On The Fringe – Happening + Something Huge + Darkness Into Light + Trump In Charge + Biden How Weak He Is + Truth Burying Deep State Narrative + Painting In The Corner + Awakening

Trump Is In Charge and CNN is Going Down (foto Vox)

Something Is Happening and Continues To Escalate

First published at 19:42 UTC on April 11th, 2021

Things continue to build to a Tipping Point. The pace is picking up and we are seeing moves that seem appropriate for pre election optics but seem odd being done now… Unless we are more pre election than we realize. The Fraud perpetrated against We The People will be shown to us and these Elections from 2020 will have to be done again. More crazy is coming, but we are getting close to the Tipping Point.

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Trump Is In Charge and CNN is Going Down

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