To clarify statements made on my previous post entitled “MY QUESTIONS FOR THOSE ON THE SIDE OF RIGHT”.

During my recent interview with Juan O Savin, many people including Juan, seemed confused as to what I meant when I said that the people are the last to know and that we are being kept in the dark both on the surface and in underground bases and that this has got to stop. I stated that the real enemy is secrecy. And I stand by that. But I want to be perfectly clear.

We are not asking to know Military secrets or operations what we are asking is that those in charge stop lying about the reality we live in. During the election and the last four years, both sides, those on the Trump team and those aligned with the Luciferian Agenda have exclusively used the MainStream Media to speak to the people. Even during Trump’s first term in office (aside from the coded language of Q) Trump continued to hold Press Conferences with only Mainstream Press insiders in spite of the fact that there are legions of alternative journalists like myself reporting regularly to the people. As the censorship in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and other Mainstream social media platforms increased we found ourselves outcast along with our brothers and sisters in arms, the Trump team and Trump himself. And finally as our ranks began to grow members of the Trump team became more open and willing to talk with us and do interviews and share news. Many of us found ourselves doing videos and posting critical unbiased news and updates via platforms like Bitchute and Telegram. It is clear that this became our communication lifeline to what was going on and at the same time, gave Trump and his team, access to a massive group of patriots. 

There are several truths that have been revealed as self evident, well known and shared and substantiated behind the scenes but that continue to be hidden even in the rhetoric of Trump and his team. This became most apparent in the obvious hypocrisy involving Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Trump’s efforts to play along with what is in essence part of the Luciferian Agenda to control humanity.

We all see through the illusion. Project Camelot and many other key figures and whistleblowers have over the last sixty years going back to Adolf Hitler’s Germany and before, revealed the level of secrecy pervading Governments, news media, and institutions, using education and religion to obfuscate the reality we know to be true.

Behind one of the primary Trump missions is to rescue children (and other humans) who are prisoners of the Luciferians in Underground Bases.  This is at the absolute center of the Trump Mission and as such reveals the one of the greatest secrets being kept from humanity on Planet Earth today.

With this in mind, I state the following.


That we share this world of multiple dimensions and realities with various species of various origins some organic and carbon based, others of machine, silicon or of perhaps unknown origin.
That in our time and space continuum we are gradually merging with Sagittarius and the Andromeda Galaxy and have been and continue to be invaded by various species some of whom don’t have our best interests at heart and in fact use us as prey, slaves and a food source.


That since being invaded and genetically re engineeredour genome now has a portion of Reptilian DNA which leads those with higher concentrations of those genes to prey upon the other half. This includes using our children and other humans as slaves, sexually and as a food source, acting in the role of a parasite feeding on a host.


That a portion of the self selected members of this “infected” class that prey upon others have ruled over humanity with the help and at the direction of the pure blood Reptilians and Draco. It will eventually be revealed that Reptilians and Draco are a marauding species taken over by a negative Artificial Intelligence with the territorial imperative to dominate, invade and inevitably conquer any carbon based life forms they choose.


That this drama has reached epidemic proportions on our Planet and we need to take back our sovereignty and stop these intruders.


Our Governments, Military and white hats are not able to handle this alone. They need an awake and aware populace to fight the good fight and stand up for our right for self determination and to remove this threat before it succeeds in turning this planet into a fully conquered world of Reptilian Human Hybrids (like the Anunnaki before them who were once fully humanoid like the Pleiadians and are now Reptilian Humanoid, conquered and dominated by the AI that rules over the Draco.


That in order to break free and rescue the children and rehabilitate the rescued all aspects of our societies will need to be educated and made aware of the very real threat we live under.
This is the Trump mission and our mission as members of that brave team.


No longer can we afford to bow down and submit to the lies spread by the worldwide Mainstream Media and propaganda machines of the Deep State run by the Draco Reptilian overlords aimed at keeping humans, doped up on fake food, degraded water and environmental elements aimed at further oppressing and controlling the masses.
That includes a Jesuit Vatican run educational and religious system ruled by Reptilian overlords.
This is a Brave New World and it is time to awaken the masses to the real truth so that we can become stronger while we strive to save our Planet and our brothers and sisters from becoming finally conquered and subservient to the Borg AI.

No more lies about who we are, our divine heritage as keepers of the flame of the true Creator God that rules over both the light and the dark and all things big and small in this multiverse.

Our valiant alternative citizen journalists, explorers and freedom fighters have been steadily revealing the real truths about healing, higher consciousness, activation of Kundalini energy, natural super powers embedded in our genome and our true birthright now for over 80 years.  Abilities are hidden in our bodies to conquer death and take control over the transition out of the 3D en 4D matrix, time travel and multi dimensional aspects of our realities and much much more. It is imperative for example, that we stop the release of AI generated bioweapons aimed at destroying our natural immunity to disease and the lie behind germ theory.  We are at war with the iLLUMiNATi who are working with Communist China and other dark players in support of this Luciferian agenda aimed at conquering Earth and her people.

This is what I am talking about when I say that the people must NOT BE KEPT IN THE DARK ANY LONGER.
We see the light and the true source of our divinity and we claim our right to defend our sacred ground.

We are not pawns in this great game.
We are not passive observers or obedient compliant slaves eating popcorn while our Planet burns and our precious children continue to be taken over and stolen from us.

If Trump and the Military want to lead us out of this morass of inequity they must acknowledge our power and our right to stand side by side with them in this struggle to free each other and our world from the bonds of slavery. We have every right to join the fight for liberty against all invaders foreign and domestic, on sea, land and water,underground and undersea, on and off this Planet, in inner Earth and other dimensions. Whether it is admitted or not many of us have come to the Earth at this critical time with this mission. This fight is our fight.  And the first step is acknowledging the real truth behind the takeover and reason why our children have become victims in this deadly game.  Continued secrecy on this only serves the Luciferian Agenda and puts our children and consequently our future in grave danger.

Kerry Cassidy is the CEO and Founder of Project Camelot. Kerry is a documentary filmmaker, investigative journalist, author and well known host of Project Camelot TV broadcasting weekly live shows on YouTubePROJECT CAMELOT AKA  – is a leader in the alternative media sector, with a YouTube channel that has over 900 video interviews over past 16 years, plus five years of radio show interviews and over 70 million unique viewers worldwide with over 298,000 subscribers. Kerry travels the world conducting interviews and documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as authors, researchers and experiencers covering conspiracies, the Secret Space Program, Black Projects, ETs, Kundalini, Ascension and Free Energy. She speaks at conferences around the world and is considered one of the leaders of the disclosure movement. Kerry’s book, “Rebel Gene: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity documents her trip down the rabbit hole and years in Project Camelot. FIVE STARS ON AMAZON! Due to censorship and demonetization by YouTube Project Camelot has now become a subscription based platform. JOIN NOW BECOME A MEMBER


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