Paul Haesaerts – Visite à Picasso

Duration 20 min.
Director Paul Haesaert

Visite à Picassois a classic documentary by director Paul Haesaerts which features the frequently used footage of Picasso painting on glass while A camera films him from the other side. The trick of filming thru glass allows the viewer to witness Picasso’s true genius as he paints his famous Torros with just A few well placed brushstrokes. Shot in beautiful black and white in Picasso’s home in Vallauris, the film is A poetic treatment of the master painter. This captivating film is A must see for anyone interested in Art.

Like Picasso, this film follows its own rules; not so much A documentary, Visit to Picasso is more of A rough portrait of Pablo and tons of great footage of his studio in Vallauris accompanied by moody organ music. The absence of A story line is compensated by Frank Silvera factual narration (dubbed English narration by William Patrick), putting Picasso’s art in historical perspective.

Eyeworks Film – Visite à Picasso

Gepubliceerd op 16 nov. 2015

The film shows the Art and personality of Pablo Picasso. It shows the artist in the area he inhabits, in his studio, showing his pictures and sculptures. He can be seen tracing drawings and compositions; his gestures and expressions can be followed as he works in his studio at Vallauris and in the Grimaldi Castle at Antibes. A unique historical document one one of the greatest Artists of the 20th century.

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