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It S Coming, London and United Kingdom, Bloody Hill (Documentary)

katisthesea3 @katisthesea3



UK Patriot

MSM are PushingClimate Change Crisis’ because of the Fires around the United Kingdom
Demons in Absolute PANIC.
[They] are Not Going to Report MASSIVE MILITARY COVERT OPS in the UK.
And around the World that Many of the Fires are Actually DUMB Tunnels being Destroyed, More Arrests and MILITARY OPERATIONS.

What the Fake News is spewing ISN T FOR US, it S for Sleepers ()
We can see the Fall of Babylon in Real Time.
The Great Awakening is going Full Speed Ahead!!
#NCSWIC #Nothing

God is Moving Mountains Right Now and Showing the World Hard Truths.
Have Faith () we are Living through the Most Pivotal and Biblical Time in our History and WHAT S COMING FOR HUMANITY IS GOING TO BE MAGNIFICENT

FRANCE – Emmanuel Macron Facing NUCLEAR Nightmare as Scorching Heatwave cripples 6 Reactors
Moving towards GESARA

No More Nuclear Plants and Weapons

Keep Holding that Big Beautiful Line. It S coming

UK Chinooks

In Response Angels Here Z to her Publication

Oh My God (OMG), the World is on Fire, Nana!! WOWZA
Historically High Temperatures in the UK and Denmark.
There S A wonderful UK Anon on Telegram and she S been Reporting on the Historic Heat Wave and ALL the Fires There.
London, Liverpool, Stonehenge, Wiltshire, Aleister Crowley S House in Cornwall, et cetera, that are Really White Hat Military taking out the DUMBS, Tunnels and Arresting People.
Very Exciting.


Since you were Just at Lake Havasu I thought This might interest you.
As Discussed, we don T get “Good Vibes” from that London Bridge or the Bodies found in It and Nearby.


Juan O Savin Unravels J6 at Gettysburg  |  Unrestricted Truths Episode (146) July 17 2022 


Juan O Savin

We ve Put Together A Documentary BLOODY HILL about What Happened. ()
There S been So Many Falsehoods. ()
4 PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES, Just being Present to Make their Concerns Known. To ask that Congress send Back Electors and Re Look at What Happened in the Vote to VERIFYBEFORE they CERTIFIED.
Nobody went There to Kill or Destroy from the People that were there on Behalf of President Trump and the Nation.
BUT Some came There with the Intent to Corral, Stampede and cause that Beautiful Group of People (…) by THEIR Design () to be Part of Something
which wasn T in their Hearts. ()
What [They] didn T Anticipate was the Crowd COULD NOT BE CAUSED TO TURN ON EACH OTHER.
Even with () Concussion Grenades that Killed 2 Men ()


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Operation Disclosure, July 2 2022

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