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These are more or less random picked websites from artist, with remarks.

Kunstschilder Ans Markus
Maintained by ‘creators for small business’
She sells a book
(no Facebook or any other social media links)

Folkert de Jong – Studio Folkert de Jong
Has not been updated since 2011, his gallery’s do the job for him

Rob Scholte Museum
Rob has raised his own museum and actively blogs, tweets and posts on FaceBook

Welcome to | Jeff Koons
Jeff has an very exemplary obediently site. Created with the Drupals content management system and with FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram links.

Home – Damien Hirst
Damien has it all, even a shop:
/ News/ Artworks/ Projects/ Biography/ Exhibitions/ Video/ Texts/ Image Licensing/ Shop
••• sponsored link: •••
design by who work for the Tate Museum too.

Fiona Tan
I think here gallery do the work for her:
Frith Street Gallery, London
Wake Works of Art, Tokyo
And Constant – of course – made his site to a piece of art on it’s own.

And by the way KickStarted DullTech™ (on Sale at