Pheripheral Mind – 9/11 Re Visited: THE HOLLOW TOWERS

View of the Gelatin made Window on the 91th Floor of World Trade Center, filmed from a rented Helicopter (1) (foto YouTube)

View of the Gelatin made Window on the 91th Floor of World Trade Centre, filmed from a rented Helicopter (2) (foto YouTube)

9/11 Re Visited: THE HOLLOW TOWERS

The image below shows a 1972 photo. You can see the insides of the tower is bare, HOLLOW and empty. This is how they were when they were brought down on 9/11.

I have mentioned this many times. They plan events 50 years ahead. And they have been doing this right before the Middle Ages!!


9/11 was planned almost 50 years before it happened.
70% of the building was UNOCCUPIED and BARE.
The remaining had fake front offices all owned by a few entities. Those buildings were almost completely empty for their entire life. 
They found a passport but what happened to all those office furniture? Computers, desks et all?

“(…) 45,000 desks, 45,000 chairs, 245 Acres of Carpeting, 40,000 File Cabinets, 40,000 Cubicles, 75,000 Telephones, 50,000 Staplers, 20,000 miles of wiring, 300 Mainframe computers, 45,000 Computer monitors, 45,000 Keyboards, 45,000 mice and computer aid, 650 Fire Extinguishers, 3,000 Copy Machines, 2,000 Water Coolers, 3,000 Printers, 20,000 doors, 40,000 door knobs, 450 Refrigerators, 3,000 Snack and Soda Vending Machines, 3,000 Wallets and purses, 3,000 Employee ID Cards, Required after 1993 bombing, 3.000 Employee Personal Cell Phones (…) VAPORIZED!?!?!?! (…)

People, 9/11 was the top grossing movie of all time. It was not a terrorist attack. The buildings were empty, the blocks around the WTC were evacuated, and most of everything we saw on the TV was fake.
The article in the link below is a huge read. So take your time.
The article claims NO ONE died on 9/11 and it was all CGI.

Where the Towers Hollow?

This original link is not working anymore.

So I got a second link, seems to be a copy of this one

This picture below is reportedly from 1978. Six years since the construction and one of the hottest properties in New York City is still barren and empty?

Here is the Freedom of Information Act Request the PROVES the towers were mostly EMPTY! The whole myth of those being the busiest office building around was exactly that, a myth. Quote from the link below.

As you can see, the Towers were thinly populated.

=Many of the “Survivors” of the 1993 Bombing were apparently working for Companies that had no lease in the WTC at all. George Sleigh tells us he worked for the American Bureau of Shipping, and that in 1993 they were located on the Upper Floors of WTC 2. His Supervisor, Claire McIntyre, tells us the same thing. According to this list, they were not at the WTC at all.

At the time of the Bombing in early 1993, according to this FOIA, there were only 19 Tenants in the Office Portion of the North Tower (above the Concourse Floors and Blow 110, which was Transmitting Equipment related to the Rooftop Antenna.”

This is a long way from the packed, bustling, heavily occupied Towers represented in all of the Reports at the time.


The Monolith represents among other things a SCREEN. Stanley Kubrick predicted, perhaps unknowingly, the arrival of the touchscreen mobile phones in the future. The movie shows the actors touching the monolith, as in “TOUCH SCREEN“. The structure itself is not as important as to what it represents – a MOVIE SCREEN, or in real life the arrival of the TOUCH SCREEN Mobile phones.

Touching the screen has a special meaning to the Satanic Zionists, as it represents humanity entering a parallel world of reality, much like those bathtub scenes shown in movies. (watch the movie CONSTANTINE) The bathtub represents the portal between two realities. From AIR to WATER. The bathtub is also where many pop stars were killed, the so called suicides. 

You can see the reality today, as years after Kubrick’s movie, you see humanity engrossed in their mobile phone screens while ignoring the reality around them. 
The act of TOUCHING is one level up from just WATCHING MOVIES. Where we sat in darkened theaters just WATCHING the screen, we can now TOUCH them. This TOUCHING is like actually touching and feeling the visions shown on screen as if they’re semi REAL.
This is very similar to what people say about WRITING your goals down. You are told to WRITE your goals down, not so that you will remember them, but just the act of WRITING your goals on paper is a subliminal of CONVERTING your ideas into REALITY. The thoughts become seemingly REAL when converted to INK on PAPER.
This addiction to mobile phone screens is also an Act of Occult Ritual.
As humans are mind kontrolled to travel deeper into this parallel world it will eventually lead to human DNA mutation. The touch screen is, therefore, the beginning of this process which started out gradually by religion, which disconnected you from your real spirituality, then the TV (TEL LIE VISION – A VISION OF LIES and now to MOBILE PHONE SCREEN which creates a parallel reality.).
To see what is in store for humanity watch the movie “THE LAST MIMZY
We are being controlled by Dark Forces, Rituals, and Evil Occult Power.
Please wake up.

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