ookoi – 2525

Dedicated to Rob Scholte for his 50th birthday.
It was premiered june 1st, 2008.

2525 was recorded on the beach of Ameland, may 2008.
In 2525 Peter Mertens and myself each randomly hit 1 + 2 + 3 + … + 50 = 1275 guitar chords, which makes for a total of 2 x 1275 = 2550 …

That was a lot of hard work!

Fortunately we then could spend the rest of our residency (part of Archipel’s Razende Bol project) the way popstars of our advanced middle age are supposed to: we hosted an evening-long retrospective of our own work on Archipel WebTV, and the remaining of our time on the island we were at the golf course …

Harold Schellinx