Patrick Henry – Breaking News (updated) | Busted | Documents Exposing that Corona Virus COVID 19’84’ Plandemic is a Declaration of War on 7.8 Billion people

Breaking News: Busted | Documents Exposing that Corona Virus COVID 19’84’ Plandemic is A World Economic Forum, Rothschild‘s UN, CIA Mockingbird Media, Crown, Vatican, US Corporation De Facto Government Production Amounting to A Declaration of War on 7.8 Billion people |  Message to Prime Minister Johnson and President Trump

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First Amendment Rights
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for A redress of grievances.

The following Introduction grew in to A neccesary history lesson in of itself. One that all Americans should have been taught at school but were not! If you are in A hurry and want to get straight down to the MAIN VIDEO [Roosters House Video exposing the World Economic Forum] see the end of this page:


Corona Virus Trojan Horse (foto Aangirfan)

America: contrary to what you have been told all of your life, America’s organic governments have been usurped by foreign parasites over the last 208 years. Our original enemies infiltrated control of America without needing to invade us (ongoing since the 1860′s). We have long had Foreign corporations masquerading as our organic We the people governments ( As a result we are being unlawfully ruled by A counterfeit parasitic Governance.  A Corporate Democracy operated by DC Crown & Vatican Corporations instead of through what we were sold, We the people Organic states compact governance at the Federal level, that guranteed us A Republican form of governance. What we have ACTING as if its A founding father, We the people governance, is A foreign Corporate governance orchestrated by banned foreign agents (as explained below) at both Federal and state levels (the fifty State of State Governances are also DC US Sub Corporations limited to DC jurisdiction only).

This fact should be coming in to focus by awaking Americans as they look at what certain States, County Corporations Governances are actually doing now as they violate our immutable organic laws with impunity.

Trump may not have known this fact when he came in to office! He must do by now! I am confident he had no idea the Swamp was the entire UNITED STATES and the fifty State of States Governances from end to end! The entire system is A criminal enterprise engaged in Human Trafficking of all Americans operating in contravention of the Trump EO’s on corruption and Human Trafficking!  This should underscore why those running the Criminal enterprise NEVER wanted an outsider in the White House! Assuming he was an outsider which is another story!

Trump may be working to undo this 150+ year Overthrow of our organic Governances. He may not be. I say this since the Administration has moved Zionist factions into positions of control (BlackRock over Federal Reserve & Treasury, Israel Intelligence now operating out of NY for example) that do not bode well for America.

It is not yet clear based on his actions what his true intentions are. We can only really judge him by his actions in putting America first over America’s former Rothschilds –  Luciferian Shadow Government OverLords that now control America through their interlocking control over the Corporations across America which appears to now include the entire central banking system.

In my opinion, the Cabal have gone for broke with the COVID” Plandemic. They are trying to escalate their ongoing soft coup in to A kinetic hard coup and A civil War. The COVID 1984 Plandemic is their perfect Storm event to force A Police state on the American people and Democide the population. The Military Industrial Complex researchers suggest the population target in America is an 81% reduction by 2025 (see reference below). If America does not wake the %^&*() Up the parasites will achieve this, most likely by destroying the Food Supply and Supply chains and causing long planned societal collapse.

If Trump is playing us and in bed with the Luciferian Cabal, which I do not rule out (Chabad, Rothschilds Zionists first) America will be in for a rough ride! If he truly is in Office to restore America, Law and Order and calls on the waking people to take out the trash then we will restore America to its Beacon of Hope and Truth for the World and this will mark A new Golden Age for Humanity and the end of the Cabalistic Luciferian Cabal from any longer aflicting our lives.

The first thing people need to see is the PLANDEMIC is A fraud. From there they will realize the planet has been scammed by A hidden hand which they need to be educated on!

This should help people wake up and see the PLANDEMIC for what it is.


Also: Its a Hoax, White House Briefing Room

Based on the above Trump should have people hanging by now! If he does not act on evidence of Sedition, Treason then we can conclude he is complicit in what is going on and we can conclude he, like Barack Obama is another puppet of the Talmudic Zionist Luciferian cult!  There is no other way to look at the facts now being revealed! We are at the moment of truth! I say this hoping Trump does the right thing which will mean exposing Rothschilds Israel roll with the USS Liberty, 9/11 and other Isreal Crimes against humanity including crimes of the Central Banking Usury and Debt Slavery System!

Ultimatley We the people must take back control of our Nation states which is nearly complete. See State Assembly references on We start taking back our nation by waking up as many  Americans that are able to still critically think which may reach as many as 20%. We must help more Americans to unlearn and reeducate. All need to realize US Corporation & United States Citizen IS NOT America & American!

We turn the tide by no longer consenting to foreign parasites masquerading as an American Government. Moronic private rules and codes need to be ignored just like you would ignore A Mall Cop that told you what to do while you walked through A Park, Beach et cetera! THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY over you!  We needs to see MILLIONS of Americans openly defying De facto Corporation private rules and codes! People need to be laughing in the face of fools that think they have the right to tell you what you have to do because they are wearing costume!

If Trump is truly batting for America first, he will have the support of the awakening!

Under our still standing immutable organic law foundations, which includes the English Common Law, We the people are guaranteed A Republican form of Governance! Yet we have FOREIGN corporations ruling us, violating sacred organic law foundations and openly claiming to be A Democracy.  That which calls itself A Democracy is not OUR American lawful Governance (it’s a DC Corporation under the CROWN (Corporation of London & Vatican Luciferian Roman Cult).

The American people have A lawful DUTY enshrined in the Declaration of Independance to ignore those impersonating Government who are undeniably directed by Globalist New World Order idealogy and, banned foreign agents (attorneys), would be Tyranical OverLords who desire to impose foreign fake so called Laws which are merely Corporate private rules and codes that Lawfully & Legally DO NOT APPLY TO THE AMERICAN people!

All attempts by foreign actors to bind the people on private rules and codes are based on MONUMENTAL FRAUDS invented by banned foreign agents called attorneys!

The entire fraud perpetuated over us is A Jedi Mind Kontrol Trick! Because you think they are your government, you treat them like they are! Yet they are not! Ask any Goverment Co agent for A lawful Oath, Bond and they will not be able to give you one!

Further note
We banned all foreign agents from Americas Governance since 1819. The foreign agents hid the law but it is still the law!

Bookmark for later Research, look up links to T.O.N.A.

All Americans should know that anything repugnant to the organic State Constitutions and the four 0rganic Laws that defined the foundations of our nation are invalid and this does not require A debate!

No one is obligated to obey Mall Cops working for A Crispy Cream Corporation (explained below). This is the law of the fifty States whether the parasites illegally occupying our fifty nations, pretending to be lawful government, and enforcing their foreign Municipal & Territorial CORPORATE private rules and codes on us like it or not!

We are in the Apocalypse which is the unveiling of millennial old lies, especially those told hundreds of millions of Americans over 150+ years who have been lied to about EVERYTHING!  Especially what has been operating as if it were the original Founding Father created states created Compact Federal Government since the 1860′s and what has been masquerading as the fifty organic We the people states since 1938 1954 [see references below to March 6th & 9th 1933 (image) and go to for more research on this topic].

I noticed A post by A brother in another BIN article that further exposes the absurdity of what Americans have allowed to transpire because they no longer know what an American is or what their rights are Here it is. Read and remember.

By Douglas V Gibbs
Author (, Speaker (, Instructor (, Radio Host (

Just an observation. Let’s name the principles of liberty that have been denied to the American Population in the name of safety from A Virus.
Freedom of Assembly. Group meetings have been cancelled, and disallowed.
Freedom of Movement. People in some States are being cited for leaving their houses for “non essential” reasons.
Freedom of Religion. Technically, in States where meeting in groups is not being allowed, going to church is against the law.
Freedom of Speech. Anyone with an opinion other than one that agrees with the official narrative is shouted down, censored, or silenced.
Freedom of the Press. The firing of Trish Regan for her opinions regarding the Corona Virus is a great example. The cancellation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social Media accounts for not carrying water for the official narrative are also great examples.
Right to Petition the Government for A Redress of Grievances. Protests calling for reopening cities and States are being shut down, and in A case in San Diego the organizer is facing jail time.
Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Some States are disallowing gun stores to remain open during the Corona Virus hysteria.
Due Process. Access to our rights are being stripped from us despite the Fourteenth Amendment’s requirement that that can only be done if one is found guilty in A court of law. Last time I checked, Viruses are not Due Process, they are not A judge, and they are not A jury.
Right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects. Some stories have emerged where health professionals are sharing patients’ personal information with government agencies or personnel.
There are no allowances in both the federal Constitution or any of the State Constitutions allowing government to quarantine the healthy.
Separation of Powers. A number of State legislatures have given legislative powers to their governors so that their executive Orders are legally binding.  However, if you read those State Constitutions, the word “vested” is used in the documents granting of legislative powers. That means that the legislature may not give away their legislative powers, even to the governor in A time of crisis.Vested” means that those powers are irrevocable.
Political Pistachio ( Conservative News and Commentary

The author does not appear to know that the STATE of STATE De Facto Governances that are making up private rules and codes masquerading as laws are not our organic Governments but Crown & Vatican De facto imposters!

The Seperation of Powers should be A clue to all that these are counterfeit state Governances excersing Powers they do not have and merely masquerading as if they were the organic state Governance! Their Jurisdiction is DC Only! They are mostly ran by banned foreign agents banned from America since 1819. You know them as Attorneys! More on that below.

Remember, if you do not know who you are and what your rights are you may as well have none! The American people no longer know who they are and this is why Parasites are getting away with Tyranny and Despotism, and Americans are allowing it to happen! This would not have happened even two decades ago when their were more among us that understood where the line in the sand was!

Letting the Luciferian cult win this age old battle against Humanity is not an option. Ignoring the reality before us will not make the problem go away. Doing nothing will not make the problem go away!

Please unlearn, reeducate and pass knowledge on! Awaken your neighbors, communities and rise up and lets defeat the cabal once and for all! Please Bookmark Event 202 for later viewing.
Event 202: The Resistance Against The Lies & Population Control Of Bill Gates & The NWO

What is the Luciferian cabal plan for YOU and America?

Please consider America has been orchestrated by the Luciferian cabal since the 1860’s (!) agents of the cabal have been running what people wrongly assumed was A lawful money system in America (which is in fact A Military Debt Script) which it is no such thing. The Luciferian cabal used the Talmudic Debt Usury Slavery system to asset strip Americans and the Nation since 1913 and fund their One World Government infrastructure now networked across the World.

The Luciferian cabal have operated their Debt Slavery banking system over America (best described as A Human Trafficking and slavery system) in violation of numerous standing organic laws of the original organic Federal compact Governance (defunct since the 1860′s) and the fifty nation States.

Also consider that DC United States Corporation (AKA USRael Corporation, a Rothschilds & Vatican & Crown Corporation) – is not the original states created Federal compact We the people Government but A De facto Government Corporation masquerading as the original organic Federal government! It is this foreign corporate Governance that gave the Rothschilds (Vatican & Crown) Israel Corporation $ 269+ Billion since 1947 not to mention Billions in Weapons that were used to Genocide Palestine and to fund and engage in A covert Wars on Humanity (America and all nations) designed to further the aims of the Luciferian cult detailed below (those that think like Netanyahu) that manufactured the COVID 19 “84″ Plandemic!

Further consider that America was 9/11′d in to funding SIX TRILLION of Wars to further the New World Order expansion that just so happened to allign with the Rotshchilds Greater Israel Project

Does anyone have A problem with paying $ 269 Billion to A KNOWN Terrorist enterprise Rothschilds Israel Government Corporation, whose leader declared he wants to destroy America? Funding our enemies was of course an act of national Suicide orchestrated by ZIO controlled US Corporation banned foreign agents! A De facto governance which for the most part is ran by BAR Attorneys (CROWN Franchisees), Members of Council of Foreign Relations, TLC, Bilderbergers, WEF, UN, and duel Israeli’s et al all of which, according to America’s organic laws are BANNED from American Governance and have been since 1819.


Israel bans duel nationals from its own Government.

The quote in the above Meme is from 1990. Why would we not take him at his word and ban him from America? Why would Americans keep paying the Netanyahu Rothchilds Government after these comments? If so called Government officers were A lawful rational American Government looking out for America first why would they fund enemies of America?

An American first Government obedient to enacted organic law would not. A government merely masquerading as an American Government and infiltrated by enemies of America [Zionist, Jesuits] Warring against all that America stands for would fund their foreign sponsors long looking to destroy America.

Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 ]. Do we have an American Governance? NO we do not, not since the 1860′s Do we have A President and CEO in the White House that wants to put America First over foreign interests, maybe?

The DC United States Governance and the fifty STATE OF STATE Corporate overlay Governances (Research Buck Act and “In this State’ on ACTING’ on the physical States are NOT American We the people Governments [for deep research on this topic go to], they are foreign Military styled De facto Governances organized as foreign Municipal & Territorial corporations and have long been at War with the foundations on which America was built! They are in business to extract wealth from the American people and transfer America’s wealth to foreign unAmerican interests! Additionally, their role was to transform America from A nation of Souvereign, independent people, in which the majority of people understood we were guaranteed A Republican form of governance and that Government was constrained by A Constitution, to one that resmblies A Zombie Apocalypse of Mind controlled slaves, brainwashed souls, waiting for A handout, taught to clamor for One World Government, being sold under the brands of Progressive, Liberal AKA Socialist & communist!

Be clear on what happened to RUssia and China as the nations were ushered in to communism. Millions were terminated! Go to 1:15 in this video and think about this reality

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America
Based on the actions of some of the STATE OF STATE Governors of late, perhaps now people will begin to see Liberal & Progressive reality for what it truly is and how they have used this latest Plandemic manufactured by our enemies within, to move America towards fascism and a Totalatarian Police State Yes, Americans have been duped by foreign agents at War with us for over 150 years!

Our original enemies could not take America Militarily after the War of Independence so they set out a long plan to infitrate the nation instead and use America to further the interests of the Vatican & Corporation of London under Black Nobility influence & control. The Weapons were the control of the legal system, Governance and Banking! Once these were controlled they took control of everything else!

Is it possible that President Trump is trying to restore lawful Governance in alliance with others in governance and the military that have realized we had been usurped for over 150 years by our original enemies, the Crown & Vatican Black Nobility? Maybe, but I am not holding my breath for him to act to save America! I make this comment based on his actions, not his words! Please consider just how many Warring against America who have openly commited Sedition, Treason who were inside Government have NOT seen A trial or the inside of A jail?

The US Corporate congress allowed Netanyahu to address the congress on more than one occasion! Do you think we would have funded ANY OTHER TERRORIST NATION to the tune of $ 269 Billion whose leader would have said the same things about America and its people?

Do you think if any other nation were implicated in destroying the Twin Towers (Dancing Israels, 9/11 & Building 7 False flag) or behind the USS Liberty Israel Attack, one designed to drag America in to another War against A nation that never did anything to harm America like our UNLAWFUL Wars on Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afganistan, et cetera. Would they have got the Red Carpet Treatment and A get out of jail free card or would they have been bombed to the stone age like we did to those countries that never harmed America or threatened America ever?

Remember this General Wesly Clark: Seven Wars pre planned over five years

The point is, enemies foreign and domestic, those engaged in sedition and treason inside so called UNITED STATES government, and those that call us allies, want America destroyed and are moving now to destroy her. They have told us with A straight face they are the superior race and they want millions of Americans dead and the sooner Americans realize this the better! They even left us A 25 foot statue weighing several tons in Georgia stating billions had to die just in case we did not get the message!

The sooner the American people wake up their neigbors, their communities, share the facts about the COVID1984 Plandemic and organize against this REAL, PRESENT and GATHERING threat the better off we will all be!

At this time we are witnessing A very ambitious Deep State Global Psycological War on Billions of people. The weapons of this War are Fake Science, Actors pretending to be We the people Government who are blatantly lying to the people, standing on Fake News & Rothschilds CIA Mockingbird Propaganda, all managed by Fabian Tavistock styled Think Tanks running the entire Worldwide FALSE FLAG Psy Op show which I believe is A prelude to A planned global 5G Genoicide rolling event which will be sold as A Corina Virus 1984 Second Wave.

If those looking to destory America win this Psycological Operation Live Excercise and the American people (people of all nations) do not push back on the lies, call out the so called leaders, reject their fake fascist so called laws, then the next War will be A Physical, Kinetic War and Millions will die. At this time we are being tested as to how far the cabal can push the people before we push back! To counter these threats America must awaken like A roaring lion and you are the key to that happening or not!

In summary, and as A precursor to what is to follow.

Humanity is quite literally being farmed by the Luciferian cult unlawfully running our nations, states and masquerading as A We the people Governance.  One of their most popular Human farming methods, outside of Usury & Debt Slavery so called Banking, and outside of manufactureed War and terrorism is reliance on the Pharma & the Medical Industrial Complex!

We didn’t infect enough population Donna Kinaire, Chief Executive Royal College of Nursing in Britain
The Pharma Medical method of human farming is best called THE DISEASE PROTECTION RACKET
Please bookmark this for later reading
Those behind this racket manufacture the Disease and the alleged cure! Yet, the cure is laced with other disease! Those that have taken A Vaccine are more likely to catch an illness then those that do not!

So it was A Hoax, numbers less than standard flue
https://BeforeIt’ video-revealstruth-2511249.html

May 01, 2020

Project Veritas Reveals Inflation of COV ID 19 Death Rate
What is driving the Wuhan Corona Virus death rate? It isn’t the Corona Virus itself. It is the political pressure resulting from the federal funds that can be acquired by blaming COVID 19 for as many deaths as possible. Bureaucrat convenience is another factor. Project Veritas went undercover to funeral homes to learn how much they have padded the death rate. Working against the phony inflation of the death rate are antibody tests (exempli gratiāSanta Clara County, Angeles County, York State,, revealing that many times more people have had the Corona Virus than we knew, proving that the economically devastating lockdowns are largely pointless and that the ChiCom virus is nowhere near as deadly as they told us.
So who has been farming the American people?

The DC United States and the fifty State of States so called State Governances are not organic founding fathers created We the people Governances, they are Foreign De facto Military Style Municipal Terrirtorial Governances masquerading as A We the people founding fathers & organic governments which they are no such thing.

One tell tale sign of the fraud is the fact that the current De facto Military style governances operate as Democracies (mob rule) where the people were promissed A Republican form of Government under our organic constitutions. What is the difference?

It is further A fact that the so called United States Military according to Dunn and Bradstreet are Crown Corporations. For example, the seditios treasonous Chemtrail United States Air Force is A Registered Corporation whose HQ is in Brandon, England.’s-ACrownCorporation
What does that tell you?

Up until Trump, the DC USRael Corporation has been operated by Vasal Presidents, CIA MOckinbird Media aided by members of a  Traitorous Congress all acting for Crown & Vatican (and ZIONIST) GLOBALIST Interests as shown above. This should have been obvious to everyone by now yet Americans were too distracted having A good time to pay serious attention to Wolves in Sheeps clothing betraying the American people day in and day out for the last 150+ years!

At this point in time one can not ignore that Trump has continued to openly support ZIONIST first interests [Golan Heights, Capital to Jerusalem, BlackRock, Military Intelligence to NYC] which acts I find deeply disturbing! As a result of this the people should be on Red Alert concerning promotion of Israel first Interests which have always turned out very badly for America. How many Americans were used to fight Rothschilds Isreal Greater Israel 9/11 manufactured Wars thinking they were fighting to make America safe. How did that turn out for America? How else could have America used the Six Trillion dollar illegal Wars?

Excerpt  from A prior post touching on this very troubling topic

THIS IS A very important video that spells out what is going on in America which is being ran by banned foreign agent

Rather than welcoming Constitutionally banned Dancing Israeli’s in to NYC to set up camp in violation of all organic laws of this nation why not have a proper investiagtion in to USS Liberty, 9/11, Building 7?
Former Governor Jesse Ventura Agrees:

A good friend, a former special Operations specialist was asked by his management before his retirement to come up with a report on the biggest risks to Canada. He reported back to Brass after a few months, that, there is no Canada. Its been consumed by a foreign Corporation! As stated here in (…) the same is true of The United States of America (…) fact is these corporations merely control Canada, US et al like a thief controls a stolen car (…) they do not own the nation but look to kill off the owners so they can claim it for themselves (…)
Full post here

These De Facto Military governances masquerading as a We the people governance only legally rule over DC’s 68.34 Square Miles. They have relied on legal sophistry, legal symantics, sedition, treason and fraud to make the American people operate as DC US Corporate members as a means to USE the people like Human Batteries to fund its Debt, Usury, Slavery Militray Debt Script so called Banking system (see Edward Mandel House quote in this document to understand the depravity of this system) known as the Federal Reserve which is part of the Crown & Vatican & Rothschilds IMF, BIS, World Bank Private banking cabal & Human Trafficking System.

DC US or the fifty states DO NOT HAVE lawful jurisdiction over the American people. They claim jurisdiction through Fraudulent contracts that are legally invalid based on English & American common law. They ONLY have jurisdiction over their contracted employees and that which they create which is pieces of paper!  The De Facto Governance system can only ACT in the real world by duping people into believing it is something that it is not!

The De facto US Corporation Governance could not terminate the original organic laws of the nations and States so they created the counterfeit copies and duped the people into believing they were the original governances, and it worked, until now!

The people and States are still under English common law yet those actors operating as Government, many in costume, have also been dumbed down and no longer know which way is up! Meaning, they think STATUTES, foreign corporate private rules and codes are law applying to the people! They are not!

Those working for the foreign corporate De facto Military Styled UNITED STATES Governance really think they are the lawfully created founding fathers Government and can order you around and make up moronic laws such as those to force people to stay in their houses, stand six feet under apart from one another, all of which is designed to crash the economy and destroy America.

The American people need to know banned foreign agents have no authority to make any law binding on an American, especially those that know the law and who she or he is!

Every act that violates the English Common law orchestrated by a De facto Government actor is a common law crime! Actors have no immunity for commiting crimes that violate the Common Law.

What we have today across America, Britain et cetera, are actors pretending to be Government impersonating a We the people Government Officer of which they are no such thing! If they have no bonafide Oath, Bond in the form of the proper instrument described in the Constitution to the organic Government then they are just private foreign actors no different to Mall Cops!   This explains that in California in over 15 years I have not found one bonafide government offficer!

They are all De facto Government actors operating as if they are Government! This particularly applies to the So called legal system which is NOT A Judiciary system! The system is ran by Crown franchised agents! Also note, there is no seperation of powers in the De facto Government system! Everything is under the President and CEO which is executive. This is why the so called Congress is for all intent and purpose Window Dressing and Obsolete in the current De facto corporate system operating under so called Emergency War Powers in operation since 1863.  Banned foreign agents, in particular BAR attorneys are running all so called Departments of Corporate Government, all of which are Crown Franchised foreign agents banned from American Government in America. Can the fraud get any more obvious!

A foreign Corporation, let’s use the name Crispy Cream Corporation as an example, established by foreign actors has no lawful authority over anything other than what it employs, owns and or created. Just because it says it has A Title over PERSONS through A Birth Certificate Scam does not mean that this is A lawful binding instrument.
Let’s not even get in to the issue of whether those that enacted so called LAWS every had the authority to do so! Lawbreakers can make law, enact law, undo organic law or judge others on the law (…) now ask yourself, who are running the so called Legislatures, Governors offices et cetera.

Did you ever consent to being A member of Crispy Cream Corporation and pledging your lifes energy and your childrens life energy to it so that it could be used against you? Used to to create A Prison planet around you, to enslave you, or to fund manufacture of A Plandemic to force you under Totalatarian rule funded by Fauci for $ 3.7 Million paid to the Chinese Soros Wuhan Lab? No?

This describes what is going on in America today! 300,000,000+ Americans are working for A Crispy Cream style corporation thinking they are US Citizens (Crispy Cream Citizens) instead of Private American Nationals and State Nationals!

Most think that the US Sub Corporation fifty style Crispy Cream Sub Corps deceptively named (State of California, State of Washington… ) are the actual physical States Governments which were vacated between 1938 1954 for foreign controlled corporations.

These foreign Government Corporation De facto Corporations have NO CHAIN OF TITLE  to the Four organic Acts that created our nation and the people are believing it to be the Original Founding fathers created We the people Government, state Government, when all should have by now seen that by the actions of Government described above we are not under any constitutionally constrained Lawful We the people Government!

Here is further proof that the States are being ran by Criminals that are milking the fraud that I have described herein for all it is worth. The California Maffia

Trump maybe the first President and CEO to enter the UNITED STATES corporation in over 150 years that actually knows which way is up! He has the power to terminate the Corporation (already legally defunct by bankruptcy) and restore Federal governance to its limited form!

Now you know why the Luciferian cult want him out of office! He is not playing the rules of THEIR game! He can destroy the entire Luciferian Cabal show that has been planned to collapse America right about now and genocide over 80% of the American people [see Degel link below].

Trump could also be playing his own agenda. It is still not clear yet! When we see the Luciferian cabal membership arrested and tried for their crimes against humanity we will have A better idea of his trajectory! Talk is cheap, lets judge his actions. In the meantime though, let’s unlearn and wake up America and organize across every neighborhood of the nation to be informed, create our own food and ready should the SHTF.

Based on the above, understand that if the DC UNITED STATES is A foreign corporation then everything under it is foreign corporateNOT AMERICAN We the People Governance. This includes the FBI, DOJ, ALL COURTS, the FIFTY STATE OF STATES! These Corporations only lawfull have jurisdiction in DC and ONLY over their OWN! They claim jurisdiction on the States and of the people but this is all through legal fraud involving a legal name fraud and that the name of the PERSON! You need to understand this fraud so that you no longer fall for it! I have posted a link to Anna Von Reitz and the restored State Assemblies in the body of this text that will provide you all that you should have been taught at school!

Bookmark for later reading New World Order Agenda (1776 present) and the ZIONIST plan to rule the World from 1869 go to left margin and check links on the left margin and the articles at – approximately 100 articles posted

Breaking World wide De Facto Governments (corporations masquerading as We the people Government) long held and organized under the Vatican & Crown Black Nobility Criminal Cabal acting together with the Rothschilds created UN and its Sub Corporations, including the World Heath Organization; US CDC Vaccine Corporation, Cabal controlled Big Pharma; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the global Medical and Healthcare Industry together with bought and paid for Governments actors & criminals & Corporations; The World Economic Forum [WEF]; Zionist controlled CIA Mockingbird Media and other criminal Sycophants have all provably conspired to stage the current ongoing Global Plandemic now proven to be A 9/11 Style Global Psychological Warfare Operation to bring forward One World Order Totalitarian Global Government!

The Global Luciferian Cult and its latest Cabal Psy Op is designed to act as A battering ram against conservative values, morality, nation states (…) All of which was nailed in the following video by Amazing Polly.
Bookmark for later viewing

The Plandemic COVID” is A ‘Problem Reaction Solution’ (research Hegelian Dielectic) Trojan Horse very carefully  designed and implemented to trigger a One World Order Luciferian Cabal controlled Global Government (New World Order) which is intended to be A Human Slavery System where the remaining unculled population will be serving the Luciferian Cabal.

The American people must also be aware that the Luciferian Cabal (Jesuits, Zionists) have been running the World Governance and the entire Central Banking system since it was unlawfully imposed on America which is in fact A Human Trafficking and Slavery System controlled under the Rothschilds (Vatican Bankers) controlled Bank of International Settlements, IMF, FED, World Bank and National Central Banks.

We have recently been advised that the FED and Treasury have been taken over & operated by shady Jewish (Zionist) Controlled firm BLACK ROCK and the FED is now buying up EVERYTHING.
Bookmark for later reading

Prior post on concerns supporting Zionist agenda:

Update from AVR (see end), America unlawfully under Military Government & Military Authority of the Crown & Vatican Old World Order Roman cult, 1863 2020: Are 300 Million+ Americans living under the spell of the Stockholm Syndrome [& Billions of others]? What if the UNITED STATES had you?

Dear Mr President, how to clean the Swamp out over night! Titles Of Nobility Act (AKA TONA) and Title 10 Section 253, Obstruction of State and Federal Law! Enforce already organic law & De Facto Law!

Walter Burien, introduction to the Federal Reserve’s Annual Z.1.Report raw data table and the looting of the American people

A 2.3 Trillion Lawsuit unveiled against Big Tech Giants like Google, FB, Deep Mind Inc, Tesla, Alphabet Inc, Zuckerberg, EMusk.are using AI that endangers the entire human race working along side China.

Trump Signed Executive Order Showing Loyalties are to Rothschild created Israel and not America or American Foundational Principles Like Free Speech!

Update with Video by AVR and RDS: Dear President Donald John Trump, our Nation Was Overthrown in the 1860′s by the Vatican/Crown! What are We Doing About It?

The following researcher, Gregory Mannerino, states the acqusition spree includes buying up US Corp. MUNICIPAL / TERRITORIAL Corps. which are the so called Corporate Governments for Cities, Counties etc (created under the Crown / Vatican and NOT the organic land governments)… This could be a further Khazarian Mafia Scheme to control it all (most likely) or remotely possible, we are witnessing a scheme by Trump to bring everything back under his control and then under a reconstituted American  Government! See this link for the FEDs vacuuming up of it all

Note that most people wrongly believe the TERRITORIAL & MUNICIPAL Corps. i.e STATE OF CALIFORNIA, ALAMEDA COUNTY, CITY OF OAKLAND et al are we the people organic land governances’ yet they are not. They are DC corporations masquerading as if they were the Land Government orchestrated by We the people. The are no such thing. See Anna Von Reitz link above for over 3000 articles on the Crown – Vatican Municipal – Territorial Corporations masquerading as if they were our original organic We the people governances’.

Shortly before his [alleged] “suicide” in 1955, Henry H. Klein, a righteous Jew, uttered these prophetic words:

“Zionism is a political program for the conquest of the world (…) Zionism destroyed Russia by violence as a warning to other nations. It is destroying the United States through bankruptcy, as Lenin advised. Zionism wants another world war if necessary to enslave the people. Our manpower is scattered over the world. Will we be destroyed from within or will we wake up in time to prevent it?” (Pamphlet “Zionism Rules the World”)

I have included an excerpt at the end of the page on the ZIO control of the United States. My prior articles expand on this topic. Also Bookmark the following for further research.

Original article here

Its worth reminding people who owns/ed the FED Crime Cartel and the UN Crima Cartel and what its owners said about controlling the money which is covered here. Please bookmark for later reading

To understand the Luciferian global conspiracy please Bookmark this link for later video review

End of Introduction!

The people of the World must rise up, ignore parasitic would be rulers. De Facto Government HAVE NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY to violate the natural rights of 329,000,000 people because an attorney aka a banned foreign agent said the organic laws of the land have been suspended! Where did he get his authority to make such a call! He is a foreign Corporate employee masquerading as We the people Government! NO ONE IN GOVERNANCE today has any such authority to make any Law to undo the Organic laws of the land.  Not even President Trump who is CEO of a DC Corporation and NOT the President of a founding fathers created American Government which was suspended in the 1860′s! President Trump ONLY has lawful authority over his Corporate agents, employees including rogue employees like Newsom et al. This does not include those tricked in to becoming a Corporate agent for US Corp. or its sub-Corporations like the fifty State of States (i.e. State of California Corp.). The people must break the “lockdown” NOW or face the threat of a future PLANNED Famine Democide (genocide by government) event which will extend across The World when so called government next forces another Plandemic (eg 5G Second Wave)!

Please remember – whenever a writer states “Threat against our Democracy” or our LAWFUL Organic Governments are a Democracy understand that they likely do not understand our organic governance system! The people on America’s fifty physical states are guaranteed a republican form of Governance! We have had a Democracy imposed on us by DC USRael Corp. and the De facto state of state Corps, which is not our organic Government form! More in my videos below!

In a previous article I made the point that President Trump should exercise his corporate power over his employees (Governors on the fifty states) by relying on Title 10 Section 253. Perhaps he did not get the memo [Documemts were mailed to the President and other officers]. This is what he can now rely on to force the Governors to get the states back to work and back in their very limited Corporate box.  More on this was found in these prior articles:

Major Update: Do you get it yet? Exposing CROWN Corp. running Global Intelligence and weaponization of everything to control Humanity: Banned foreign agents have been running America since the 1860′s… The Swamp is the UNITED STATES Corp. and its fifty STATE OF STATES Sub. Corps. !
To New World Order on Wednesday Feb 26 2020 20:53

Update from AVR. See end. America unlawfully under Military Government / Military Authority of the Crown / Vatican Old World Order Roman cult, 1863 – 2020: Are 300 Million+ Americans living under the spell of the Stockholm Syndrome […& Billions of others]? What if the UNITED STATES had you
To Power Elite on Saturday Feb 22 2020 01:51

Trump right moves: President Trump plans to sign an executive order invoking the Defense Production Act to compel meat processing plants to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic, Bloomberg first reported Tuesday.


Video exposing the World Economic Forum pre-planning of the staged COV “ID” 19 “84″ 2020 Global Plandemic Strategy to bring forward a One World Government aligned with Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030!

Remember America!

Fiat jūstitia ruat cælum is a Latin legal phrase, meaning, “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”

The maxim signifies the belief that justice must be realized regardless of consequences.

Don’t get Mad, get even

“(…) it is their [your] right, it is their [your] duty (…) to provide new guards for their [your] future security. (…) and such is now the necessity which constrains them [you] to alter their [your] former systems of government.” 
Thomas Jefferson

“When a nation trades liberties for security, they will get, no deserve neither!” America has reaping the harsh reality of making deals with the Devil and not keeping Jesus, front and center, in all that we do.”
Ben Franklin

Note that the Organic states We the people Governance have been re-stood! Get involved. More here and

All people must understand our current so called National Governments are NOT what the people think it is! All need to unlearn and re-educate!

Crown Corporation telegraphing to the world the future planned plandemic!

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson hospital stay and parallels to Lloyd George:

See Quote from American Traitor Edward Mandell House who Conspired to Create the Federal Reserve System and the CFR in Violation of Organic American Law, See Titles of Nobility Act 1810. Foreign Agent Edward Mandel House Conspiring with Lloyd George.

Look familiar (note it is being reported by medical researchers that what we are being told is a virus IS NOT a virus but a reaction of the body disposing of Toxins – See





An analysis concerning the implications of this news can be found below the Main Videos at the end of the page exposing the Luciferian Criminal Cabal Plandemic as A staged event as evidenced by the WEF’s own public documents together with Rockefeller Documents, Event 201 Documents, Pirbrite & US Patents et cetera.  Bookmark, research

Based on the evidence I have recorded four short video’s with my conclusions about the role of Government through this COVID1984 Plandemic, particularly in America and Britain. This includes two short videos following Roosters House Video with additional commentary on other important points that may or not be known to the reader based on their level of knowledge concerning the global conspiracy against humanity by the Luciferian cabal.

The Rockefeller plan details government takeover through pandemic martial law

“An economically depressed world in which individuals and communities develop localized, makeshift solutions to a growing set of problems”

A Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network whitepaper published in May of 2010 reveals a planned scenario in which governments around the world would be able to more easily take over society and institute a total and complete Orwellian police state by locking down the remaining few humans that survive a contrived pandemic outbreak.

The report titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development has a stated goal of creating “a world of tighter top down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.”

Bookmark for later viewing, the truth about the Tax Exempt Foundations and their works of evil

Can you see the writing on the wall? You will need the Mark of the Beast before you can get your Rothschilds Luciferian Cabal Issued Immunity Passport to enter businesses, buy food, travel via public transport.

The 7.8 billion people question is, after you review the information exposed at the WEF, the above Rockefeller Publication, Event 201 exposes, how is it possible that the President of the United States Corporation, Prime Minister of UK Corporation or any other so called leader were not aware of the cabals long planned intended assault on the people of the World as evidenced herein?

Answer One It is not possible they did know!

Question If they did not know, and do now, why have they not exposed the Luciferian Roman Cult Global PsyOp, terminated it and arrested the culprits?

Answer Two  _________________________________ ?

Please post your answer in the comments section below!

Main Video Link on the WEF Conspiracey

See notes on Brighteon for the Original Post by Roosters Houses Video

Writers video commentary: Breaking News: BUSTED: World Economic Forum representing Luciferian Cabal has declared war 7.9 Billion people including message to Prime Minister Johnson and President Trump.

For those that want to dig deeper:


Commentary & Video

World Economic Forum Website evidences that CORONA 19 [CORONA 1984] is a long planned NWO PsyOp intended to take the down World Governance Systems, the Central Bank economic system and ultimately enact the Luciferian Cabals age old plan to enslave Humanity under a One World Order Global Government.
Click link or images below to access each of the coresponding Titled Videos:

Video 1
Breaking News: BUSTED: World Economic Forum representing Luciferian Cabal has declared war 7.9 Billion people. Message to President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson

Video 2
Intro to World Economic Forum Expose, Video April 26th 2020

Video 3
MAIN VIDEO Exposing WEF: Coronacide – MUST SEE On CV: COVID Action Platform – ‘TELL ALL’ Site Re: NWO (Mirrored From Rooster’s House)

Video 4
Post World Economic Forum Commentary, How could TRUMP and other Government leaders NOT KNOW about the NWO Plandemic Psy-Op COV-”ID” 1984?

Video 5
WEF additional commentary… important points about Depopulation agenda

It is now an undeniable fact that the so called Global Elite behind the Global World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization, CIA Mockingbird Media, CDC Vaccine Co., et al., ARE all working with COMPLICIT governments and the Healthcare Industry across the World to further the Orwellian New World Order Goal to force upon humanity a One World Government!

The aforementioned Cabal institutions have demonstrated that they are working in Lock Step across the world to take down the current World System and destroy what the people have wrongly believed in America to be We Government of which the are NO SUCH THING! The current United States is in fact a De facto Corporate Governance created under the Vatican – Crown orchestrated in to being nu enemies of America in the 1860′s!

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum, based in Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland, is an NGO, founded in 1971. The WEF’s mission is cited as “committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas“.  [In other words VIOLATE Sovereign rights of the people, violate Nations States foundational law and impose a One World Order across all nations dreamed up by the Luciferian Cabal that steers the WEF and Shadow Government.

The Existence of Foreign Powers drunk on world control that would seek out Americans to betray America was exactly why American Law – Makers in 1810 banned anyone in from assuming Office in Government in America from accepting Titles of Nobility with in any foreign Organization!

They realized, one can not obey two masters:

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.”
Mark 6:24

Those behind the Luciferian controlled organizations that have long been controlling our world from the shadows wish to enforce a One World Luciferian Government System on humanity that absolutely violates all notions of nationhood, immutable rights of a Sovereign people and everything that America was created to guard against!

The evidence exposed on the WEF Website proves that the so called Governments of the World are engaged in an ongoing Global Psychological Warfare (“Live Exercise” – Rothschild CIA, Mike Pompeo ( program (just like they did with 9/11) to Genocide & enslave the people of the World.

The entire COVID 19 Government Narrative is a globalist 9/11 style Global False Flag and an Open and Obvious declaration of war on 7+ Billion people by a handful of pathetic demonic parasitic souls that belong in padded cells or handing off a limb of a tree!

Remember that we have been here before:

People should be reminded that 911 USRael Dancing Israeli Inside Job PsyOp duped Millions of people in to believing CIA Mockingbird media propaganda which sold us the story that a handful of men with Box Cutters, took take down America. That because of his attack on America and that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction the United States and USRael needed to destroy the Middle East

The only parties that benefited out of the SIX TRILLION war on the Middle East were the Luciferian Cabal Bankers, the Military Industrial Complex and Rothschilds USRael.

In the last massive 9/11 PsyOp, the Rothschilds British Brain-washing Company were clearly in on the 911 event which enabled the Talmudic New World Order to deploy ZIONIST controlled NAZI style FEMA, DHS, Patriot Act, USRael POLICE STATE apparatus across America:

No one in the know has any doubt about who was responsible for the last Luciferian Cabal Psy Op! Yet – did those responsible answer for their crimes against humanity? NO, what does that tell you?

9/11 in Five Minutes

Put another way, Global Shadow Governance IS engaged in a no longer covert War on the people of the World. This is not a surprise to those that have exposing Government crimes over decades! This event was fully anticipated!

All restrictions placed on the people as a result of this latest Luciferian Cult Psyop are acts of tyranny enacted by Despots that have no absolutely no lawful Authority to enact law that violates the Organic Constitutions of the States! In fact – they have no authority to enact any law pertaining to the people!  The law of all states is the English Common Law! The people are NOT subject to private rules and codes (Statutes) made up of banned foreign agents!

On reviewing the videos you will realize that a secret criminal cabal acting through sycophant criminal agents have engaged in a Global Psyop to force Rothschilds United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 Policies on to the people of the World in an attempt to usher in One World Government which if successful would mean the Destruction of Constitutional Government in America (which we have not had since the 1860′s).

People of the World are sitting on their couches watching agents of the Luciferian Cult destroy each nation on Earth so that they can solidify their Iron Fist Rule over Humanity!

The Luciferian cabal is at War with the concepts of Freedom, a Free people not subservient to parasites and they conspire to destroy the notion of a Constitutionally constrained government UNDER the people, by the people and for the people! Not that we have had such a government in America since before the civil war period.

Actors pretending to be government are undeniably engaged in Sedition and Treason and crimes against humanity as they perpetuate their absurd Global COV ’ID” 1984 PsyOp which is totally aligned with Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030!

The only difference between their latest False Flag and the Dancing Israeli 911 False Flag is that everyone can now see we have, up until now, been bamboozled by parasites calling themselves Government and led down a path to the assured destruction of America, (all other nations) and the Genocide of millions as a result of the collapse of Supply Chains including that of food, fuel et al!

The parasites will only succeed if the people of the world do not wake up and take back We the people lawful governance and indict, charge and try those currently foisting their FAKE Plandemic on humanity!

Focusing on America and Britain, the evidence herein begs a few simple questions of President Trump and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

How can these leaders NOT have been aware of the Rothschilds UN & WHO, Gates, Committee of 300, Rockefeller, WEF Plan to collapse the World Economy and Governance systems of the world based on the all evidence in front of us now?

Neither have to look far to see that those leading so called Government COV “ID” 1984 response were fully aware of the “Live Operation” including Gates, Fauci, Birx and other key players on the other side of the pond! According to the following researcher, the UK’s main Vaccine Authorization body is staffed by 34 execs of 32 have been shown to have taken funds from Gates at one time or another! The remaining two are, according to the researcher further compromised:

FAUCI and BIRX involved in Bio Weapons programs at Fort Dietrich

It is reported that ‘Remdesivir’ is made by Gilead and it is their “CURE” for COVID 19. China allegedly holds the patent on the drug through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID who has an office near Wuhan. The main financial investors in UNITAID are reported to be George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO. Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. Fauci authorized $ 3+ millions to be sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to “study” (tweak) the Corona 1984 Virus. Fauci is the Head Director at the NIH for the Gates Foundation.

IMDB lists over 600 titles relating to Pandemic? Coincidence or predictive programming! BTW – the entire Corona Virus transmission hypothesis has been shot down of late!

Move along Conspiracey Theorists! Nothing to see here…. ignore and believe Government Shit!

The question needs to be asked is why have Johnson and Trump allowed Snake Oil Salesman pedaling the COV “ID” 1984 Vaccine Sale Plandemic to remain in office and present lies to the world before them.

Fauci and Birx will be exposed as engaging in Crimes against humanity for both the AIDS Pandemic and this latest Lab invented False Flag! The conflicts of Interest of these parasites on both sides of the pond are well known but they are still be allowed to spin their lies which are  echoed by the ZIONIST Media?

There is no question that Fauci, Gates and others have betrayed the people of each nation, and now need to be arrested and interrogated for Sedition and Treason as does every co-conspirator to this Global Psyop including all Media agents that have been spinning lies to the people of the World!

British Government and Bill Gates Exposed

What has transpired begs a few simple questions of Trump, Johnson and every other so called World leader (Crown – Vatican Luciferian controlled Corporation masquerading as a We the people Government):

With Billions spent on Intelligence globally every year is it remotely possible that so called Government Intelligence could not have been aware of the planned WEF global Psyop orchestrated by 3.000 of the Worlds so called Elite that was published on the publicly accessible WEF Website ?

If Trump, Johnson were not informed about the WEF Global Psyop by their own Intelligence Agencies then Governments then Why NOT?

This brings us to the following possibilities about what is going on now.

If we are to believe President Trump, Prime Minister Johnson, did not know and were kept in the dark, which is highly improbable then each surrounded by Traitors to the people, that managed to keep all of the Psyop information from each of them such that they themselves were used to spin this great lie with out these “Leaders” realizing they were being duped in to going along with the New World Order Luciferian cabal Psychological Warfare program intended to collapse the world System.

It has been suggested in Q Circles that Trump is aware of the PLANDEMIC PsyOp and he using it to de-fang the cabal! There is no evidence that even one of the high level parasites have been taken down yet and dealt with!  We do however have evidence that many whistleblower remain caged!

The Q phenomena is increasingly looking like a Global Psyop to keep Americans sitting on their arse instead of taking action against a totally corrupt Government Apparatus which leaders are now without any clothes.

It is noted in this video that Trump states he did not know the current Plandemic was a “Live Exercise” after Pompeo stated we are in a life exercise (“Live Exercise” Rothschilds CIA, Mike Pompeo

If leaders can get away with claiming plausible deniability of the COV “ID” 19 (84) event up until now they certainly can’t do so now!

If they were truly out for the people would have terminated this LIVE EXCERCISE by now and disclosed to all to the People WTF has been going on!

Edward Mandel House Quote describing the American Human Trafficking System can be found above.

Speeches that were NOT made by Donald John Trump or Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

(…) Over the course of the last two months it is our Administrations conclusion that the World’s so called elite, many of which are  tied to the World Economic Forum and the Council For Foreign Relations have criminally conspired with United States Government Deep State operatives over generations to enslave and Genocide  as many as 90% of the people across the World! This conspiracy includes members of large segments of the United States, British Government, Global Trans National Corporations and in fact nearly all governments of the world and the so called High Contracting Powers.

It is now an undisputable fact based on the WEF ‘s own public documents, Rockefeller documents, those from Event 201 and others, that the COVID 19 event is a long orchestrated planned Bio-logical Warfare and Psychological Warfare event  orchestrated to collapse the World Economic System so that the Deep State Shadow Government aided by Zionists, Secret Society agents, criminal Sycophants could collectively bring forth a One World Luciferian World Government designed to be foisted over the people of the World through the manufactured false flag event. The Deep State were counting on a Problem – Reaction – Solution program intended to force a solution to the fake Plandemic of a One World Government on all nations.  It has long been disclosed that a Luciferian criminal cabal has long intended to force a Talmudic One World Government on humanity that was intended to be ruled out of  Jerusalem.

We anticipate that this cabal was intending to trigger a 2nd Plandemic which tied to the Global 5G 60 Ghz Rollout. We have now blocked the roll out of 5G on heath grounds and have began a full investigation of the health impacts of 5G! If our fears over the technology are founded we will terminate the technology and order the development of a new technology that has no biologic interference. We are aware that such technology does exist but was blocked!

It is self evident for all to see that agents of a Global Luciferian criminal Cabal have over the last 200 + years have infiltrated all Governments of the World with the intent of forging a global take over of all nations in a bid to bring forth a Talmudic One World Luciferian Totalitarian Government. A Government that stands against the immutable foundations on which America and the fifty states were forged on the blood of many of our ancestors who fought the same Luciferian Cabal that now works to enslave humanity.

This Luciferian criminal cabal has clearly conspired over decades to manufacture the current Global COV “ID” 19-84 Psychological Warfare Operation which has been designed to force a One World Government on Humanity and destroy individual freedom, Nationhood and the notion that a Government is the servant of the people and created by the people to protect our un-alienable rights. Government was not instituted by the people to rule over the people that created our original organic We the people constitutional government system!

It is clear based on the evidence before us that the current COV ‘ID” 19 (84) global psyop has been orchestrated at the highest levels of the Crown aka Corporation of London, the Vatican and those inside of the UNITED STATAES Governments. It is evident that this War on humanity has been directed by Black Nobility (including Rothschilds, Rockefeller whose crimes against humanity go back decades). It is time those responsible for their crimes against humanity answer for their  actions!

We have ordered that all individuals and organizations tied to this Global Psyop including Members of the Rothschilds – UN – WHO et al; BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, numerous UK and American Pharmaceuticals Corporate Executives and those implicated in both the British and United States De facto Governments to be arrested, tried and punished for sedition and treason if found guilty of crimes against humanity!

In America, we have begun the work to restore Lawful Organic Government which will be re-stood in accordance with our Organic Law foundations which will include the enacted Constitutional Amendment the Titles of Nobility Amendment that rightly banned all foreign agents from Government and if it were observed, would have prevented infiltration of American Government by foreign agents including those aligned with WEF, Rothschilds United Nations – WHO etc; Council For Foreign Relations, TLC, Numerous Jesuitical Secret Societies etc.

We have concluded that America’s entire Banking and Legal System imposed on millions of Americans over the last 100 years was in fact a Criminal Enterprise engaged in Human Trafficking of the American people and that has been ran by banned foreign agents known as Attorneys who were banned from America since 1819.

Since 1933 the foreign controlled United States Banking System and legal system, through its agents conspired to create a Human Trafficking System in which every American has quite literally been Trafficked by International Banks. This scheme was established by members of the Corporate Congress that have long engaged in acts of  sedition, treason and monumental legal frauds against the American people. Again, many of these seditious acts were legislated by  banned foreign agents illegally in Governance. The Corporate Congress American Human Trafficking scheme was implemented in to being by Seditionst and Traitor Roosevelt on March 9th 1933 which crime was aided and abetted by the Corporate United States Congress and the Fake Media. (…)

As a result of our findings we are now liquidating the entire Wealth of the Cabal and transferring stolen wealth back to the American people which Stolen Credit was used to fund the Luciferian Banking Cabal’s NWO these last 100+ years (…)

Again the above words were not spoken by any National leader!

Please note Americans legally speaking to not own anything! This is a secret kept from Americans and is based on the fraud under the so called US legal and banking system!

In 1933 the Traitorous Governance also ordered all Americans to give up there Gold which was stollen by the Luciferian cult:

We can all now conclude that the COVID – 19 event is a Cabal Created Global 911 style Psyop and all so called National Governments were in on it! It is an attempt to piush Totalatarian rule over all people.

Those behind the Plandemic need to be rounded up and tried for crimes against humanity, Sedition and Treason!

Thanks to Rooster’s House video all people of the world can now see an unbelievable expose that evidences that the Worlds Elite have openly declared War on the rest of Humanity in a move that will, if not thwarted, end with the destruction of a Free World and a Free people.

If we fail to arrest these crimes against humanity, we will witness the Luciferian cabal eventually genocide off millions and position themselves as a new Slave-Master to humanity!

The 1st Wave attack on humanity was a Psyop based on an engineered variant of a common cold.

The Second wave will likely be a Vaccine triggered 5G 60Ghz event. It appears that WUHAN and other sites (Ecuador, Cruise Ships) have tested 5G Ghz Technology! It is being reported that Millions may have been killed as a result of the turning on of10,000 5G towers in Wuhan that preceded the Wuhan Virus as has been reported as a result of as many as 20 Million phone subscribers dropping off the map post Wuhan 1st wave.


Johnson and Trump need to come clean and educate the people on the global Luciferian New World Order attempt to overthrow humanity.

They need to terminate 5G  roll out.

If they do not come clean and continue to Bullshit the people we will know they are not to be trusted with a box of matches let alone the country.

Trump needs to expose US Corp. was never a Founding fathers state created compact government but is a counterfeit established by the Deep State & Shadow Gov under the Crown & Vatican Corps!

Despite what those in government do, the people need to organize and take back their communities, lives and nations from the parasites and get the nation moving again!

All need to become aware of the WEF Global Psyop and all those complicit in the betrayal of the people of America, Britain and the World that have engaged in sedition and treason need to be rounded up and dealt with.

Corona-Cide by Roosters House

Additional links

Ex RUssian Intel Officer: Depopulation Agenda is Real

2012 – Olympics Luciferian Cult Predictive programming

Edward Mandel House Quote
Rise of the Robber Barons Fronts for the Rothschild Crime Cartels, who were a front for the Vatican, who were front for the Black Nobility Crime Syndicate)

5G and Microchips. Total Control of We the People. Look Out, Here It Comes–Total-by-David-Watts-5-G_Control-Of-The-People_Control-Of-The-Population-190925-57.html

Dot2: 5G Apocalypse, “The Extinction Event”–5G-Apocalypse–The-by-David-Watts-5g-Health_Apocalypse-Apocalyptic-End-Of-The-World_Extinction_Health-191029-192.html

Dot8: Pandemic Scam Made Easy. Pick a test that does not test for COVID-19 and Bingo, you’ve got your pandemic.

Dot6: Corbett Report – Medical Martial Law 2020. The Stage has been Set: Medical Martial Law is on its Way.–Me-by-David-Watts-Coronavirus-Coincidence_Medical-Martial-Law-200322-719.html

Dot3: UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development. Sounds Good, Right? Think Again. An Evil Plan to Control the World

Dot4: NASA WAR DOCUMENT. If These Three Simple Documents Don’t Wake People Up, They Must Be Comatose.

This brings us up to the ongoing Plandemic World Wide shutdown which has been achieved through Zio- Gov. Co. propoganda and CIA Mockinbird Media FAKE News, Fake science and a global psycological Warfare program. As I right this CIA Mockingbird Media is pumping out 24/7 fear porn that narrative has now been destroyed by Alternative Media as can be seen by the Articles published herein on Before Its news and other AltMedia sites!

The Khazarian Talmudic Mafia aka Roman cult have for millennia been obsessed with World Domination. Check out the links here

…It should be noted that the Rothschilds crime cartel (Vatican Bankers since 1822) are regarded as the head of the Khazarian Mafia snake leading the One World Government push!

The Rothschilds Mantra:
I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the  British Empire and I control the British money supply.”
Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Rothschilds through Blood Line family Proxies control the FED (, BIS, IMF and the UNITED NATIONS ( who’s original ownership is found below (click hyper link).

There is an ongoing dialog as to whether the Rothschilds – Crown Cabal control the Bank of England!  I suggest people re-read the quote above for an answer to the question and take NMR’s word on his own statement.

So what about America

The Oganic Federal Government created by the Organic states was couped at the so called Civil War by the Crown – Vatican – Rothschilds cabal…

Since 1871 a Counterfeit United States Corporation has ruled over America which between 1938 – 1954 usurped the Organic state Governances and created Corporations masquerading as the Orginal Organic state governances! This US Corp and fifty State of State Corps. ONLY have lawful jurisdiction in DC and only over their creations, ie Other corporations!

Since the Civil War period America has been orchestrated by the aforementioned Luciferian Cabal, aka Shadow Government and its CROWN agets which now includes 1.3M banned attorneys illegally operating in America in violation of the 1819 Titles of Nobility Amendment to the Organic Constitution number JUST XIII Amendments!

Through control of US Corp the Luciferian cabal has been able to leach America out of its substance and enslave the American people. The Enslavment of the people was facilitated through  creation of the Federal Reserve Act. By 1933 the UNITED STATES established a Human Trafficking System trafficking every American!

FEDERAL RESERVE Money System original ownership is not a Governmental entity. It is entirely a criminal cabal created and operated entity that has been used to destroy America and loot it! Please note the UNITED NATIONS Corp. is similary owned and its goal is forging a One World Government!

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

Based on the above control of the US Corps money system, please again consider the NMR quote: …

This should help you understand why the Rothschilds United States gave Rothschilds Israel  $233.7Bn ++++ over six decades?

Rothschilds admits their Family created Israel

The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda” – Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE – 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

So what you should understand from the Above is that the Rothschilds – Crown – Vatican cabal is in an end game to lock down Humanity! This plan includes Agenda 2030 and the culling of 90% of the people! Rothschilds WHO wants to have us all ID2020′d and carry a Vaccine Cert arround!

Those that are hopelessly lost and oblivious to what is going on, or OK with the Rothschilds – Luciferian Roman cult agenda will continue to follow the rules of the foreign corporate rulers and do nothing. Those that are awake and pissed off twill organize and wake up everyone and ignore the parasites…

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Breaking News – Vaccine Update!
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Coronavirus… What If?
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Red Alert Update – Apr. 14. 3.0: Gathering Evidence Suggests the New World Order Luciferian Roman Criminal Cabal have made their move to replace their Vatican & Crown Banking and Governance Slavery System for their Long Threatened Demonic One World Government Slavery System. What Are You Going to do?
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Some advice

Turn off your Wifi when not being used, especially at night. Protect yourself by placing Aluminium Screen over your WiFi Hub which is understood to reduce harmful radiation without compromizing the Router.

Organize with-in your communities, to wake up your people, plant food in gardens with each family planting a particular crop.

Excerpt from a Feb 26 2020 post on 5G

Hypothesis: What if a Virus were being blamed for 5Gigabit 60 Hz Deaths! What if 5G were a New World Order Genocide technology that has been istalled across the word for which Wuhan was a Test City with 10,000 Anetena’s lit up at the end of October!

The SWAMP is clearly lying to the President about a great many things including 5G and what is really going on in Wuhan! I believe Wuhan is proving 60Hz 5G is a genocide system currently being masked by the Corona Virus.  I am pretty sure at this time that Global Shadow Government is using the virus to mask 5G Deaths! The suspect Cruise Ships also are equiped with 60Hz 5G!

China has unleashed 60 Ghz 5G all throughout the country with Wuhan as the pilot city.  Some alleged Corona Virus Victims are showing symptoms, not of a Virus but what happens when one is hit with 60GHz 5G Micro waves. It is being hypothesized 60Hz 5G interferes with the uptake of oxygen via the hemoglobin. It has been stated by some experts that the specific frequency is absorbed by oxygen. 60GHz causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly uptake these oxygen molecules. Suggesting a virus is a great way for the parasites to suggest the problem is singulalry a virus when it is being enhanced by 5G! Now we know the Globalist Rockefeller crime cartel, CIA – Rothschilds Mainstreal Propoganda outlets could be lying to us about the virus to mask what is 5G going live around the planet….  There is other very disturbing information out there concerning the possible development of the Virus in Canada and their are reports its connected to work in labs in North Carolina and Australia.

If TRUMP does not take decisive action against the Cabal and rapidly educate the American people about all stated herein he may waste his opportunity to reclaim America’s Sovereignty and terminate the New World Order Cabal for ever! The Stakes for what MUST be done have never been higher

If I were him I would HALT 5G and announce what the NWO Globalists have attempted while taking them down.

When TRUMP announces they have a plan for the Virus he needs to also do what Switzerland has done and announce immediatly HALT 5G roll out on health grounds until its been tested! We know the results of tests already as does the military – ITS NOT Compatible with organic life that relies on Oxygen, or are chemtrails, Flouridated water…. et al!

Before we carry on, DO not consent to 5G Music Video

Rooster’s House – CORONA VIRUS Plandemic

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CoVID 19 Stimulation Training Exercise 2019 Virus2019/training/simulationexercise

Event 201 CoVID Simulation Forum Discussions

Scenario’s for the Future of Technology and International Developement (PDF)
The Rockefeller Foundation – Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Investment

as I have explained in this video you can find the details as I have explained in this video here


Rooster’s House – Corona Virus Plandemic (2)

Live gestreamd op 27 apr. 2020

Corona Virus Plandemic

Agenda 21 (PDF)
Agenda 21

Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

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