Pepe Lives Matter – The Creature from Jekyll Island

The Creature from Jekyll Island

Compilation of A Thread on the Federal Reserve Slave System Designed to Control the Masses and Enrich the Cabal.

Explanation what the Federal Reserve System Actually is

It’s A Cartel. It’s Not A Government Agency, it has the Appearance of it Being A Government Agency. They went to Great Lengths to Give it that Facade ()  In it’s Essence, It’s A Cartel () They got Together. They Drew Up the Rules and Regulations for their Own Industry. To Self Regulate their own Industry. It’s what Cartels do. And then they sent it to Congress and they took off the Label off the Top that said ‘Banking Cartel’ and they erased that and they said ‘Federal Reserve Act.

Congress passed it into Law. And that’s why we think it’s A Government Agency it’s because if you don’t Obey the Rules that they Set Down for their Own Industry you go to Prison.


The Secrecy behind the Creation of the FED

They knew There was Going to be Some Kind of Move to control Banking () And So Instead of Being Stupid about it, they decided to Take the Lead. They said We’ll write the Bill. They went to Jekyll Island where Nobody knew they were going, they had A Meeting where there was A Great Deal of Secrecy. They denied that they went for Many Years Thereafter. They actually Drafted the Federal Reserve Act on 1910 and then the Next Three Years it took that Much Time to Promote it and Get it through Congress.”


The Devious Ploy by the Bankers

It was A Ploy. It was A Brilliant Piece of Strategy. These People were Not Stupid  (In Fact, while the Bill was being Debated in Congress Some of these People before the Public and Gave Speeches knowing it would be Reported in the Press () and they said ‘This Bill [that they had written] ‘is not going to be Good for Business. It’s Bad for America.’ They Actually do that Ploy. Knowing Full Well that the Average Guy would Read that in the Newspaper and Say, ‘These Big Bankers don’t like the Bill, must be Pretty Good.

These Fellas were Brilliant and That’s How they Sold It.

In other Words, they Thrived Off the People’s Ignorance. An Awakened People is their Greatest Fear.”


First Hand Account from Tim Bence Explaining How the Idea for the Federal Reserve was Conceived Directly above A Canaanite Altar.

Who would be Crazy Enough to have A House built on Top of A Blood Sacrifice Altar? Well he said Rockefeller was () It’s the Room that they were Sitting In when they drew up the Entire Legislation and Plan to Pass It that became the Federal Reserve Act. So this was the Conception of the Federal Reserve Banking System. On the Parlor Sitting on Top of A Blood Sacrifice Altar.”


Full Interview

What the Federal Reserve really is

Today it controls the Money System. All the Important Elements of Commerce are Controlled by this Private Group in the Name of the Government.. It’s become So Powerful over the Years the Roles have been Reversed. The Role of Master and Servant has reversed. Now we come to the Horrible Conclusion that the Government doesn’t Control the Banks, the Banks control the Government. Now we answer the Question. It is Our Master. And Most People don’t know it

Let that Sink In. It’s A Slave System that is Not Even Recognized by Much of the Population. Think Matrix, Think Mystery Babylon.


Glenn Beck breaks down the Creation of the Federal Reserve Created by the Likes of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

These are the Men that Represented 1/4th of the Wealth of the entire World. The Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, The Rothschilds all in one Room (…) They All had come Together to Form A Banking Cartel so they didn’t have to Compete against Each Other.

Five Objectives

Stop theGgrowing Competition from the Nation’s newer Banks.

Obtain Franchise to create Money out of Nothing for the Purpose of Lending.

To get Control of the Reserves of all the Banks.

Shift the Losses from the Bank Owners to the Taxpayers.

Convince Congress that the Purpose was to protect the Public.”


Glenn Beck on the FED

The Government could go to the FED and obtain instant Money without having to consult the Taxpayer () Money created out of Nothing and then given to the Government. It’s Loaned by the Banks to you and me and then we Pay Interest on it and then it goes to them. Interest on Nothing. Again, the FED is Nothing More than A Cartel. This Cartel that brought the Federal Government into A Partnership where You and I have to Answer to it ()

The FED is Privately Owned but by Whom? Good Question.. No One knows. We can’t Open their Books and we don’t Know Who Owns them.”

Dismantle the FED.


The Coming Banking Catastrophe

If we are Able to Marshall the Forces of Society and Turn this around in the Last Minute of the Battle [Precipice] Well then we could have A Very Rosy Picture because the Chaos that we will have to go through, in the Meantime, will leave Such an Indelible Record, such A Lesson to be learned, that I don’t think Mankind would Ever Forget it. They would Never want to Return to that again.”

Only at the Precipice as an Anon once said ()


If you have Not Read The Creature from Jekyll Island, Now is as Good as Time as Ever to Arm Your Self with Knowledge. It’s Practically A Must Read for Anyone Wanting to Understand the Truth about the Hidden Slave System that we Live In.

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G Edward Griffin – The Creature From Jekyll Island, March 13 2023

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