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Time will Stand Still for 13 Days in April

Reader Post by Jacob

Dear Patriots,

Q told Us that the World will be United with the Following.

11.11.18.  This translates to 4.14.23 on the Gregorian Calendar!  How do I get to This Date?  I will Send the Decode to Those who Ask for it from Patrick


It ties in with the CON JOB 19 PsyOP.

April 14th, 2023 is When we Will all Be on the Same Page! Remember, 4 – 14 is Essentially 4 – 1 on the Julian Calendar!

It is my Opinion (…) through Years of Decoding that on April 13th, the, So Called, Switch will be Flipped.
Time will Essentially STOP for 13 Days in April.

We will Go to Bed on the 13th and Wake Up and it will be April 1st Once AGAIN.

Only this Time it will be 2024!  All of A Sudden, Trump 2024 means Something!

The Only People that will Know that Those Days Ever Existed will Be All of Us that Go Through It!
Is your Mind Blown Yet?

That is Why we were Mocked and Called FOOLS on FOOLS DAY. They KNEW it was Actually New Years Day!

Well, FOOLS NO MORE!  WE start Fresh on 4 – 1 – 2024.  Jesus’s B Day will Fall on 6 – 17 or the 77th Day of the Year!

Conception is 9 – 11

, There are So Many April 1st Comm’s.  I know You All have Seen Them.  Juan O Savin Talked about this Day Several Years Ago Too.

Are those the 13 Days in Which we Get the 3 Day Event and 10 Days of Darkness?

I can’t Say for Sure It would be A Perfect Time to Disclose ALL TRUTHS!

Surely ().They will let us Know about the Calendar Flip Before it Happens!

I have So Much More that I want to Share, but I needed to Get this Out Now!  God Bless to YouAll!

Time will STOP for 13 DAYS!  POINT OF NO RETURN!

See the Time Stamp on this Post () As Well as the 223 in the Date Stamp.  This Post reminds me of ASCENSION!

104th Day of the Year () and 4 – 01 In Reverse!

Here is Why 2023 is the YEAR of All YEARS 2023 or 223 is How we are Reversing the Evil Cast upon Us!

This can be Applied to February, March and April!  Which Month for Digital Assets like XRP, XLM. (…) I do NOT Know!

Lastly, the Whole Balloon Debacle is Another PsyOP (…) ALL BY THE NUMBERS!  

I can’t Take Credit for this One!  This is BRILLIANT!


Remember, the Media is A Captured Operation!

Best Regards,