On The Fringe – They Seem Incapable Of Telling Us The Truth and People Are Upset + FINE – Taliban Hanging Someone from Helicopter in Kandahar| Taliban Flying American Black Hawk

They Seem Incapable Of Telling Us The Truth and People Are Upset. (foto BitChute)

They Seem Incapable Of Telling Us The Truth and People Are Upset

First published at 23:13 UTC on August 26th, 2021

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The Number of Lies the Deep State keeps getting caught in are mounting and becoming Untenable. They keep trying to push their Lies but way too many People continue to call them out on it. Plus, Things seem to be spinning Out of Control in Afghanistan. A lot is happening as we wind down to the Big Event. NCSWIC WWG1WGA

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Taliban Hanging Someone from a Helicopter in Kandahar | Taliban lying American Black Hawk Helicopter

Published 30 aug. 2021


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