Porcha Marie Jones – JFK TRUTH: The Mob CIA and the Eight Paid ASSASSINS

The Eight Paid ASSASSINS (foto YouTube)

JFK TRUTH: The Mob CIA and the Eight Paid ASSASSINS

Gepubliceerd op 11 mei 2017

November 22, 1963, eight Assassins were paid 50.000 each, to assure our Leader of the Free World JFK, CAMELOT, would never survive another day. The meeting the Day Prior of the Plan and the Participants who wanted him dead would surprise you. All Conspiracy Theories, and recent Books still do not tell you the truth, as they were also paid by the CIA, since the original patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald story, is proven to not even be possible. This is the True Story and Explanation to what really took place that day. It’s disturbing, embarrassing, and hurtful our Nation, planned his Assassination. a;;e for money, power, and different political ambitions. This is a non monetized, brief encounter to the JFK Murders explained from the film that is over three hours long. “JFK 9/11 A Rich Mans Game” that I shortened to get to THE POINT of the JFK murders truth, and explains why the other Conspiracy Theories are NOT TRUE. AND THIS IS THE TRUTH YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!


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