Paola van de Velde – Reliëf Over Geleverd aan de Elementen + Johannes Schoonhoven – Livestream: Dedicated to Nature for A Year

Johannes Schoonhoven bij zijn werk Labyrint (foto APA)

Johannes Schoonhoven – Labyrint (1)(foto Johannes Schoonhoven)

Johannes Schoonhoven – Labyrint (2)(foto Johannes Schoonhoven)

Reliëf Over Geleverd aan de Elementen

Paola van de Velde – Overgave aan de natuur, Reliëf in Weer en Wind, De Telegraaf, 7 augustus 2021

De Telegraaf, 9 augustus 2021

Livestream: Dedicated to Nature for A Year

Stream | Nature


Johannes Schoonhoven, Amsterdam, 24 December 1975, is A Dutch Visual Abstract Artist.

His Work is Based on Lines, Squares, Light, Shadow, and Repetition.
His Reliefs are made of Papier Mâché Mixed with Gypsum in White, Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow.
The Pre Pigmented Papier Mâché is Processed by Hand and with Painters’ Knives, Creating Lines.
After A Drying Process of Approximately Two Three Weeks, the Papier Mâché is Painted with Acrylic Paint and Pigment.
Schoonhoven develops his Own Colors in A Traditional Way Using Various Intense Pigments.
Making these Works is A Contemplative Experience for Johannes Schoonhoven In Collaboration with Nature.
His Works undergo Various Drying Processes in an Atmosphere of Serenity.
The Result of his Works is Unpredictable. The Drying Process has its own Physical Laws and Forces the Papier Mâché into Unexpected Shapes.

LAND, August 2021

In Follow Up of the Above Described Art ProjectsOCEAN” and “SKY“, Johannes Schoonhoven Now Entrusts his Artwork to Nature in the Open Air for A Year. This Work will Continue to be Shaped byNature and its Four Seasons.
The 4 Dimensional Artwork named Labyrinth will be Placed in the Garden of his Old School Friend, Now Living in Eerbeek, The Netherlands, and Can be followed via A Livestream on Social Media Channels and the Website of Johannes Schoonhoven.

The Final Appearance of this Work is Unpredictable, after the Artwork has been Completely Dedicated to Nature for A Year.

The Artwork can Rotate Freely in the Wind and Stands on A Steel Tube in the Middle of Glued and Black Painted Pavement Tiles, in a Spiral Design with Gold Colored Stones.
The Creator of the Base has A Unique Private Collection of Artworks of Johannes Schoonhoven and has Worked on the Project with Great Passion.
The Work is in the Front Garden in an Alley with Only A Sidewalk in Front of the Door in A Quiet Environment.
To View the Outdoor Artwork and Visit the Home Gallery, you can Make an Appointment via the Artist.

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