Paris Institute for Critical Thinking | PICT – Voices (20) Evrim Emir Sayers, The Anti Education of PICT

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Voices (20) Evrim Emir Sayers, The Anti Education of PICT

Published 10 dec. 2020

Our Twentieth Interview is with Evrim Emir Sayers, Philosophy Scholar, Paris, France, by Kristof KP Vanhoutte, Basel, Switzerland, Monday, November 30, 2020

PICT Voices is an Interview Series conducted by PICT Faculty with Notable Members of the Broader PICT Community. Our Goal is to Present our Community with A Variety of Voices across the Spectrum of the Humanities and Critical, Creative Thinking. To achieve This, we will Interview A Broad Spectrum of Thinkers Ranging from Scholars to Journalists.



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