Pepe’s Fren Zone – WACO: FED Massacre Cover Up and Clinton ‘Suicide’ called out by Trump

WACO: FED Massacre Cover Up and Clinton ‘Suicide‘ called out by Trump

Published in 2021

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The fake news is wondering why Trump chose to start his Presidential rallies for 2024 at the infamous Waco, Texas and for once, they might be onto something.

I went digging into the WACO massacre where a cult leader and over 80 people stood their ground against the federal government and then performed a mass suicide ritual by burning their own house to the ground.

Or did they?

Trump’s campaign manager says that their choice had nothing to do with that infamous event but I’m not so sure.

After digging into it, it seems like the government, backed by Bill Clinton, gave the order to burn these people to the ground and denied them their constitutional rights.

To be clear, I do not believe the cult leader David Kiresh was a good person, in fact, he was a pedophile, but all signs show that the government had set their will to take someone out and mass sacrificed children to do it.

To summarize what happened
The ATF appeared to have been given the order to take down this cult and they instigated a shoot out on purpose by instigating it with an army of government officials. They sent tanks and snipers and surrounded the area. Some ATF members were shot but many thought the cult started the shooting which is now in question as I will show later in this thread. When talks of of release of the women and children was going well they seemed hell bent on doing everything to make the situation worse.


Trump rally held on April 15th at the 30 year anniversary of the event.

In 2016, Trump brought up a ‘Conspiracy theory’ that the man who was connected to the Waco event with Hillary Clinton did not commit suicide but was murdered by the Clintons. Fake news Jake Tapper tried to shame him for speaking out about it.


“Mr Trump has repeated an outrageous and long-ago debunked falsehood about former Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster a friend, of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s until his tragic suicide.”


“I don’t bring Foster’s death up because I don’t know enough to really discuss it. I will say there are people who who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder. I don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair.”

Where there is smoke there is fire (…)

“Foster, who worked in the Clinton White House, took his own life. But critics are saying Mr. Trump was trying to suggest something else when he told the Post, ‘Whether it’s Whitewater or whether it’s Vince or whether it’s Benghazi. It’s always a mess with HIllary.’

Trump knew! And what was he just connected with nine months before? WACO.

Vince Foster was Hillary Clinton’s mentor (…)

The government helmed by the Clinton’s ended up hiding evidence at the crime scene in the aftermath of the WACO massacre. Check this out: They hid the front door and it conveniently went missing in the wreckage. Why is this important? The ATF said that the cultists shot first but the front door was proof that it was not true. So the proof just vanished!

The FBI changed the crime scene. Why? What are the chances?

Clinton Associate takes Boxes from Vince Foster. Another Classic Clinton Suicide and Cover Up.


90 days after WACO, Vince Foster ‘committed suicide’

The day after Vince Foster died, the FBI came over and did a ‘crime scene search’ of his office and likely took evidence about the WACO incident.

An intern for Clinton testified that he took a box of files from Foster’s home and no one knows where it went. Suspicious much?

Joe Biden, the head of the FBI, and more claimed that the cult members performed a mass sacrifice ritual by setting fire to their house. but Pyrotechnics were found at the scene and the government lied about it. if that is true, then they massacred children on purpose. Crimes against humanity pushed by the government.

This is sick!


time were questioning if the Clinton’s were ultimately responsible for the decision to burn down the house filled with children. Listen to deep state liar Chuck Schumer play cover for Bill at the time:

“I will not let this become a show trial with law enforcement as the defendent… It is unfair to twist the fact and make law enforcement the villain.. It is a serious accusation that the President interfered with changed, moved up the decision. And we can’t just bandy these things around unless we have some real evidence.”

Ah I’m sure now that Clinton was involved if Schumer tells me he wasn’t.

Clinton says fire started by cult at 2 min which seems like a blatant lie.


If true, this would not be the first time Clinton ordered a ‘suicide’ or mass child sacrifice…

Listen to what the government was doing to these people. They used noise Psychological warfare to get them to come out instead Get this: Sounds of rabbits being slaughtered, people speaking Latin backwards, phone off the hook all night long and more.

I repeat, rabbits being slaughtered.

How would this get these people to come out?

“A bunch of religious fanatics living in a building who are unstable and you are going try and make them more unstable and you think that’s going to work. That’s insane.”

This is disturbing.



The FBI | ATF rose a flag over the corpses of over twenty children as a symbol of conquest. You can’t make this stuff up. And did Clinton give the order?

The same FED that oversaw the the WACO siege also was the Special Agent in charge during the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

The year after the WACO massacre, Bill Clinton announced an assault weapons ban. What are the chances? We know that false flags are committed by the feds in order to provide justification to slowly erode our second amendment rights.

I do not know exactly what Trump might be trying to say by hosting his first Presidential rally for 24 at Waco but the similarities between WACO and the fed cover up and January 6th incident with the subsequent fed cover up are striking.

Trump knew that Clinton was involved and he told us that Clinton was involved in the suicide of a man so, in my mind, he chose this place for a reason. This situation did not need to happen. They violated their constitutional rights. Traditionally, when the government wants to take down someone, they will do anything they can, moral or otherwise, and then cover it up later. If you are a so called conspiracy theorist, then you know how corrupt the powers that be truly are and WACO is just another cautionary tale of the lengths they will go to get what they want. No matter how depraved or insane their methods turn out to be.

If you’d like more information on this subject you can watch this breakdown here.

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