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The Michelle Moore Show: The Blessing we have All Been Waiting For is On the Way

Submitted by Producer Ron | The Michelle Moore Show | AIR DATE: March 13, 2023

Michelle Moore: Today we have Gretchen Killeen with us. She is a Private Trust Representative. The first thing I want to say is that Gretchen has a background in ‘Mortgage Lending.’ So my background is ‘Real Estate’ and hers is ‘Mortgage Lending.’
The first thing I want to ask you from the mortgage lending background, Gretchen, obviously you’re very familiar with interest rates. Did you ever help anybody in your years of mortgage lending, someone who was considered ‘Sovereign’ be able to get a mortgage loan?

Gretchen Killeen 
I personally have not. I know of people assisting other ‘Sovereigns.’ I know when Frank dot Act was implemented, I know that a lot of the Senators and elected officials were given special rates that were much lower than the general public.

Michelle Moore 
OK, that makes sense to me, and I’m gonna tell you why. So, in my research, it’s my understanding that all of these representatives and government officials are ‘Sovereigns.’ So I’m just making a connecting right now from the information that you have and that I have.
So, I’m having lunch one day with a friend of mine a few years back. And I start asking her about the ‘sovereignty’ thing and if she’s familiar with it. She’s very well connected. Her father came from royalty from another country. So when they moved here, it turned out that they were sovereign. She says, “yeah, I  know all about it. I’m sovereign.”
She whips out an identification card. She does not carry the drivers license and everything that everybody else does. The one thing I asked her was “What is the interest rate on your mortgage?” Because I had heard that ‘Sovereigns’ pay 1 percent.  And she said, “One percent!
Isn’t that amazing? So I have to say that is one of the biggest mortgage rate myths is when we hear ‘5 and half percent’ it’s such a great rate. No, it’s not. So these politicians they are all ‘Sovereign.’

Gretchen Killeen 
As we know, interest is illegal as it is. Most people don’t understand that we have what is called Cestui Que Vie Trust, and we monetized and collateralized our entire life. Any contract or document that you sign that has all capital letters, that’s a corporation. They have monetized you and the bank before they even loan to you, they are being reimbursed for your mortgage or car loan. They’re being paid in advance for it. So they are just collecting interest and extra money off of you through those loans and they’re charging you astronomical interest, which is illegal.

Michelle Moore 
We’ve got a video that I came across with Glenn Beck. I wanted to educate people on some basics, so I happen to come across this 3 minute video and it’s Glenn Beck explaining about the Federal Reserve. I know that a lot of people do not understand that the Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal Government and how it was created and the fraudulent circumstances. I want to play this video and get Gretchen’s feedback when we come back.

Cuts to Glenn Beck Video
Link Here https://rumble.com/v2czquw-historical-interest-the-making-of-the-fed.html

Michelle Moore 
So Gretchen, you’ve been in this for awhile, not just from the mortgage lending perspective, but when you say you are a private trust representative, can you explain what you mean by that?

Gretchen Killeen 
So I sit outside of a trust that works with clients and themselves. We primarily work in the international and domestic banking world as well as humanitarian. I was blessed to be introduced to this whole arena because it’s how the upper 1 percent make their money and make their wealth. And it’s something that they average consumer and average banker wouldn’t have no idea it even exists, and you’d have to get to the private banking side. So what we do is that you would have what we call stand-by letters of credit, which are kind of place holders for a commodity transaction. Well, people understood and figured out that you can monetize these. So you can take and monetize this instrument and you could quadruple your money.
People don’t even understand that the Federal Reserve is a private entity. And so when we deposit one dollar in your bank account, the bank can go out and monetize it and leverage it for $10. So you deposit $1 and they loan out $ 10.

Michelle Moore 
Is that the fractional banking?

Gretchen Killeen 
It is fractional banking. We as consumers have ‘Bank accounts.’
We are a trustee of that account. In our new world that we are going to, which we can talk about later, we are going to have an account at the bank. So it’s going to be a whole new dynamic shift for everybody.  But when you’re a trustee of your account, the banker can put a hold on your bank account and they’re out there leveraging your funds while you’re sitting over here not being about to utilize your funds. It’s a scam and thank goodness it’s all going away.
But for us as consumers in the ‘Cabal System,’ they were just raping and pillaging us and keeping us in bondage, especially with our interest rates.

Michelle Moore 
That’s such a great point. We’ve all been had. It is a big fat lie. It’s a big fat scam and they’ve been running the ‘Scam’ for over 100 years.

Gretchen Killeen
Exactly, you think about it. The Federal Reserve is private. Our IRS was private, the treasury, everything. Nothing was housed in the Continental United States. Most people don’t even understand that our government was a corporation. We haven’t been a ‘Republic’ since 1871, 1781 excuse me.
We were sold back to the ‘British Crown’ eventually to the Rothchilds. We had to go back and ask for the money because of the ‘Civil War.’ They were like “Yeah, we’ll loan you money‘, but you’re going to become a corporation and everything that we take in as tax, goes back to the ‘Crown’ and then we have to borrow it back. Even think about your title on your home. Your deed, you have a plot of land. People don’t understand what the acronym of ‘Plot’ stands for. It’s ‘Permission To Lease Your Title.’ People think you own that title, you don’t. You’re leasing that and your paying a fee back to the ‘Crown.’
We should be having ‘Land Patents’ to physically own our property. So hopefully with this new world we are entering everyone is going to have their land patented. We are not going to have a ‘Plot’ of land. You will be sovereign on your property and you will physically own it.

Michelle Moore 
I went by a cemetery recently and all those headstones have a bunch of capital letters with these names. There’s a reason for that. I wanted to make sure we covered some of the basics on this.
So one of the things I get quite a few comments on, especially when I have Dr. Scott Young on and he talks a lot about Nesara | Gesara, but I get a lot of comments saying “Well if this real, this would be great. But this is pipedream. This is not true. Nesara |Gesara is a myth.”  So what do you think? What is your experience, especially since you are dealing in the private trust situations? What do you say about Nesara/Gesara?

Gretchen Killeen 
Well, I was called by the trust one day and they said, “Gretchen, we have a buyer or a couple of buyers who are looking to repatriate ‘Chinese Elders Historical Assets.’  And so, I really didn’t know much about them.  I knew that they existed. So I have to put my thinking cap on and start to educate myself. I understood about Nesara | Gesara because Bill Clinton signed it into law and then 9/11 happened. It was suppose to be implemented I believe on 9/12. And ‘Building 7’ had all the Nesara ” Gesara documents in the building, and when they took that building down it destroyed all the documents, or the records for every single person on the planet. And so they basically had to go back and re-start everything.
With Nesara | Gesara, and this is something that’s become near and dear to my heart because I’ve been working for the past year and half on the historical assets side of it, I was blessed to be introduced to a team that was really in the background working on this. And so there are trusts.
You know we talk about wealth and people don’t understand the quadrillions and it’s hard to wrap your head around the volume of money that is out there that has been kept from the general public. So with Nesara | Gesara, everyone on the planet is going to have a ‘Blessing.’  But it all starts with us, bringing back and repatriating the historical assets to the Chinese Elders.
So there is a trust called “The Rodriquez Trust.” And this one actually goes back all the way to ‘King Solomon’ and ‘Queen Isabella’ that is going to be the trust that repatriates the historical assets. It’s going to help to bring the ‘revaluation of currencies’ globally. Because when we move into this new world of ‘Nesara | Gesara’ no country is going to be above each other. Everyone is going to be on an equal playing field. Everyone’s currencies are going to be ‘Asset backed.’ It’s also going to help supply everybody, and we don’t know what it’s going to look like, like ‘Universal Basic Income.’ It’s not the Cabal’s UBI, where you’re controlled. You’re told how to spend it, when to spend it. You’re going to be your own ‘Sovereign.’ It’s going to be your dominion, you do what you need to do with ‘Your money.’ This will also fund ‘Humanitarian projects.’
There are so many people, we were talking on another show, and talking about it’s seems people have lost their dreams. You know when you’re a child and asked, “Oh what do you want to do when you grow up?” And you have all these dreams, but then you go through school, and we’re told “Oh you can’t be that, you need to go do this.”  And now with the humanitarian projects, we’re going to be able to bless, we’re going to be able to dream and bless humanity with projects and elevate everybody.
The money out there, and the volume of accounts, it’s an abundance. And that’s what people are going to be blessed with. And then there is the St. Germaine Trust, which is what is going to provide the ‘Debt Jubilee’ to everybody.
Again, mortgages are illegal, car loans are illegal, credit card loans, student loans are illegal. All of that debt is going to be wiped out. And it’s going to take time for the system to roll out.  When you think about how many people are on the planet. Someone had made a comment on with Charlie Ward, and said “Well it’s not until 2026.” When you think about it, can you imagine as tech savvy as we are, someone who’s living in Africa in a little village that’s never had running water, never had electricity, never has had a tv, internet, a cell phone, yet alone, a bank account or credit card. We are going to have to educate them. So it’s going to be a slow roll out. So could the whole process be done by 2026? Absolutely!
But It’s here! It’s Happening. I was told by a person that I work with on this historical assets, that when he got his deployment funds he was from the Midwest, he was headed to Las Vegas. He got his funds this morning. He was in the truck and called me. I asked if this was for public consumption, he said, you can tell you know somebody who has their money and is headed to Vegas, and were told to get ready because it’s a ‘Shotgun Start’ on Wednesday.
So we are here, and for those who have missed the ‘Greatest show on earth’ we’re all here to help and bless. That’s going to be the biggest shock for people to wake up. I mean they can see what’s going on now with the banking industry. Bank runs, closures. We are here, there’s no fear. Don’t worry, it’s all good!

Michelle Moore 
It’s all great! That’s an understatement, right?!
So one of the things I want to say, is we only know what we know, right? As a society. One of the things I was thinking about is, we have been in a ‘system’ that was run by the Cabal. One of the things we need to know first of all, we were never meant to live in poverty, or to work 40, 50, and 60 hours a week. We were never meant to work 2 and 3 jobs. You see what I’m saying? Then talking about the dreams, one of the things I’ve come to understand is when you talk about dreaming, I just remember so many times when I’ve heard people say, “You want to go sing, or do this or that, but then your parents say, honey you’ve got to be realistic, You can’t make a living doing that, or writing books and being and author, or whatever your dream is.” Parents meant well, but we’ve been as society through all these generations, but that was the ‘system’ we were in. Why were those gifts and talents given by our Creator, YHWH, so we’ve got to go back to that.
Being in Nashville, I can’t begin to tell you how many waiters and waitresses I’ve met that moved to Nashville because they had a dream to be able to sing or play an instrument. And they’re trying to make a living waiting tables while they are trying to use the talent that they were created to do.
So what you’re saying, I just want to confirm. Nesara/Gesara is real. You’re not hesitating, you’re an insider and been working on this.

Gretchen Killeen
One thousand percent! I mean I came up out of my seat and told my husband, “He’s in the truck!” (laughs) Everyone knew what that meant. It was like “Oh my, It’s really happening, It’s here.” I had tears in my eyes because it’s not about me, it’s about the blessings for humanity.
And the asset holders, our group alone Michelle, and we are one little spot out in the globe, our group as a whole, put in over 40 thousand files. So think about 40 thousand asset holders that have had these assets in their families, some of them 80, 90 years. And they’re finally going to have their blessing. Some of the elders aren’t even around. It’s an absolute goose bump. A lot of these families have their own humanitarian projects that they want to work on, but they are going to bless others as well. So we have all the funds for humanitarian on one side but you’re going to have the asset holders, there are accounts we are working with at central banks that go back to WW II, for infrastructure that was never given to countries. And so we are able to bless the countries and help with their infrastructure, so they can use the other funds for other humanitarian projects and not have to focus on their infrastructure. There’s benevolent funds that are there to help start businesses globally that are going to be available. I have three sheets of accounts with account numbers of quadrillions of dollars and people just don’t understand that they have hidden the money, stolen the money. Some of it is older money, Chinese Elder money that’s been there waiting to come to light. And it’s here!
These next two months are going to be crazy for humanity. For people to wake up. I think a lot of people are going to be in ‘shock and awe’ and they’re going to be pinching themselves, asking “am I dreaming, is this real?” Because we are moving to a ‘Quantum System.’ We are moving away from a Cabal Banking System. We’re going to move away from the Cabal cell phones, the Cabal internet that controls you, and moving to a beautiful new world. Things are going to get a little bumpy here because they’re going to get scrappy at this very last minute. With the banks starting to go down, you’re going to see the ‘matrix’ as we call, start to collapse.
I mean, it’s collapsing all around us. And there’s no stopping us.

Michelle Moore
So there was an article that came out this morning, this is breaking. “Developing: Trading Halted at 30 Banks as Market Opens, NYSE Halts Trading at Charles Schwab.”
This is a big deal!

Gretchen Killeen
Absolutely! It is a big deal. I was on Talk Time this morning, and one of the gals, three of her sons are ‘traders.’ One of them called her and he was telling her that bank stocks were down prior to (the exchange) opening. And they knew it was going to be really rough (…) rough day for banks. And you have to think about it. The FDIC doesn’t have enough funds in their coffers to shore these banks up. They don’t even have enough funds to shore up SVB (Silicon Valley Bank). Supposedly SBC is coming in to rescue part of it. They’re not going to be able to take the US side of it but the European side, the International side they are going to try to take. It’s definitely happening in real time.

Michelle Moore
I want people to understand that it’s important that the financial system, I remember Mark Taylor talking about this quite a few years ago, about the ‘systems’ are what is going to be coming under God’s judgement. So these systems, the Healthcare System, the Education System, one of them is the Financial System. One of them is also the Religious System. So with this ‘Financial System’ you have to have the taking down of the guard. You have to have that. It’s been systematically happening for years right in front of us. I tell people, BRICS, [redacted] is leading the way to our freedom. You want [redacted] succeeding. I hate to bring it up, but if they were going on and on about how horrible Trump was during Trump’s presidency, and of course the second person the Cabal wanted to keep on about was Putin. So that right there tells us that Putin is good, because we live in an upside down world, right?
I want to also ask you about this. These countries, so people talk about being Gold-backed. It’s really asset backed, correct? It’s not just gold.

Gretchen Killeen
Correct. Whatever the strongest asset is, is what they’ll be backed by. So, it could be petroleum, it could be diamonds, copper, whatever that asset is for that country. It could be wheat, whatever their strongest resource is, is what they’ll be backed by.
It could change, everything is developing. So we don’t know when everything comes to an even kill, what it’s going to look like.

Michelle Moore
Now, it’s also my understanding, when you talk about everything coming in 2026, every country is going to have a different speed, you know, we’re more developed than let’s say Africa. And then I think [redacted], I’m hearing [redacted] is doing wonderful because they have been gold backed for over a year. Their people aren’t having the inflation rates and all the different things going on that we’ve been dealing with. They’re not dealing in the Bizarro World with the “Faux Biden’ is what I like to  call him.
Unfortunately I told Producer Ron about 2 to 2 and half years ago, I hate to be the one to say this, and I hate that this is a fact, but I am seeing that people don’t really seem to care about children and about the people that have been trafficked. I said, “This makes me sick.” But then I got to thinking and praying about it, and I hate to say it, but I think it’s going to be peoples’ money that’s going to wake people up. The second they think they’ve lost everything, all of a sudden, they’re going to be like “Now what now?” Why doesn’t Joe Biden not look like Joe Biden. They’re going to care all of a sudden and start asking some questions.

Gretchen Killeen
Exactly. Unfortunately, Americans are so wrapped up in themselves, and they only way they wake up is when you hit them in their bank account. And I’ve tried to wake people up with the kids. And people are like La la la.” And I think a lot of it is because we, as good souls, could never imagine those sort of horrific events occurring to kids. I mean, who would ever want to harm a child. So I think it’s kind of their way of insulating themselves but I think to wake America up it’s going to have to have their bank close, and you can get $50 out of your bank account. You’re not going to be able to pay your bills. So, it’s unfortunate, but we’re going to have a bumpy road here for a little bit, but it’s all good, You know.
Everybody’s here to pick each other up and get to the other side of this. We’re gonna have our thousand years of peace. We’re not going to have any wars. Everybody’s going to be able to dream again live in prosperity. When people realize they’re not going to have to work 3 jobs, they’re going to get to chase their passions. The people that are homeless or living in squander, are going to be able to have the blessings to be able to go buy food, pay for their utilities, the propane, like you were talking about the other day, the family that you went and visited. I can’t imagine not having propane to be able to cook.

Michelle Moore
So a family that included 3 generations, that included 3 children, and they were cooking out of a microwave because they were out of propane and the propane company wouldn’t refill the propane tank because they hadn’t been able to pay of the bill from the last fillup, and they’re paying a high interest rate from the last fillup. This is the kind of stuff, I left and told Producer Ron at the time, he had driven me there, I said “You know, this makes me so sad, but I’m also so angry, because I know that this is exactly what the Cabal has done to humanity.” Putting our children in daycares so we can work. I ended up having my eyes opened to when I started digging and you realize that even the women’s big women’s movement, what was that, in the early 70’s, late 60’s? You know, the whole Gloria Steinem thing, when you pull that thread, you start finding out who all financed that, and really that women’s movement was one of the worst things for families, for our children, for women. But women were made to believe, again, what’s good is called bad, what’s bad is called good. So women were misled and this also goes back to the way we were created, and what we were created for. The divorce rates, and all of that, so it all runs together.
So one of the questions I have, I want to back up, and I want to go to the man that was in the truck, and ask. Can you share, Is he a bond holder, or what is the situation there?

Gretchen Killeen
So he is someone who is connected to the events that are going on. He’s been in this for 20 something years, and he said this was God-driven. He says “I left my family for almost 7 years, my wife supported me.” And he has been on this mission with historical assets, repatriation for 20 something years. And he goes, “Here I am today, doing the same thing. Leaving my family. But this is God leading me.” He told his wife, “I don’t know where I’m going, what I’m doing (not today, but before) but God is saying I need to go do this.”  And this was his soul mission. And he said that what he’s connected to and what he’s brought to the table for humanity, he goes, “I don’t know why God chose me.” I said, “Like what Dr. Charlie said, they gave all the intelligent people an opportunity, now its all of us little rugrats, its our turn to be able to bless humanity.”  And I think we’re doing a pretty good job.


Operation Disclore Oficial, Tuesday, 14 March 2023


Global Currency Reset

  • Mon. Evening 13 March from Two Very High Up Contacts The new rates are locked in on Bank Screens, Tier 1 has already gone, Tier 2 is processing right now and Tier 4, including Us, the Internet Group, will likely go within A Couple of Days.
  • Monday 13 March RV Update, Okie, not OkieOilMan, via Twitter https://twitter.com/OkieOOM Perk pkg’s are Available at Cash In. Let the banks peacefully do their job. No calling to the banks. This RV of 166 countries is happening now, though No One can see it on the Front Teller Screens. UST received word from Sources that ll Systems are Green to Go. There are No More Hold Ups or Delays. We are simply Waiting on the Banks to Post the Rates. We are on Target. Sit Back and Relax. No Sweats, No Frets. Everyone is Safe. I will Not Officially call the RV until I get More Confirmations and proof than I now possess, but it sure looks Good at this time, Time will tell the Rest of the Story.
  • Monday 13 March Nader From The Mid East: “My Friend from California called me and gave me Great News.  He’s Amazing (Very Smart Guy, Very Sharp.  He said () ’You Guys are international‘ () I can send you Money from Iran and you revise it in Dollar. You can send Money Anywhere in the World, you’ll receive it in your Currency wherever you are.  We are International () That’s Good News.  That’s Great News.  We are International for Sure. My Friend told me and I saw Two Articles about it too.”  Dinar Data | Dinar Detectives | Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel
  • Monday 13 March MarkZ Bankers are scrambling this morning with Final Preparations () they believe we are about to see it over the Next Day or Two.
  • As of Friday 10 March, Banking Systems were able to use the new Unified Payment Interface (UPI) on the QFS for foreign currency swaps. https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/goldilocks-prepare-yourselves-for-the-old-guard-to-fall-3-11-2023
  • Saturday 11 March Banks and People of England have started using the New Financial System XLM and XRP. The Bank of England just announced they will be using #Ripple and #XRPL.

Worldwide Bank Failures and the Fed

Janet Yellen announces TreasuryBackstop” of deposits for THREE failed banks

FDIC says it will use its Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) money

Claims “No Taxpayer Money” will be used for Bail Out, but it’s A LIE

FDIC Only has $ 100 Billion Max, and Bail Outs will cost MORE

After FDIC burns through Cash, Fed will PRINT Money for Bail Outs

Banks encouraged to act recklessly, Running Risky Bets that fail

We’ve entered the Chapter where Fed prints Money to Bail Out All the Failed Banks

This will cause #Inflation and Dollar Devaluation, Currency Collapse

There are Nearly $ 10 TRILLION in Bank Deposits across the USA

Over $ 300 TRILLION in DSerivatives Exposures among Banks

FDIC has Already Burned Through all its Cash as of Today

How will FDIC cover the NEXT Bank Collapse?

Rational People will pull Money Out of Banks to reduce Risk of Exposure to Collapse

More People will move to Gold, Silver, Crypto, Ammo and other Hard Assets

As Fed raises Interest Rates even Higher, More Banks will Fail

Controlled Demolition of the Banking Sector and the US Economy

BREAKING Banking Stocks plummet in Pre Market Trade

  • First Republic Bank65%
  • Western Alliance Bancorp -64%
  • PacWest Bancorp -42%
  • Charles Schwab -7%

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