penguinsix – What Happened Last Night Around The White House With All the Fences? + My Morning After Report

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What Happened Last Night AroundThe White House With All the Fences?

The new 13 foot Fence will be almost double its current Height and keep intruders out (foto

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Federal agencies are erecting a non scalable fence (foto Business Insider)

Tall Fencing Creates Large, Imposing Perimeter Around White House (foto Approved Fence Line around The White House (foto Mail Online)

Published April 14, 2021 12:33


There was a lot of construction activity on the streets last night.

Seems certain lengths of chain link fencing barricading Washington, DC, have been removed while other lengths have been replaced. Other barricades are being enhanced, reinforced.

The White House is still off limits, the public being kept at bay.


My Morning After Report

Morning After (foto YouTube)

Removed? No so fast (foto YouTube)

Removed? No so fast

Published April 14, 2021


If you haven’t watched my live stream from last night, be sure to check it out in my library. We saw dozens of workers, with big trucks and forklifts descend on Lafayette Park dropping off NEW FENCE when all along we thought the fences were coming down. A worker even told us “we’re just replacing the old fence” which was definitely quite a let down.

But now is the morning after all this construction and deconstruction near The White House. What does it look like? The fences are down around the executive office buildings and The Treasury, but the Lafayette Park fence is still there, and access to Pennsylvania Avenue, the tourist mecca of The White House, is still restricted and closed. The pictures from the front of The White House that usually fill Facebook and Instagrams of school field trips from around the country are still going to have a big fence in them for some time to come.


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