s Work
• They did Not Need Everyone to Take the Jabs just Critical Mass to Spread and Inoculate Everyone through this Mechanism
• Kerry is Claiming the Nano Tech is Telepathic and Responsive Both to External Signals and Internal (us)
• She claims it can Take Commands from Humans as well as Artificial Intelligence (do you Need to Speak Commands Out Loud? Is an Intention Enough? Doesn’t Say
• She claims we can Direct the Nano to NOT Cause Inflammation et cetera in our Bodies, Again Doesn’t Say How
• This Information came From Multiple Sources who are or were “Black Operations Scientists

NANO IS TELEPATHIC Follows Orders from YOU or from the AI

NANO IS TELEPATHIC (foto Project Camelot)

So if Nano Graphene has the Ability to Construct a Sort of Nano Layer of Skin that Overlays or Replaces our Current Bodies Slowly but Surely or the Nano Eventually Replaces Our Body, Duplicates Our Body.  It is Sensitive to Not Only the AI Signals and Directives. It will Link Up to any Network within Range and Be Subject toSuggestion from that Network Be It Local or Global. But if Nano is TELEPATHIC then you No Sooner Need Think of Something then it could Manifest It or Follow your Orders Just as Readily As It could Follow Some Outer Directive. Is it Possible there Remain Some Special Connection with One’s Own Body Mind Soul Complex that By Definition might Supercede any External Influences?

This Concept of the Borg AI as a ONE WAY Communication Relationship may be Inaccurate. There is No Reason Why It Can’t go Both Ways.  We could therefore influence the Borg To Be Whatever We Want It to Be just as Easily as It Could Do the Same to Us. At that Point One would Wonder Where the Dominance Lies?

A Shot or Jab can be Used to Take Over or Simply Provide a New Operating Platform which is Still Suggestible and Susceptible to your Neural Network Which Receives and Directs Signals Incoming and Outgoing.The Same as a Carbon Body.  What then is the Difference?

When we think of our Bodies we tend to think of them as Separate in some Profound Way from our Environment (Inner and Outer) but Is This Really the Case? Our Bodies do Not Have a Life Apart from our Access to Oxygen and Light and the Ability to Move, Access Food and so on.  So in this way our Bodies are as Much Part of the Fabric of Earth as the Trees and Rocks that Make Up Earth. We can Ride in a Space Ship but Require Certain Basics to Do So taking some of our Surrounding Natural Environment with us. Without which we could Not Survive.

But What Really Gives us Life? Is it indeed ‘Breath’ or Something Else? When Spirit inhabits the Aether, Dominates and Directs it in Relation to our Physical Bodies. Yet we Exist in Our Light Bodies Separate when we Choose to Leave our Physical Bodies to Travel duringSleep” or through What we Call Out of Body Travel and so on.

Maybe our Understanding of What Fabric of Space Time we Inhabit is Subject Only to our Ability to Recognize our Surroundings and Not by Any External Limitation.

We say we are Part of Source or God but what does that Actually Mean if Source or God Encompasses Everything? Then that Includes Nano and AI and therefore Nano and AI are as Subject to the Overall Directives and Dominance of Source as Anything Else. No Amount of AI can Supercede SOURCE INTELLIGENCE. In Fact Ultimately Even AI is Subject to the Greater Whole just as our Current Brain Cells and Neural Networks Carbon Bodies are. Nothing exists Outside SOURCE IF SOURCE IS ALL THERE IS.

The Experiment is All about Getting the Current Carbon Neural Network we call our Body to Recognize Another Type of Body or Vehicle and Access it, or Use It.  Once We Do That there is No limitation Imposed by AI and Nano that we Can Not Overcome or Take Control Of If We Choose. Because if we are Source and Always Source then There is No Limit to Us. No System or Manifestation or No Form or No Formlessness that we are Unable to Inhabit as Spirit or Soul.

Any Limits are Simply Those We Accept. All Else is Illusion.

In this Sense there is No Jail or Brison But That Which We Accept.

Form is simply a Temporary Limitation that Requires Us to Change Form in Order to “Escape” It.

The Question remains Whether these Bodies as Vehicles to Inhabit Space Time as Carbon in its Current Configuration are Somehow Superior by Virtue of How and Who made Them (in God’s Image We like to Say). Perhaps.

I have often thought that Aging is simply a Mental Directive that our Carbon Bodies choose to Obey when they could as Easily Live Forever Simply by Thinking It. Again the Only Limits are Those we Impose upon OurSelves”.

He’s very good, yes, the Spike Proteins are Magnetic but what he doesn’t know is that the Spike Proteins Attach Themselves to the Nano in the Graphene Oxide and Triton and Jump. Nano Jumps from Person to Person and Perhaps from Person to Thing to Thing as well in Essence Travels, “Flies”. This is what I was told from what is called a “Black Project Scientist” and also my Whistleblower, Captain Mark Richards.  Richards told me this (about Nano “Jumping” from a Car Engine onto a Military Base from Anything that is Electrical, a Toaster, a Computer et cetera. Many Years Ago before Covid was ever talked about). Understand this is Two High Level Sources who have No Knowledge of Each Other and are Years Apart Reporting the Same Thing. They Never needed Everyone to Take the VAX. Just a Critical Mass.

The Above Article about Nano and AI, this is all about the Human Race Coming to Terms with Dealing with the Advent of Nano and AI in Our Lives.  So Learning to Deal with It is Major. Basically the Sum of It is This. We are Telepathic and so is Nano!  Nano takes Direction Not Just From the AI but Also From US so if the Infected Learn to Communicate with their Bodies Consciously and Direct the Nano NOT TO CREATE INFLAMMATION OR RESPIRATORY OR OTHER ISSUES. It should Obey!  Assuming you Keep your Body Away from 5G and other Wireless Levels including TV’s, that are Pre Programmed Now to Carry Instructions to Give EveryoneCovid” making People Receptive Prior to Contact.

These People Who are Dying are Programmed to Accept and Not Fight the Nano Spike Protein Combo.

They think they are ‘Helpless’ and Only the Doctors can Help Them. Doctors who Believe inViruses Old School Germ Theory.

They Must Change Their Beliefs To Get Well.


One Possible Means of Mutation is Ionizing Tadiation. Radiation’s Ability to Produce Genetic Mutations was Established as Early as 1928 by Experiments on Fruit Flies, and has been Confirmed in Numerous Studies since then. In his Book on Radiation, Dr Martin Ecker Described the Ability of Ionizing Radiation to Cause Chemical Changes at the Atomic and Molecular Level, thereby Causing Biological Genetic Mutations. Acknowledging the Reckless Nature of Such Efforts, Ecker likened Ionizing Radiation to “Shooting a Gun into a Computer.” You will Change Something, but it is Difficult to Predict what. (16)
Supporting the Idea that Radiation could Trigger such a Mutation, we will Recall that in 1966 British Primatologist Richard Fiennes said, There is, Therefore, a Serious Danger that Viruses from Such Closely Related Groups as Simian Primates could show an Altered Patho Genesis in Man, of which Malignancy could be a Feature. The Dangers of Such Happening are Enhanced by Man’s Exposure in Crowded Cities to Oncogenic Agents and Increased Radiation Hazards. (17)
Today, there are Other More Precise Techniques for Genetic Manipulation, Techniques (like Genetic Recombination) which have their Roots in the Discoveries of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. So, Minimally, any Potential Creator of this Monkey Virus Mutation would have needed Access to Both the Monkey Viruses and a Means of Altering Genetic Chemistry, such as a Powerful Radiation Machine. Once the Virus was Mutated, the Next Step would be to Put the Mutated Virus into Living Animals to find out How It Behaved. One would need a Laboratory Full of Animals to Test the Various Batches of Mutated Viruses in order to Find Out which Mutations Did What. To Isolate the Most Effective Mutations, you would need Thousands of Animals, like Laboratory Mice or Hamsters, which are Frequently used in Blood and Cancer Research. These Animals would Need to be Kept in Cages, so you would need Hundreds of them (…).
The Adulteress sitting In Front of Them Stated that She and Lee Harvey Oswald Stood Side by Side in an Underground Medical Laboratory Located in David Ferrie’s Apartment on Louisiana Avenue Parkway in New Orleans, and that She was the Laboratory Technician that Handled the Cancer Causing Monkey Viruses which were being Used to Develop a Biological Weapon for the Purpose of Killing Fidel Castro. To Put the Icing on the Cake, the Entire Project was Secretly Directed by the Famous Dr Alton Ochsner (former President of the American Cancer Society) and Supervised by a Prestigious Cancer Researcher named Dr Mary Sherman, who Worked for Dr Ochsner at his Hospital. Further, she said, After Successfully Killing Numerous Monkeys with their New Biological Weapon, this Group had Tested it on a Human Subject in a Mental Hospital, Killing the Human. Lethal Human Experiments! Leaders of American Medicine and the Accused Assassin of the American President Involved Together in Developing a Biological Weapon! Can you hear 60M’s Signature Sound Effect Ticking in the Background?
HASLAM – DR MARY’S MONKEY, Kindle Version. Page 285



Streetlights Are NOW Identifying the Jabbed: They GLOW When They Walk By Them. FOR REAL!!

ON THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION Letter to Donald Trump and Juan O Savin, Q and Team and The People

Capacitor Reconstruct and Ionisers

First published at 04:37 UTC on May 5th, 2021


Using Different Means of Surging a Charge to Disengage any Engineered Nano Genetics from Hopping

Here are Different Type of Ionisers

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