Prepare For Change – Planned Chaos | Media: Tell A Vision & Predictive Programming

Planned Chaos | Media Tell A Vision & Predictive Programming (foto YouTube)

Planned Chaos | Media: Tell A Vision & Predictive Programming

In première gegaan op 17 okt. 2020

Prepare for Change is pleased to announce it’s latest documentary series and article release, “Planned Chaos.”

Our premiere episode is “Media: Tell A Vision & Predictive Programming.” This episode will explain who owns the media and how they work with the CIA and other controllers to shape opinion and program their audience.

We’ve also begun releasing corresponding disclosure articles on that will provide great detail in a top level approach that will reveal very obscure facts and connect all of the current events to each other. The topics will continue with a PFC unique focus on the COVID 19 pandemic, coordinated race riots, arsonists and eco terrorists, and how they are all a distraction aimed at getting back cabal control through the 2020 US Presidential elections.

The articles will shift gears slightly and go into showing how the swamp is being drained, spotlight who financially benefits, to the role of Kew and the spiritual battle often overlooked and culminates with a dive into the dark forces that drive the planner’s agenda.

This will be a must watch video series and group of articles for the Prepare for Change audience, but also aims to bridge the gap to reach many of those who are caught up in the confusion of the planned chaos and are simply wondering what is going on this year!

There will be vital information regarding the reason behind the planned chaos that we’re seeing right now being perpetrated by the cabal as the US election season approaches a pivotal crescendo.

The information in this release has been culled by the Prepare for Change team, volunteers, and researchers around the world. It includes information you won’t get all in one place from anywhere else.

What drives their madness? What are they trying to achieve? How does it all tie together? How does it tie into the battle between good and evil? We will answer these questions and show how is there a covert war that’s busting out to the surface.

The intention of the series is to build upon the work of disclosure presenters Janet Ossebaard, Mike Smith, Mikki Willis, Charlie Freak, and many other presenters who’ve recently found their channels and social outlets removed.
This series doesn’t cover the same ground but will complement it and focus on questions that don’t have “pat” answers and information that the cabal is desperately trying to censor. It aims to reveal the play of the dark side and urge the banding together of the light to create planetary liberation once and for all.

Key articles began dropping every day beginning October 15th. Join us on October 17 and again on October 24 for live premieres of the videos. Also check out for more in depth insight.

The following topics will be presented as articles and some as videos.

Media: Tell A Vision and Predictive Programming

COVID-19 The Plan, Scam, and Resulting Order
Racial Divide = Civil War The Distraction Cover Up
No Ordinary Election
Arson & Eco Terrorism
Swamp Draining is Real & Global
Financial War Power, Corruption and Money
17 The Spiritual Connection
Darkness Drives the Madness

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We prepare humanity for peaceful change while offering positive solutions and programs during and after The Event.

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