Private Image Ltd. – Sex Pistols: What a great time to be alive (Documentary)

Here’s the Sex Pistols | Never mind the bullocks (foto Etsy)

Johnny Rotten signed (foto Pristine Auction)

Johnny Rotten signed (foto Pristine Auction)

Gepubliceerd op 25 jul. 2019

Punk Girls tribute

I know the edit is really bad and I don’t care. People who are complaining about the edit, you are this woman 58:1. This is not for the Oscars or Golden Globes 1:00:30.

This is a compilation from various punk documents:
Punk Britannia BBC
Punk EPIX 2019
24 hour party people
Westwood  Punk, Icon, Activist
I swear that I was there
BBC’s God save the queen conspiracy
DOA  A Rite of passage

YouTube videos
Steve Jones Yahoo and Kennedy interviews
Bromley contingent interview
Sex Pistols early interview
Sex Pistols get kicked out of jersey
Sex Pistols live at Late Late Show 2007


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