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18 Deltas for April 21st

Project Odin

Q Post N° 2527 tells us that Something Powerful is Going to Knock Out Mossad Media Satellites. This will Black Out the Media Worldwide, Switch Us over to the Quantum Systems. This is Called PROJECT ODIN. In Essence, it Provides the Reason to Activate the Military Emergency Broadcast Service.

Starlink is Already Up
And Apparently Ready for the Military to Activate the Worldwide Emergency Broadcast System
Project Odin, as Mentioned by Ron CodeMonkeyz,
is A POWERFUL Anti DePlatforming Tool and Part of Quantum Starlink
These New Quantum Systems are Protected by Secret Space Programs Out of the Cabal’s Reach
Q Drop N° 2337 tells us that Mossad Media Assets will be Removed
Whiplash has Repeatedly Stated that There is Going to Be
Biblical Scenario
Where they Make Out it’s WWIII
But in Actuality they will be Activating Militaries around the World
And Then begin Bombing All of these Satanic | Luceriferian Landmarks.
This will Release the NESARA | GESARA Funds
And then We The People will Begin the Rebuild
This Event is Indeed BIBLICAL.

What are Some of the Bigger Satanic iLLUMiNATi Landmarks in the World?
If you Read Q Drops you will See that Q has Shown Us Them

• Vatican

• Buckinghan Palace

• The White House x 2, USA, Germany

3 Gorges Dam in China

• CERN on the Swiss | French Border Possible

• Big Pharma in Wuhan = Israel

• Israel | Khazarians controls CCP

• The Media et cetera

  • 34 Satanic Buildings and Dams will Fall

Many Events will be Also be Happening such as

• Rods of God | DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) to be Used on Targeted Satanic Locations Worldwide

• Planes and Trains will be Grounded

• Lights | Power will be Switched Off for Short Time while they Changing over to Tesla Free Energy

• Bitcoin Servers | Data Center will Be Hit and Turned Off for Good

99.5% of Crypto will Be Gone including China Coins

ISO20022 Coins Backed by Precious Metals will be Available

WWIII Scare Event will Occur

• Nuke Sirens

• Water Event

• Stock Market Crash

• Global Martial Law

CASTLE ROCK Scenario Julian Assange

• Quantum Systems

• Project Odin Switched On

• Nesara | Gesara | RV

• Election Flipping via Military Courts | FISA

• Military Tribunals | Confessions | 10 Day Movie | 3 × 8 Hour Sessions

10 Countries will Be Running EBS to Cover the Whole World

• Massive Truth Reveals

• Inauguration of Trump and Kennedy

• The ISRAELI MOSSAD that has Control the WORLD’s MEDIA Out of the US Eliminated. Q N° 1871 outlines this.

• Project Odin is Part of Quantum Starlink

• Our New Quantum Systems are to Be Protected by Secret Space Programs Out of the Cabal’s Reach

Q  N° 2337 tells you Mossad Media Assets will be Removed

• Israeli Intelligence Forced to Stand Down

• Media Assets will Be Removed

• After Media Disabled, John F Kennedy Jr will Come Forward

For the Transition to Gesara | Greatness
They have to Play out this Fake WWIII Scenario to Ring Sirens in Every National Military Command Center
This is to Justify to the Entire Planet Many Things that have been Taking Place Already
Gesara Military Law has Already been in Place including the Secret Military Tribunals, Confessions, Executions et cetera
As Always, All Militaries will be in Place to Help build New Things
We have Gained Our Freedom
Saved our Children
And Rid the World of Our Corrupt Governments and Enslavers

Borrowed from Whiplash347

Love and Light to All!

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