Opvallend onopvallend – Embroidery Show

A weird exhibition at first sight: Rob Scholte´s Embroidery Show in the Fundatie Museum in Zwolle. “The collection of almost 1,000 embroidery works shown on the rear side invite viewers to witness the struggle required to make the front as beautiful as possible.

Scholte aligns familiar images of painting by old masters, like The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer. The until now hidden rear sides offer a privileged glimpse into the level of intense work required, as well as revealing the true character of the makers.” (info from the museum)

Whether you like the concept or not, I think it’s new and original and it does make you look with a different eye. It was charming somehow.

Opvallend onopvallend, 27 juni 2016


William Kendall27 juni 2016 17:45
That is cool! My mother did embroidery for many years.

Lowell27 juni 2016 20:11
That is amazing and looks like so much work. I love good embroidery, especially embroidered quilts!

Filip Demuinck27 juni 2016 21:05
I visited the museum in Delft, it was amazing. Top.

Halcyon27 juni 2016 21:44
I like it too!

orvokki27 juni 2016 22:45
I like this. It has to bee wonderful to see these in nature.

Tom27 juni 2016 23:56
wow…so many!

biebkriebels28 juni 2016 10:53
Tja, ik heb er mijn bedenkingen over of dit nou kunst is. Ik vind het een beetje armoedig, andermans werk gebruiken.

s.c28 juni 2016 12:27
Eigenlijk dezelfde mening als Bieb.

Ralph V.2 juli 2016 13:53
Mijn oma heeft er ook een