Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington – Restored Republic via GCR: Update as of Wednesday 25 January 2023

Restored Republic via GCR: Update as of Wednesday 25 January 2023

Compiled Wednesday 25 January 2023, 12:01 AM EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist Retired, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Multiple Personalities.”

Inside the Storm of the Century

Everything is on A Collision Course.
Buckle Up, Buttercups. ()

I Know There is A God. I see the Storm Coming and I see His Hand in It, If He has A Place for Me, then I am Ready We See the Hand.” ()
Trump Database, Telegram, January 24, 2023

Becoming an Adult is the Dumbest Rhing I’ve Ever Done.” (…)

Let Us All Press On in the Work of the Lord
The Tabernacle Choir, YouTube Music, Bing Video


The Alliance’s Three Fold Primary Purpose is to Rescue Scores of Tortured and Suffering Children from the Rituals of Satanic Rituals, to Punish those Responsible for Betraying the Trust of their Fellow World Citizens and Once and For All, to Liberate Humanity from the Sick, Sadistic and Twisted Elitists Who Seek the Darkness of Enslavement and Destruction over the Light of Freedom and Divine Love.
Judy Note, What We Think We Know as of Tuesday 24 January 2023

• We are Fighting A War of Good Against Evil.

Since the Early 1940‘s the Cabal’s US Incorporated’s CIA in Conjunction with the Vatican, have been Running an International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring that Not Only was A Main Source of Income for Them, but Utilized the Satanic Rites of Rape, Torture and Child Sacrifice to Mind Control Thousands of Children. No One Knows It because the Judicial System and Mainstream Media were Complicit in These Unthinkable Crimes against Humanity.

• On Tuesday 24 January the Wall Street Stock Market had A Major Trading Halt, while Lots of People were being Laid Off.

• In 2005 Senator Barack Obama was A Major Player in A Lucrative Bio Weapon Lab Agreement with Ukraine that had A Purpose of Releasing Bio Weapons on the General Public for the Deep State’s Depopulation Agenda, until in 2022 when Putin’s Russian Liberation Army Stepped In and Destroyed the Bio Weapon Labs while Rescuing Hundreds of Kidnapped and Tortured Children.

• Nikola Tesla Explained In 16 Minutes | Best Nikola Tesla Documentary, YouTube

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Time Stamps 📽

Introduction 00:00
Early Life
Working for Thomas Edison
The War of The Currents
Tesla’s Many Inventions
A Fatal Flaw
Wardenclyffe and Later Years
Nikola Tesla

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Intro and Outro Music https://soundcloud.com/ryantothec
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The Life Guide is A Channel Dedicated to Providing Interesting and Educational Content about A Range of Political, Philosophical, Economic and Historical Ropics. Whether you are Interested in A Simplified Explanation of Complicated Modern Ideas or Detailed Information on Ancient Civilizations and Philosophical Schools of Thought, The Life Guide is the Channel for You.

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• “Status of the White Hats,” General Flynn


• Trump’s Congress will Slowly Lead into the Epstein Saga as Congress Paints the Picture that Connects Biden, Killary Clinton Emails, Ukraine, Crypto Money Laundering, Human Trafficking, Pentagon Corruption, CIA, Obama, Creation of the Virus and Funding of Bio Weapons, et cetera.

• Ghislaine Maxwell was the Mastermind behind Epstein and Blackmailing Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophile Activities at Epstein Island. Maxwell’s Father was A Deep State Super Agent Who worked for MOSSAD, MI6 and the CIA.

• It’s Only Half Time | BABYLON is Falling (12) “BREAKING!” | Tom Fairbanks “Delta Force Declares War on Blackwater” with “259 Dead”  https://cedarhillscitizens.org


Global Currency Reset

Bruce Tuesday 24 January Bond Holders should Receive their Notifications by Email 7 AM EST Wednesday 25 January Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) could Obtain Our Notifications Up to 12 Hours after Bond Holders, that Meant we Could Get Them on Wednesday 25 January If so, Appointments should Start Thursday 26 January.

MarkZ Tuesday. 24 January  There are Some European Bond Connections that were Expecting FULL Move Forward. Hoping This is Really it. The News Coming Out of the Bond Side has Been Exceptional Overnight. Reprint from Iraq. I believe the Original Story was on Bloomberg.

The US holds Iraq Hostage with the Dollar

It talks About How since 2003 Iraq is Required to Send All Its Oil Revenues to A Single US Bank Account, and How Washington is Weaponizing Baghdad’s Own Dollars against Iraq, Devaluating Its Dinar Currency and Hindering Payments. This is Why Iraq needs to Revalue Quickly and Separate Completely from the United States. The US has Been Manipulating Them. ()
This is the Last Corner Stone to Somehow Keep the Revaluation of Currencies (RV) from Happening. My Belief is the US has Been Leaning on Politicians over There () Bribing, Threatening Them and that could Be Why Sudani has Removed the Cental Bank of Iraq (CBI) President. The US has Been Keeping A Thumb on the Politicians and Iraq Banking System.

Okie (Not Okie Oilman) Tuesday 24 January RV Update by  via Twitter. There is Major Bank Activity. We are Receiving Multi Source Reports Regarding US Bank Screens going Blank, which could Mean that Rates were Being Loaded at this Time.

Charlie Ward on the New Global Financial System.
Everything will be Finished in January. 2023.”

Shiela Sunday 29 January 2023I hear the Dinar Rate will be Live on the 29th.” ()

Any Time from Now through Tuesday 31 January Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) should Receive Notification to Set Foreign Currency Exchange and Zim Bond Redemption Appointments.

Transition from the US Incorporated’s Fiat Dollar to the New Gold Asset Backed US Note. Banks were Expected to Br on the New System by Friday 3 February.

Bruce, MarkZ As of Wednesday 1 February 2023, Any Fiat US Dollar Printed Prior to 2021 Will No Longer be Accepted as Legal Tender Anywhere in the World According to A US Treasury Letter, although this Date may be Moved Further Back A Few Days. (…)

Bruce By Thursday, Friday, February 2, 3 Fiat Currencies were Set to be Pulled Out of Banks and Stores. ()

Bruce GESARA and NESARA that Includes Debt Relief and Universal Basic Income Started Thursday 19 January and will be Complete by Wednesday 1 February ()

• Friday 3 February, Rumor was that Banks were Set to Go Public with the New Currency Exchange Rates.

• March 2023 was the Deadline to Have All 209 Major CountriesCurrencies of the World Be on A Gold Asset Backed Standard and Exchanging at A 1:1 with Each Other, A Situation Expected to Last Up to Five Years.

Donald Trump Live on Telegram. Wednesday 5 April 2023 Big Event. Back Again. America Saved. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming (NCSWIC)! ()


The Big Call

• Bruce Tuesday 24 January 2023 The Big Call, https://thebigcall.net 667 770 1866 Pin 123456#

• There were 35 Countries that have Asset Backed Currencies including the US.

• The US was Printing the New US Note at Three Locations. 100‘s and 50‘s were Already at the Banks. The Other Denominations 20‘s, 10‘s and 5‘s were Un Rapped in the Redemption Centers last Sunday 22 The Big Call

• They don’t Want Us to Have More than $ 6.500 in Cash at Our Appointments.

• The Tier 1 Banks will Introduce the New US Notes in the Next Couple of Days.

• Those Countries that were Basel 4 Compliant would have their Currencies RV. The Deadline to Do That was Tuesday 31 The Big Call.

Bruce This Coming Sunday 29, The Forex will be Trading the New Currencies Including the Iraqi Dinar.

Bond Holders should Receive their Notifications by Email 7 AM EST Wednesday 25 January.

Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) could Obtain our Notifications up to 12 Hours after Bond Holders, that meant we could Get Them on Wednesday 25 January.

Bruce Appointments should Start Thursday 26 .

• The Iraqi Dinar Rate was At or Above What Shabbi Predicted Years Ago.


Zim Bond Redemption

Bruce Tuesday 24 Zim Bond Redemption,

• MarkZ I have been Told (and Believe it to Be Accurate) that we will Have 3 Options on the Zim Bond Redemption. The Money you Take Home to Spend on Yourselves will Not Change in All Options. The Difference is What you Get Solely for Humanitarian Projects.

• The First is to Not Do A Project. You will Take Home Money in Your Pockets. No Restrictions. No Strings Attached.

• The Second is that you Receive Money to Take Home and can Pick Projects from Pre Approved Charities. The Entire Increased Amount you Receive is Only for Projects.

• The Third is that you Present your Own Projects (…) Anything Above What you Get for Personal Use Goes to Your Projects. We are Told Funds will be Traunched to You for Your Projects. You will Not be Given It the Day of your Exchange Appointment. They Need to Vet You and Make Sure You are Capable of Executing your Projects. This Option will Come with A Lot of Strings Attached.


The Real News

For Tuesday 24 January 2023

• Arizona Democrat Governor Bussing Illegal Immigrants Out of State https://www.freshoffthepress.org/arizonas-new-democrat-governor-busing-illegal-immigrants-out-of-state/

NASA and Other Space Agencies Fake ISS and Space Walks using ISS Model Under A Giant Swimming Pool, Computer Generated Images (CGI)and Media Propaganda.

CNN This Week A Dozen Classified Documents were Found at the Home of Former Vice President Mike Pence.

Judy Note

Pence was Suspected to be Involved in the Epstein Child Sex Trafficking Network, which could Have Compromised his Vote in the Congressional Certification of the 2020 Election Before Charges of Election Fraud were Investigated.

• Hunter Biden’s Relationship with Joe’s Incoming Chief of Staff Revealed in Infamous Laptop Emails https://resistthemainstream.com/hunter-bidens-relationship-with-joes-incoming-chief-of-staff-revealed-in-infamous-laptop-emails/?utm_source=telegram

Biden Administration Slammed with New Lawsuit by 20 Different States https://resistthemainstream.com/biden-administration-slammed-with-new-lawsuit-by-20-different-states/?utm_source=telegram


Covid | Monkey Pox | Vax | Drugs Hoax

Vaxxed, Boosted Fox News Executive Dies of Heart Attack


• Australian Health Official Now admits the Vaccinated are Now Dying from Myocarditis.

State moves to Revoke Doctor’s License for Prescribing Ivermectin, Remarks on COVID 19 Vaccine. https://resistthemainstream.com/state-moves-to-revoke-doctors-license-for-prescribing-ivermectin-remarks-on-covid-19-vaccine/?utm_source=telegram

Thousands were Dying After Having Been Vaccinated.


The Epstein Saga has Only Just Begun

• Ghislaine Maxwell says Jeffrey Epstein was Murdered in A US Jail, “I Believe that he was Murdered,” Former Socialite Maxwell said in the Series of Jailhouse Interviews Aired on Britain’s TalkTV. “I was Shocked. Then I Wondered How it had Happened.”

• In 2019 Two Prison Guards on Duty Who Admitted to Falsifying Records Related to the Night he Died, were Charged over their Alleged Failure to Monitor Him.

Mainstream Media (MSM) still won’t Report that Maxwell’s Father was A Deep State Super Agent Who worked for MOSSAD, MI6 and the CIA. He was the Main Source to Funneling Billions to his Daughter Ghislaine and Bringing her Into the CIA MOSSAD MI6 Deep State Military Intelligence.

• Ghislaine was the Real Mastermind behind Epstein. She helped Create his Persona and Image and Together with the CIA Mossad M16 Rothschild Rockefeller Regime Created the World’s Biggest Blackmail Ring. They Controlled Presidents, Prime Minister’s, Elites, Politicians and Famous People and Sports Stars Across the World.

Congress, Trump, Musk, et cetera. were All Going to Push the Epstein Files and Release the Names. Maxwell was Expected to Flip in 2024, Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) Bomb as Congress Gets Closer to Ukraine Money Laundering System, Biden’s Classified Docs, Incoming Leaks, Whistleblowers, et cetera.

Crypto was Connected to the Democratic Party and Financing Dating Back to 2014, 2015, 2016, All Financed by Epstein and the CIA.

• The Epstein Case was Huge. It will Lead to Exposure of the Hunter Biden Lap Top, Hollywood and Their Connection to Epstein and the CIA, Names and Companies and their Connection to the Pentagon, Obama and Clintons.

Two Years Ago you were Told that CNN was Going to FLIP and Last Year I Stated CNN was Going to Go to Start Red Pilling the Masses in January 2023. CNN will Start to Attack Itself and Expose the Full Corruption in the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and Democrat Control of CNN for Decades. They will Expose the Military Coup Operations against Trump.

Everything leads to This as Trump Sues CNN and CNN Continues to Clean House. Everything is On A Path Planned for CNN to Become A Mouthpiece of Military Alliance Operations. The Epstein Saga is Only Beginning.

Names of Members of the Democratic National Committee, CIA, Pentagon, DAVOS Group, World Economic Forum All Appeared on Flight Logs Headed to Pedophile Epstein Island, and On Servers and Videos of Sex and Pedophilia under Possession of the Alliance Militair. as did John McAffee, Julian Assange, Italian Military and Russia.

Everyone is Waiting for the Perfect Moment to Release the Epstein Files.

• Trump’s Congress would Slowly Lead Into the Epstein Saga as Congress Painted the Picture that Connected Biden, Killary Clinton Emails, Ukraine, Crypto Money Laundering, Human Trafficking, Pentagon Corruption, CIA, Obama, Creation of the Virus, Funding of Vio Weapons, et cetera.


News Release

Tuesday 24 January 2023, Community Health AdvocateTom Fairbanks

Community Support Foundation
PO Box 139

Utah 84323

Its Only Half Time | Delta Force Declares War onBlackwater with “259 DeadBABYLON is Falling(12) BREAKING!

• Monday 9 January 2023 became A Shatter Point for the Constitution when SCOTUS Decided Not to Hear the Case Brunson versus Adams et al. The Decision was Based on the Assumption that The People had No Standing in A Case against Congress for Refusing to Investigate 50 Allegations of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election.

Military Intervention began. The Airlines were Grounded in Three Different Countries at the Same Time there were 52 – 58 Military Re Fuelers in the Air Supporting an Untold Amount of Other Military Aircraft with Destinations Unknown.

General Berger went Missing and was Located and Returned from his Captors, Who Interrogated, Tortured, and Abused him. His Captors are Now Lifeless.

• In Salt Lake and Utah Counties in the State of Utah, the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in Conjunction with the Courts have Appeared to Be Relentless In an Over Reach to Violate Parental Rights and Placing Children in Harmful Situations and or Physically Removing Children from Their Parents and Homes. Long Time Professional has Commented that “They have Never Seen this Type of Behavior in their 40+ Year Careers.” One Individual Who Spoke with Me Said that DCFS Appears to be Desperate in their Attempts to Generate A Source of Income.

• The investigations of Satanic Ritual Abuse in Utah, Juab, and Sanpete Counties Surrounding David O Leavitt and David Hamblin Continue at A Record Pace in Revealing Numerous Abusive Events and Victims, which Together Illustrates the Enormity of the Problems Along with the Efforts of Those in Authority to Cover it Up Here in the State of Utah.

• On Thursday, January 12th, A Military Liaison Claimed He was Attacked by A Seven Man Team of Paramilitary Types, Who were Neutralized. A Commander of A Delta Force Team was Dispatched for Recovery and Cleanup Efforts. Their Report Showed that the Attackers were Members of an Elite Force Known asXE” or “Academie“, Formerly Known as “Blackwater.”

• This Incident was Very Troubling to All of Us, as Very Few Individuals Knew of the Personal Assignment. Realizing that There was A Mole in our Midst, A Ruse was Created to Draw Out those Surveilled Conversations of the Mole,the Security Leak, and the Organization Who had HiredBlackwater.”

• On Wednesday January 18th Someone from the US Attorney General Office was in Logan, Utah Meeting with the County Attorney’s Office. Given the Past Performance of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Behavior, it was Clear to Us that the US Attorney’s Office seems to Be More Interested in Covering Up intel Rather than Exposing It.

• The Commander of the Delta Force had Agreed to Provide Backup Surveillance and Protection, Which Included the Use of 4 Apache Helicopters with Thermal Imaging Systems. About Three Hours before Reaching the Designated Location, my Military Liaison Contacted Me to Report that the Commander of the Delta Force had Reported that A 52 MemberBlackwaterTeam was Lying in Wait for his Arrival. The Commander had also Reported that the Entire Threat had been Eliminated! Body Count 59.

• A Few Hours Later, my Military Liaison Arrived at his Destination, Along with his Dogs, and was Told by Two Low Level Flunkies that he was Not Allowed to Enter the Area because There were Military Maneuvers taking Place in that Area. Returning to his Car, he Contacted the Commander and was Informed that There was Now A 200 Member BlackwaterTeam in the AreaSometime Later, I Received Another Call Informing me that Delta Force had Declared WAR on “Blackwater,” and Then Stated that the Commander had Ondered the Use of an A10 Warhog to Neutralize the Entire Area. Total Body Count, Approximately 259.

Community Support Foundation History

The Following Information Provided to US Attorney, John Huber, in the Whistleblower Appeal on April 15, 2019, which Includes Community Support Foundation’s Efforts to Expose Corruption in the Courts, and Satanic Ritual Abuse that is So Prevalent in Cache Valley, Utah.

Three Friend of the Court Briefs were Filed on Monday December 14th, 2015 in the First District Court of Cache County, Utah, Regarding Claims of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Public Corruption Along with Concerns about ISIS Influence in Cache Valley. The Friend of the Court Briefs were Filed on Behalf of Jeena Nilson, Michael Anthony, and Andrew Lesky.

• Nilson, Anthony, and Lesky, are Not the Only Ones Who are Caught Up in this Crushing Cycle of Prosecutorial Misconduct, Judicial Abuse, and Public Corruption, Here in Cache County. Lonnie Nyman, Brevan Baugh, Torrey Green, Ryan Wray, and Jason Relopez, Just to Name A Few, are Part of the Long List of Victims that seems to Grow on A Daily Basis Here in Cache Valley. Each of Whom Seeming Share A Strikingly Familiar Story of Alleged Sexual Assault, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Judicial Abuse, and Public Corruption. The Disclosures are Problematic for Judge Brian Cannell, the Court, and the Other Parties Named in the Briefs and Other AffidavitsSo, it doesn’t Take Much of an Imagination to See Why there has been So Much Effort to Attack the Character and Credibility of Anyone Who Stands Up against this Evil.

• The Friend of the Court Briefs were Later Updated in Litigation Filed in the Providence Justice Court in February of 2017, in A Legal Claim against Thomas H Fairbanks by A Party Who was Attempting to Distance Themselves from their Involvement with the Friend of the Court Briefs.

Following the Receipt of Several Voicemail Threats, this Matter was Then Sent to the Utah State Bar Association and the Utah State Attorney General’s Office Appealing for their Aid and Assistance. See Exhibit D Utah State Bar Association and the Utah State Attorney General Request for Assistance.

Three Weeks Following Fairbanks’ Interview with Nate Mutter, the Section Chief for Special Prosecutions and Public Corruption, Mr Mutter Made an Admission that it would be A Conflict of Interest for the State Attorney General’s office to Investigate Fairbanks’ Claims.

• Mutter Then Referred Fairbanks to the FBI for Assistance. When he Asked for A Name, he told me to Look it Up on the Internet. Because of his Previous Experience with the FBI Outlined in the Friend of the Court Briefs, Fairbanks Chose to Not Address This Matter with the FBI at That Time. Mr Mutter’s Comment is A Most Disturbing Admission that indicates the

• Utah State Attorney General’s Office is Complicit in the Prosecutorial Misconduct, Judicial Abuse and Public Corruption Addressed Above!

Approximately Seven Months Later John Huber’s Office Filed Charges against Fairbanks for Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Money Laundering.

A Personal Friend of Fairbanks was Repeatedly Told that Fairbanks had “Pissed OffSome Very Powerful People Who Wanted him Destroyed. For A Long Time, Everyone thought Fairbanks’ Situation was the Result of Local Political Influence Seeking his Destruction? That is Until it was Discovered A Few Months Later that John Huber had Actually Reported his Findings on the Clintons and their Foundation in January 2020. Almost Everyone was Shocked to Learn that John Huber Claimed that There was Nothing to Be Found and Most Chuckled when President Trump Called Huber AHuman Garbage Disposal.”

• The Realization that Fairbanks’ Claims might be Personal to John Huber, the Man Who Reported There was Nothing to See, was Startling. In December of 2017, Approximately Sixteen Months Prior to the Defendant’s Indictment, Fairbanks Wrote A Book Titled, “American Crossroad of Trust“, which was Published by Amazon on January 18, 2018. The Book details the Current Condition We are Experiencing Here in America and A Good Portion of the Book addresses Many of the Matters that have Come from the Clintons and Their Cartel. In the First Edition the Last Chapter makes the Connection to the Bundy Mistrial, the John Podesta Emails and National Monuments, Which Points Directly to Uranium and Hillary Clinton’s Actions that Resulted in the Selling of 20% of Our Uranium Deposits to an Enemy of the State, All from Public Records. Fairbanks Later Added an Additional Chapter in the Second Rdition to Include the Russia Collusion Hoax and the Story of Hillary Clinton’s Interview with Matt Lauer, Which Ends with Hillary’s Tirade in Which she States That iI Trump is Elected, They, Hillary and her Cohorts, Will All Hang.

Everything John Huber was Assigned to Investigate was Exposed and Published Long Before John Huber Reported There Was Nothing to See AND THEN the Fairbanks Asked for John Huber’s Help as A Whistleblower. Surely This is More than A Coincidence!

• In February of 2021 A Copy of the Video, Victim and Witnesses Statement was Delivered to the Fairbanks By A Concerned Citizen of Cache County, Which was Then Sent to President Donald J Trump, Sydney Powell, and Lynn Wood.

• The Anonymously Written Statement details A Meeting in the Home of an Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Victim when Fairbanks First Met the Author of the Statement, and Which Reveals the Identity of the SRA Victim and her Perpetrators. The Statement Also Supports Statements Fairbanks Made in his Answer to the Litigation Filed against Him in 2017.

• The Victim and Their Many Other Co Conspirators, Named in Numerous Affidavits and the Friend of the Court Briefs, Certainly do Have A Lot to Hide and Answer For about their Connection to Public Corruption, Sex and Human Trafficking, and SRA. So, it seems Rather Clear as to Why there has Been So Great an Effort to Indict and to Destroy Fairbanks and his Credibility. Where There is Smoke, There is Fire!

Under the Cover of Darkness, Fairbanks was Informed by his Military Liaison that 3 Para Military Their Involvement with Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking. One Group of About 75 Individuals was in A Barn in Preston, Idaho, Another was Near North Logan, Utah, and the Last One was Located in Wellsville Utah. Fairbanks was Asked if he could Reach Out to his Sources to Confirm that such an Rvent had Taken Place. In Response to his Inquiry, Fairbanks was Told that the Military Action had Taken Place.

The Following Night Fairbanks’ Military Liaison Returned and asked if he had Any Documentation that the Military Liaison could Deliver to theTop Brass.” The Next Evening, Fairbanks Handed Off A USB Drive with Copies of the (3) Friend of the Court Briefs, Affidavits regarding John Huber’s Indictment, and Numerous Documents regarding Corruption and SRA in Cache County, Utah. The Next Evening the Military Liaison Returned to Inform Fairbanks that the Documents had been Delivered and The Following Evening the Military Liaison Returned Again Questioning Fairbanks, “What was on that USB Drive Your Name is All over Washington.”

From that Day to This, Fairbanks has Been Actively Involved with the Military Liaison and his Contacts Pursuing the Exposure of Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, and Satanic Ritual Abuse here in Cache Valley Utah.

• Fairbanks was Introduced to Ken Cromar and Some of his Associates on September 26, 2021 in Logan, Utah and they All Agreed to Assist One Another in the Exposure of Truth. It is Interesting to Note that Less than 30 Days after Meeting Ken Cromar and Within the Week of Fairbanks Passing On Intel Involving High Level Individuals Who are Involved in Adrenochrome and Sex and Human Trafficking in Argentina, Fairbanks was Hospitalized forCOVID,”Given Remdesivir, Life Flighted to IMC in Murray, Utah where he Spent the Next 31 Days Followed by 2 Weeks of Rehabilitation. His hospitalization was for 45 days at a cost in excess of $1,136,000. – Fairbanks wasn’t supposed to come out of it alive, but miraculously he did and now it’s payback time.

• Fairbanks and the Community Support Foundation have been Actively Involved in Exposing the Corruption of the Department of justice (DOJ) through A Friend of the Court Brief in Support of Barbie & Ken vrrsus Goliath IRS and have Also Provided A Friend of the Court Brief in Support of Brunson versus Adams et al Before SCOTUS.

AND NOW Delta Force has Declared War on Blackwater. Is This Part of the Reason why A Bunch of Nobodies from the State of Utah Find Themselves in the Middle of All of This? And Upon my House it shall Begin and from My House it shall Go Forth. D&C 112:25

• “Together, we Stand to UrgeSCOTUS to DEFEND the CONSTITUTION, Uphold their Oaths of Office, and Reconfirm the Belief that Communities are Bound Together by A Common Unity in principles, such as the “Principles of Good Business,” and that “Good Conduct” is A Mandatory Requirement by the Courts and Community at Large.” Where There is Smoke, There is Fire! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!
National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC)


History of Tortuous CIA Mind Control Experiments on Children (5)

Judy Note

The Three Women Who went Before the 1995 Congressional Hearings on Human Radiation Experiments Actually Testified about CIA Satanic Ritual Abuse Mind Control they were Subjected to Throughout their Childhoods. Congress did Not Act on Intel given in the Congressional Hearings and No Further Investigation was Done. All Three Later Died of Mysterious Causes.
Their Testimonies and Other Links in this Series about CIA Mind Control have been Disabled. I have Left in the Links to Show that the Videos were Once Not Censored and Available to the General Public.
If you would Like to Read History of Tortuous CIA Mind Control Experiments on Children Parts (1) – (4), Scroll to the Bottom of the PDF Files at the Very Bottom of These Updates before they, too, are Taken Off the Internet
Restored Republic via A GCR as of January 24, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official
Restored Republic via A GCR as of January 23, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official
Restored Republic via A GCR as of January 21, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official
Restored Republic via A GCR as of January 20, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

March 15 1995 US Congressional Hearing President’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. MK ULTRA Victim Testimony A