Paul Wells – On Raymond Roussel: Death and the Labyrinth

Maurits Cornelis Escher (gif Gfycat)

Maurits Cornelius Escher (gif Gfycat)
Maurits Cornelis Escher (foto Westeneng Art).

On Raymond Roussel: Death and the Labyrinth

Published  7 sep. 2021

Paul Wells

In this Video I summarize Raymond Roussel S Life, Work and Relationship to the Thought of Michel Foucault. I have Approached this Topic with the Intention of Developing A Larger Series relating to Foucault S BookThe Order of Things” so I presume my Audience will have At Least Some Knowledge of Structuralism, Philosophy and Foucault S Ideas. Feel Free to Ask Questions and I will do my Best to Respond. If Anything is Vague and if you Catch Any Errors Please Let Me Know and I will Correct Them If Everything Checks Out! Enjoy!

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