BIEN 2021 | Kranj | Slowenia – Info for visitors of the BIENNIAL + oblekanaredicloveka – Pogovor o BIENu z Zalo Orel + Artist Talk with Rob Scholte ( The Netherlands)

Rob Scholte still fighting for his Rights (foto Cor de Boer)


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> Free entrance.
> Exhibitions are open between May 27 and August 14 at the hours listed next to the locations below.
> All locations in Kranj can be reached on foot or by bicycle. Škofja Loka, Kranj and Radovljica are connected by bus and train.
> We recommend a short break at Layer House cafe, where you can enjoy excellent coffee, a beautiful view and nice people. Promotional materials of the biennial and the BIEN 2021 catalogue (available from June 10th; 10 EUR) are available there.



Škrlovec Tower: Eta Sadar Breznik

(1) access from the Tomšič street or Layer House terrace (Tomšičeva 32)
wheelchair friendly 

Tue-Sat, 11.00-19.00 

Globus: Dominika Krogulska-Czekalska, Katarina Spacal, Elena Fajt, pH15, Nastja Bric, Špela Gale, Matija Čop, Žiga Brezovnik, Urška Medved, Lucija Jankovec, Nikolina Holjak, Dina Mlinac, Sara Strgačić, Nikolina Krstičević, Katarina Rus, Monika Ivanuša, Karmen Hočevar with Živa Kandorfer, Hana Tavčar, Ghosts of the past (FD), Meetings on the streets of Kranj (FD), Spacial textiles (FD), Re-couture and Jeans (FD), A line in a square, a square in space (NTF), Plantae ac animalia Carniolae (NTF), When the shirts fall silent (NTF), Sava Blanket (TTF)

(7) Globus 3rd floor, Koroška 4

Tue-Sat, 11.00-14.00, 15.00-19.00

Layer House, Mahlerca and Medprostor: Josipa Štefanec, Sustainability vision (Lovro Ivančič, Lan Krebs, Mateja Premrl, Lucija Srebre), G-U-M-E (Lavoslava Benčič and Nejc Stupan), Oloop, Darja Miklaužič, Lovro Ivančič, Snežana Skoko, Lara Banovac, Zala Hrastar, Špela Košir, Tasja Videmšek, Ajda Rep, Nina Glavić, Uroš Topić, video selection Please don’t forget to wear masks (Diana Ammann, Lara Blanchard, Threadstories, Paola Idrontino, Denís Galocha and Cristina Barrientos, curator Špela Gale), Water (NTF), Light in Lace (FD)

(3) Tomšičeva 32
partly wheelchair friendly 

Tue-Sat, 11.00-19.00

Gallery of dr. Cene Auguštin: Depth of layers (Mateja Golež, Darja Rant, Marija Jenko, Anja Jerčič Jakob, Ula Pogorevčnik, Alenka More)

(4) Tomšičeva 7

Tue-Sat, 11.00-14.00, 15.00-19.00 

Kranj City Library: Kranj waters (NTF), Pillow Redefined (NTF)

(8) Gregorčičeva 1
wheelchair friendly 

Mon-Fri, 8.00-19.30,  Sat, 8.00-13.30

Tunnels under old Kranj: Light in Lace (FD)

(11) the Kokra canyon entrance – accessible by the stairs under the river Kokra bridge, Poštna street

[27. 5.–23. 6. 2021] Wed-Thu 17.00-19.00, Fri-Sat 11.30-14.00
+ in the times of free guided tours of the biennial and tours offered by the Kranj’s Tourist Office

Khislstein Castle Attic: Industry Collapse (FD), Reality of Surrogate or Surrogate of Reality (ULUPUH)

(5) Khislstein castle, museum entrance, the attic

Tue-Sun, 10.00-18.00

Pungert Children’s Tower: Anja Jaklin, Teja Šter

(12) Trubarjev trg 

Thu-Fri, 17.00-19.00, Sat, 11.00-13.00

Different locations: E-textile MP3 players (Lavoslava Benčić)

Outdoor locations Kranj
(wheelchair friendly)

Vovk’s Garden: Ida Blažičko

(6) the tower at the end of the Khislstein castle garden (Tomšičeva 42)

Spot-on Gallery: Plantae ac animalia Carniolae (NTF)

(9) in front of the entrance to the city library (Gregorčičeva 1)
[21. 5.–20. 6. 2021]

Horticultural Garden: Arijana Gadžijev

(10) Gregorčičeva 19

Mergentaler Street Gallery: Nikolina Holjak, Dina Mlinac, Sara Strgačić, Nikolina Krstičević (June), Lara Popovič (July), Biennial of the Western Balkans (August), Street Gallery at Gasilski trg: Ýrúrarí

(14) Tomšičeva street

At the top of “Mohorjev klanec”: Estera Rezar

(13) Vodopivčeva street, under Plečnik stairs

(15) Old Town – Sava River – Majdič Grove: Mapping memories, audio walk (Anja Podreka), more info: CLICK HERE

Kèlekè Window Exhibition: Light in Lace (FD)

(11) Jenkova 6

Tourist Information Center Window Exhibition: Light in Lace(FD)

(11) Glavni trg 2

TAM-TAM posters in the city: Esence Kranja (FD)


Radovljica Palace, left atrium: River (Contemporary textile Hub Kreativnice)

Linhartov trg 1
wheelchair friendly 

Tue-Sat, 10.00-18.00

Atrium of Šivčeva hiša: Forest (Contemporary textile Hub Kreativnice), Sanjski čebelnjak (FD)

Linhartov trg 22
wheelchair friendly 

Tue-Sat, 10.00-12.00, 16.00-18.00

Škofja Loka

Loka Castle Škofja Loka: Wake up! (FD), video selection Please don’t forget to wear masks (Diana Ammann, Lara Blanchard, Threadstories, Paola Idrontino, Denís Galocha and Cristina Barrientos, curator Špela Gale)

Grajska pot 13
partly wheelchair friendly 

Tue-Sun, 10.00-18.00

in front of Kašča: Light Sieve light object (Lightening Guerrilla, NTF)

Spodnji trg
outdoor, wheelchair friendly 


Zoom Artist Talks: Ýrúrarí, Rob Scholte, Tina Struthers

Mondays at 20.00, 31. 5., 7. 6., 14. 6.

* FD = Faculty of Design, associate member of the University of Primorska
* NTF = Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana
* TTF = Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb
* ULUPUH = Croatian Association of Applied Art Artists

Photo Maša Pirc | BI

Pogovor o BIENu z Zalo Orel

Instagram, May 29 2021

Artist Talk with Rob Scholte (The Netherlands)

Rob Scholte
May 31, 2021
at 20:00

There is no such thing as Originality

One of the most recognizable Dutch Contemporary Artists, whose artwork based on the Reproduction, argues that there is no Originality in art (“There is no such thing as originality”). Unique was his artistic path, which on the one hand was marked by extremely fruitful artistic pursuits, with the inclusion of works in the International Art Collections and Exhibitions around the world (among others at the prestigious documenta in Kassel and at the Venice Biennial where he represented his country in the Dutch Pavilion), as well as tragic events such as the loss of a leg in the explosion of a bomb under his car and the forced eviction from his own Rob Scholte Museum in Den Helder, for which he is still seeking his rights.

We will talk with him about the disappearance of cultural spaces, about the State’s weak attitude towards artists and about his artistic paths. Rob will talk about his museum, which in the Dutch city of Den Helder used to attract number of visitors, volunteers and artists, and about an extensive collection of authorial and foreign works of art, including a large collection of Tapestries seized by State. The Live Stream of the artist talk is an opportunity for viewers and followers of his work, to participate in the debate with their questions.

The discussion will be led by Vida Jocif.


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