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Remember your Oath!

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“We the People” have to Save Ourselves. Posting these Images on the Internet is A Peaceful Way
to voice our will and to take back our power and to begin to restore our freedoms and sovereignty.
We must enlist the decisive action of Our American Armed Forces, Police, Sheriffs, Military.


The Strategy Here is to Remind America’s Armed Forces that they Chose to Protect the
US Constitution from Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. To Build A Critical Mass by
We the People” to Send A Message to Our Armed Forces to Obey the Will of Americans.


The Enemies of the US Constitution are Known as theBULLIES” who have Infected
Every Sector of American Life with their
Diabolical Plans for Control and Enslavement.
They are Satanic Worshippers, Pedophiles, and
Criminals Committing Crimes against Humanity.


We the People” are Fed Up with the Lack of Strong Growing Action by the White Hats
and By the People in Charge. “
We the PeopleDemand the End of Suffering and Corruption
in the USA and Restoration of our Freedoms and Sovereignty.

Demand Greater Intervention by Police, Sheriffs, and American Military.
Arrest the Bullies! Activate Nuremberg 2, Eliminate Corruption!

Written by Reverend Dennis Shipman

The Situation

We have Received A Few Telepathic Messages Recently from the Galactic Light Forces that say it’s A Very Unlikely Situation to Expect Mass Galactic Intervention at This Time for A Number of Reasons. But the Decisive Point they Make is that UltimatelyWe the People” have to Save Ourselves and Our Planet by Taking Back our Power.

We have received A Few Telepathic Messages Recently from the Galactic Light Forces that say it’s Very Unlikely to Expect Mass Galactic Intervention in the Short Term for A Number of Reasons. But the Decisive Point they Make is that UltimatelyWe the People” have to Save Ourselves and Our Planet by taking Back our Power.

On December 30, 2022, Tunia The Pleiadian issued A Very Sobering Message to Us

TuniaA Lot of Lightworkers have been Asking for More Direct Intervention by Galactics. People like Hakann, the Pleiadian, are Regularly Having Meetings to Discuss Whether and to What Extent Physical interventions should be Made.

Regular Galactic Civilians are More Frequently Talking about that Topic Too and are Sometimes invited to These Discussions with Our Commanders and Leaders. I have Personally Made Public, Telepathic Speeches in Favor of Us Galactics Intervening Physically on Earth.

More and More Galactics are Starting to Come around to the View that Perhaps Physical Intervention might be Necessary. That Said, there are Still Very Valid Rrasons for us Not to Intervene Directly, Duch as the Fear that if we do, the Resulting Earth Society might Not Be Stable and Might Once Again Fall, like Atlantis did.

Whereas if Earthlings Free Themselves, then we Know that the Resulting Society will be Stable. Hence A Direct Intervention on Earth’s Surface by Galactics, such as A Taking Over of the MainStream Media by Galactics, remains Quite Unlikely in the Near Future.

So the Bad News is that No One is Coming to Save You In the Short Term.

However, the Good News is that Lately, More and More people are Realizing This and They are Getting Fed Up with the Lack of Action by the Gray Hats, AKA White Hats, and by the People in Charge. Many People are No Longer Waiting to be Rescued. We think this is A Very Good Thing, Both from A Practical and an Energetic Perspective. Indeed, Ultimately the Solution to this Current Situation on Earth is For the People to take their Power Back. And A Good Number of People are Doing Just That Right Now.

Fundamentally, Earth Lightworkers are Not the Victims Who are There to be Rescued by Us Galactics. Instead, Earth Lightworkers are the Cavalry Who Saves the Day. You are the Ones you have Been Waiting For. Or to Use A More Modern Day Metaphor, you are the Special Ops Forces Sent In to Save the People, and We’re the Support. Some of the Greatest Souls of Us Galactics are Physically Incarnated on Earth Right Now. Some of Them are Listening to this Very Message. You Lightworkers have All the Answers you Need Inside You and You are Much Stronger Than you Think you Are.”

Tunia’s Solution to Help Americans Take Back Their Power

In her Message, Tunia offers us A Solution that I like and I have Acted Upon. If you are pooking for A New Year’s Resolution, this might be A Great One. She says the Dark Controllers will Not Willingly Give Up their Control of America. But there are Peaceful Ways for Americans to take back their Power and Defeat the Dark Controllers. She explains One of the Ways.

Tunia:Now, What Civilians can Do is Peacefully but Persistently Demand that Soldiers and Police Officers Honor their Oath to Protect Either the People or the Constitution, Depending on the Country. Don’t Fight Soldiers or Police. Don’t Threaten Them and Don’t Block their Way. We Suggest Remaining Respectful. However, we Suggest that you Do Demand that they Honor their Oath.

For Example, a Hundred People with “Remember Your Oath signs Outside of A Police Station or Military Base should send A Message. Again, we do Not Suggest Physically Attacking Police Officers, Blocking their Way, Making Threats or Doing Anything like That. Just Peacefully Yet Persistently Demand that they Start Either Protecting the People or the Constitution Depending on the Country.

Note that the Goal is Diferent Here. You are Not Appealing to the Government to Treat you Better, because they will Not. You are Appealing to Police and Soldiers to Honor their Oath to Protect either the People or the Constitution, Depending on the Country. Let them Decide What Exactly that looks Like. It is Probably Not A Good Idea to Tell Them What Exactly they should do, if they ask, Just Point out General Corruption and Treason and Politicians Working against Civilians in Broad Terms, and Ask the Police or Soldiers what they Think they should Do. After All, they swore an Oath to Defend Either You or the Constitution. Let them Figure Out How to Fulfill that Oath. It Rarely Works to Tell People Very Specifically What you Think they should Do.

Keep your Protests directed at Soldiers and Police, with One Simple Message
You Swore An Oath to Protect the Constitution (in the US).

Remember Your Oath. Remember Your Oath. Remember Your Oath.

That, by itself, can be your slogan, your rallying cry and your hashtag.

Remember Your Oath. Remember Your Oath. Remember Your Oath.

Just keep repeating that, time and again.

Remember Your Oath. Remember Your Oath. Remember Your Oath

One way to Call on Police Officers and Soldiers to Remember their Oath is to Sign this Petition


This Petition is US Centric, but People can Easily Make Similar Petitions for their Own Countries.”

Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Light Forces, offers this Recommendation.

The potential to improve one’s power on earth is limitless right now. What ideas do you have now to help improve the situation for yourself, your family and your fellow countrymen? Even by attempting something small such as a flyer campaign with necessary information for the public is a step in the right direction. Tell someone something. Start a website or blog. All attempts to inform the public (as it is their right to know) are done in light.”

Download and Share “Remember Your OathImages

In my attempt to carry out the recommendations of the members of our Pleiadian Support Team, I have created a series of five (5) images that remind police, sheriffs, and American military to “Remember Your Oath.” These images can be downloaded, and you can post them on the Internet and censorship-free Social Media. And anywhere that you won’t get censored. The images are in the public domain, so don’t worry about copyright violation. I invite you to use and share these images freely, and (if possible) write your own perspective in your posts.


Tunia You Will Be Free, December 30, 2022
Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Light Forces, December 31, 2022
• Ashtar Sheran, 2023 New Year’s Message, December 31, 2022

Blissful Visions, Dec. 2, 2022