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Gauguin | The Full Story (foto YouTube)

Paul Gauguin – Olympia (foto YouTube)

Paul Gauguin: The Full Story (Art History Documentary)

Published 14 nov. 2020

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In 1903, on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas, a syphilitic and alcoholic Frenchman called Paul Gauguin died of a heart attack. At that point nobody realised the incredible impact Gauguin’s work was to have on modern art. Art critic and broadcaster Waldemar Januszczak wrote and directed this examination of a man who was not only a great painter but sculptor, wood carver, musician, print maker, journalist and ceramicist. As well as telling the remarkable story of Gauguin’s life, Januszczak also celebrates Gauguin’s achievements and examines the various accusations of misconduct, familial neglect and racism that are frequently made against him. The film contains many of Gauguin’s masterpieces and includes paintings put on show at the Hermitage in St Petersburg which haven’t been seen in public since their disappearance during World War II.

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From Gauguin: The Full Story

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