Preacher on Mars – Joost Knevel Abused in Bodegraven, The Netherlands? + Joost Knevel, Victim of Sexual Abuse and MK Ultra + Truth Videos 1984 – Satanic Pedo Network Bodegraven

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Joost Knevel Abused in Bodegraven, The Netherlands?

Published 17 feb. 2021

This is Joost Knevel from The Netherlands, who was an alleged victim of Satanic, Ritual Sexual Abuse AND a Witness of children being murdered in his childhood in Bodegraven, the Netherlands. This was supposedly done by Jaap van Dissel and Frans Bastiaansen among others.

Dit is een filmpje van Joost Knevel. toen hij bloemen in het water gooide, maar dan vertaald in het Engels. INTERNATIONAAL DELEN MENSEN!!


Joost Knevel, victim of Sexual Abuse and MK Ultra in Bodegraven, The Netherlands

Published 5 mrt. 2021

Joost Knevel, a victim of Satanic Sexual Abuse in Bodegraven, the Netherlands. Time for Revelation, No Stone Unturned.


Joost Knevel and the Satanic Pedo Network in Bodegraven, The Netherlands

First published at 03:21 UTC on February 22nd, 2021.

Bombshell Video.

Joost Knevel testifies about the Satanic Pedophile Network he was a victim of during the first years of his life.(1982 – 1983).
He’s been abused and he saw children being murdered in front of his eyes.

Joost names Names. He’s talking about important people such as Jaap van Dissel who is the Dr Fauci of The Netherlands. But it goes higher than that. Even the Dutch Royal Family is involved.

The Mayor of Bodegraven has given orders to prevent the laying of flowers, Dutch journalist Chris Klomp is threatening people who want to lay flowers on Graves in Bodegraven. A Security Company is now guarding the Graveyard. People being called “Conspiracy Thinkers” in the media.

This needs to be shared wide and far. Download the video here