Patriot Underground – Dave XRP Lion Interview (3) April 23, 2024

Dave XRPLion Interview (3) April 23, 2024

First published on April 24th, 2024 at 21:11 UTC

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Patriot Underground


PU Welcomes Dave XRP Lion to Provide A Critical Update on the Latest Developments as Nesara | Gesara is Being Rolled Out under the Guise of the BRICS Alliance, We analyze the Pantomime and Recent Geo Political Events, discuss the Zimbabwean Zig Gold Backed Currency and Zim Bond Valuation, Highlight the Importance of Humanitarian Trusts and Review Redemption Center Protocols.

Please Use Dave’s Twitter to Access to All Documents Discussed in the Video, @XRPLion1

Dave’s Recent Zig Video

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The DAVE XRP LION Show – Patriot Underground DEEP DIVE ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING (1) + (2)

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